English Way – DVD 06 – Lesson 02 – A headache

Elena! Help! There is a big problem! What’s wrong? That teacup. . . Yes? That horrible, ugly tea set! But l. . . Betty gave it to me as a birthday
present. l hate that tea set! You do? l hoped it was disappearing! Yesterday, one of the cups was
missing. . . Yes? . . . and now today the teacup is back! Elena, sweetie, are you okay? Oh, the bathroom! What about the bathroom? There’s a lot of water on the floor! Hi! Hi. Are you all right? l have a headache and a
stomachache. Oh, you poor girl! Maybe you have the flu. Victor, what did you ask Elena? Did she say no? Stop it, Aggie! Elena isn’t well. What’s wrong? Oh, my poor darling. You feel hot. She has a slight temperature. And she says she has
stomachache, too. She needs to lie down. Maybe l’ll go to the chemist’s and
l get something for her headache. – Yes, good idea.
– Okay. . . And when you get back you can fix
the bathroom!? What’s the matter with the
bathroom? There’s a leak under the sink. . .
a big leak! Oh no! l turned off the water. Okay. l’ll be back soon. l’ll make some tea. Agatha? Yes? Betty’s ugly teacup is back. l know. lt’s strange, isn’t it? Hi, how are you today? l am sure you are making progress
in English! Ah… you aren’t feeling well?
No problem, today we are going to talk
about that too. Today we are going to start with compound nouns such as lipstick. After that, we’ll talk about not feeling well and where to buy medicines. l have a cough,
l must go to the pharmacy. . . We are also going to learn the
names of some parts of the body, head, hand, ear… Finally we’ll see how to get advice and how to follow directions for
taking medicine. For your cough take one tablet three
times a day. . . ln the sitcom Agatha said to Victor: You can fix the bathroom. ‘Bathroom’ is a compound noun. Can you guess
what compound nouns are? They are nouns that are formed by
putting two words together. Can you think of other compound
nouns related to the bathroom? Let’ see them together: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, lipstick. When you aren’t feeling well, like Elena, you may have a
headache, or a toothache, or an earache or a
stomach-ache which are other compound nouns. Other common illnesses include: a sore throat, a flu, a cough. Victor says: Maybe l’ll go
to the chemist and get something for her
headache. When you are sick you can go to the
chemist or the pharmacy to buy medicines or medications You can say: l’m not feeling well or l am sick and
l have a temperature, My foot hurts, My leg hurts and so on. But let’s have a quick look at
some parts of the body. Ok, head, throat, ear, tooth, stomach, leg, knee, ankle, foot. When you go to the pharmacist
in the U.S. or chemist’s in England you might
ask for advice: What do you recommend? Have you got something
for a headache? or Have you got something
for the flu? When you’re taking medicine it’s important to be able to
understand the directions. For example: One tablet once,
twice or three times a day, One tablet every four or six hours, One tablet after meals
or before going to bed and so on. Ok, our lesson is over. …You seem better… it seems that studying English is
good for you! Bye and see you soon!

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