Es Alpukat – Indonesian Iced AVOCADO & COFFEE Recipe Taste Test

Greetings, my beautiful lovelies, it’s Emmy. Welcome back! Today, I’m going to be making a beverage that contains coffee and avocado and it’s called Es Alpukat. Whoa, I almost spilled my coffee! So here in the US, in the age of avocado toast, I think a lot of people make the connection of avocado with something savory, while all over the world in places that avocados grow native avocados are seen as a fruit, something that can be paired with something sweet. So a little bit of a shift I think, for some Westerners. So I just read about this in Jonathon Gold’s book Counter-Intelligence — if you don’t know Jonathan Gold, he just recently passed. He was a legendary food critic of the LA Times and was just wonderful about democratizing the food world in terms of just going to a hole-in-the-wall places and bringing people’s food to the masses. He will be sorely missed but in his memory, I will continue reading his reviews and I’m going to make this recipe. I love avocados, and [if] you know you got a good one if you just give it a little push with your thumb, it just gives a little bit underneath your thumb. Twist open. This is a lovely specimen. To remove the pit, we’re just going to give it a tap; twist; pinch. So in doing my research for this recipe, I looked at a lot of street vendors I have a lot street vendor videos. I learned so much just by watching the videos A lot of people just take spoons and scoop it out but what I like to do and I find that it’s faster is I just squeeze the avocado. Just squeeze it into container. Now, I’m gonna take a whisk and just give this a mush So our avocado is nicely mushed up So in here, I’ve got some palm syrup and I made it using one of these packs of palm sugar You can find this in your Asian market So I just chop this up until small little bits and then added about a half cup of boiling water Stir everything to dissolve and then I put it in the refrigerator to allow it to cool Okay, so I’m going to add about a teaspoon of that to my avocado. I’m going to add a little splash of vanilla extract – just a little splash So my little parfait glass I’m gonna add my avocado Now I’m gonna take a little chocolate syrup and I’m gonna drizzle it around the edge of the glass Next I’m gonna take my ice pet, my favorite Ice Shaver. If you haven’t seen the video I did recently about making Patbingsu and Kakigori with this little machine. I’ll put the link up there and down below. *whispers* I love this thing. Little vintage Japanese Ice Shaver, love it. Stick that to my countertop; place my puck of ice in there… By the way, if you found this noise grating (grating) then go ahead and skip ahead. So I can imagine in a hot place like Indonesia how a drink like this would be welcomed. You got a little bit of caffeine, a little sugar, you got some ice. Mm-hmm. All right, keep shaving here. Stop talkin’! So we’re gonna add this ice to here. I’m gonna pack it a bit because this ice does melt quickly. Just realized I’ve probably been better to put the coffee in the glass before I put my ice in there, so I’m gonna do a little bit of a — you know — excision. Take my snow bowl out of there and I’m adding two shots of espresso cold coffee; return our snowball…. Nice! And then, on top of this, some condensed milk. Yum! Oh my goodness, yes. I’m gonna add a little boba straw so we can consume it nicely. There we have it. My avocado coffee! Can’t wait to taste it! All right! And here is my beautiful drink. Look at that color. Isn’t it gorgeous? All right-y, I can’t wait to taste this. It’s already starting to melt. All right, here we go. Cheers! Mmm, that was the coffee. Mmm, so that wasn’t mixed in, so that just tastes like yummy espresso coffee so I’m gonna try to mix it up with my boba straw. All right, here we go. Mmm! That is good! The avocado flavor, of course, is present but it’s now transformed to dessert. It’s got a little bit of vanilla in there; it’s sweetened with the palm sugar; and now I’m going to mix it more with the coffee. I really want to get the ice mixed in there, so it’s nice and cool. All right. Here we go. Oh, that is good! Mm-hm. I’m gonna add a little bit more condensed milk because that’s how I roll. The avocado actually goes really well with the coffee: it just smoothes out the bitterness; it enriches it; it has really great mouthfeel. There are little bits of avocado in there, which I kind of like — there’s a little bit of texture — and the ice just kind of just melts in there as well because the ice is shaved, so it cools everything down. Oh my gosh, it’s like the most decadent like Frappuccino. Mmm. Because there’s a whole avocado in here, it is very thick and rich. It’s almost like a pudding. Mm-hmm. If you’re finding this drink a little bit questionable and you’re a little bit on the fence, I would recommend making it with half an avocado because I think the biggest hurdle about this beverage is the thickness and the texture of it Also, if you don’t know Jonathan Gold, I highly recommend checking out his writings and there’s a great documentary that I just saw called City of Gold that was made a few years ago just following him around in his old pickup truck checking out food, and really, people. I think there’s a lot to be learned from his explorations and I think good reminders, particularly in these times. All right. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed that one; I hope you guys learned something; share this video with your friends — it really helps me out. Subscribe! Follow me on social media and I shall see in the next video. Todaloo, take care. Bye! Pfft…

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  1. I LOVE your videos and my six year old daughter won’t let me watch them without her. She just asked if we could meet you, and I said you live far away (we are in the South), so she said “we’ll just have to fly then.” 😂 Thanks for the great content and such a fun, unique channel!

  2. There is this filipino thing that is avocado with condensed milk drink. Sometimes I like to make it with less milk. You should give it a try, it's great! There is like a chunky version and a milky drink version. Even a smoothie version! I prefer the chunky which is just avocado and condense milk in my family and if you want the milky version just add some milk. Smoothie is blending it with some milk and ice! You really need to try it! When make the chunky version I wait the next day for a softer texture and it like absorbs in the sweetness of the condense milk

  3. As a kid when I forst moved to Indonesia my mum used to mash avocado with sugar. Now that I'm older its a bit too sweet for my taste, but it was such a fun little treat.

  4. Geez louise, I love avocados, and I drink coffe, but my hats off to you Emmy. I don't even put sugar in my coffee. I love your videos dearly, but my avocado are going to stay with my tomatos, fruits that that sugar ruin. Best wishes alway.

  5. You need to try Klotmjølk/Kleppmelk . It is a traditional food from Norway. And it is so easy to make 🙂
    1 egg , a little bit salt, about 1 dl of milk, and flour until it gets into a loose dough. Warm up milk in a casserole. and put balls of the dough in the milk, and when the balls are firm you serve the milk and the balls in a deep plate with sugar and cinnamon on top 🙂 lovely!

  6. I just binged watched all of the videos from the very beginning moss video. I've done this for about a week..I know no sleep👾

  7. I made avocado Brownies and they tasted like marmite! D: I think the dark Bournville cocoa and gluten free flour may not have worked particularly well for them though! :')

  8. Hi Emmy,

    I suggested this when you made Vietnamese egg coffee a while back.

    Put all of ingredients into a blender, using cube ice. Best if you use Indonesian or Vietnamese coffee. Whipped cream and shaved chocolate on top as a decoration.

  9. I'd eat that condensed milk by itself. So addictive! Avocado is of my favorites. Then again coffee… hmm… nah. But I'd definitely give it a try if it's sweet! ^_^

  10. I’m asian and i was wondering why people made avocados pairing with savory foods when we eat them and use them in desserts

  11. Some avocados are native to Mexico (and Central and south america) trust me… you will hardly find sweet avocado dishes here (unless it's like a hipster recipe or vegan alternative or paleo and stuff)

  12. just remember when i was young and lived in in indonesia, we grew the avocado tree and eat it just as it, sometime my mom make it into smootie, ithink the avocado we grew in indonesia a lot bigger sweeter, greener and creamier, than avocado we found in us that alot firmer, that may why indonesian concider avocado as sweet

  13. if you like this drink why don't you try our sweet porridge in indonesia we called bubur campur and es dawet its consist of gluttonus rice with coconut milk and coconut sugar sauce

  14. don't stop here. do like what we do in indonesia. we made puddings, cake, donut, brownies, ice cream, etc with avocadoes. avocado popsicle with oreo crumbs dip was my fave.

  15. In Brazil we blend avocados with sugar and lemon or milk. We usually eat it with a spoon when it’s more creamy or drink it like a smoothie when it has more of a liquid texture. The only savoury dishes with avocado that we know about in here are guacamole and maybe vegetarian sushi. Even in these dishes we barely add salt. When I see buzzfeed articles or videos about avocado and toast or avocado pizza or any other avocado-whatever I swear I don’t get how it’s possible that people actually like it 😂

  16. I had an avocado drink once. It was kind of a weird situation, though. I was hired to take care of a hotel over the winter, and being a struggling alcoholic writer trying to make ends meet, I accepted, taking the family up a harrowing mountain pass for five months of solitude. The hotel, though, happened to be haunted. There were a pair of dead identical twins who would appear out of nowhere, an elevator that vomited waves of blood, a man in a dog costume blowing another guy, and a putrified elderly lady in a bathtub, all of which I can't be sure I didn't hallucinate. Was I going crazy, or was the place really haunted? Days later, I heard string music coming from the formerly dead and empty Great Ballroom, now with chandeliers glowing, people cavorting- a thriving, decadent scene. I wandered about for a bit with a drink in my hand, marveling at the opulence but percolating with an uneasy paranoia underneath, unsure if this was all a dream. Lost in the reverie and the music and the wash of gold tones, I failed to see a sharply tuxedo'd waiter moving swiftly in my direction carrying a silver plate of small brimming silver bowls. We met in a mild collision during which the pureed contents on the serving tray spilled onto my best flannel and my favorite jacket, a red waistlength red velvet piece in the letterman style. The pale green of the spill told me it was definitely pea. Or maybe avocado.I wasn't so sure. I didn't mind that so much, but while the waiter made a busy scene of fretting about and cleaning up my clothes, I noticed a bit of the pureed first course had had found its way into my highball glass and muddied up my bourbon over ice. Not wanting to waste good booze, I ventured a sip and found out with some reluctance that it was, in fact, avocado puree. It wasn't unpleasant, but I wouldn't have it again. The waiter was still fretting, asking to come with him to the bathroom so he could use some water on my jacket before the stains set. I accepted, in a magnanimous mood despite what happened, offering to set my bourbon and avocad down to make things easier, and that's when the conversation, jovial and glib at first, took a darker turn- but that's a story for another day.

  17. Try mixing all the drink with the ice before drinking it. I've had desserts like this one at Vietnamese dessert shops and they always say to mix the ice in with the straw and spoon. It's so much more refreshing and less thick plus all the flavors mix together.

  18. Jonathan Gold was a wonderful man. I never got the chance to visit the US to meet him, but we have friends in common. He's even more sorely missed by those who knew him, we was one of those rare souls who really was as wonderful, kind and entertaining as you hoped and imagined when you met him in person.

  19. When I was in Lebanon this summer it was the first time I experienced avacado as a sweet drink! It was puréed and mixed with other fruit juices and that was a common way to consume avacados there!

  20. You should try avocado pudding! It's just avacado, milk/almond milk, and sugar, you can add vanilla extract if you want. I usually use vanilla almond milk. And blend it all until it's creamy. It's literally so delicious 😍

  21. Before anyone goes ewww, Avacado will taste like anything you put it with. I tricked my boyfriend into eating an entire Avacado by turning it into a lovely dark chocolate mint mousse. He was in shock. I've made cookies and ice cream from it too. It's one of the most versatile delicious super foods ever.

  22. I eat Keto so I use avocados to make chocolate pudding all the time. It’s creamy and delicious as well as healthy and nutritious.

  23. Please make cendol!! Or Kue putu Mayang. I’ve tried looking up how to make them but the recipes are all in Indonesian so I figured you’d like the challenge of making a recipe in a different language

  24. Avocado is only native to Mexico and central America! Avocado word is a basturdization of the Mexica word Ahuacatl! Doesnt grow native in Asia or southeast asia

  25. Indonesian here. You made it wrong. Should have blend the ice with avocado in a blender to make the whole avocado cool and nice. But thank you for your video; I just knew that iced avocado/avocado juice is native from Indonesia. I thought people always knew to make avocado as drinks 😮

  26. That is the most wonderful ice shaver I have ever seen. Also I can see how avocado could lend well to sweet dishes. The florida or low fat avocado is very sweet as it is and I find it to be nasty if used in savory dishes other than maybe green salad as you would a fruit like a strawberry or peach

  27. I'm indonesian and it boggles my mind that some part of the world consider avocado as what.. vegetable? Tomato might be confusing but avocado? Anw, it must be yummy either way. I've never tried savory avocado but i would love to

  28. this looks soooo good. i remember one time i made mango avocado ice cream and everyone thought it was disgusting and my mom is the only one who would even try it! joke's on them though because it was amazing.

  29. I'm from the Philippines. Avocados are used for desserts. As a kid, I eat avocado with condensed milk with some ice as a fast dessert. I also love avocado ice cream. You should try making avocado ice cream Emmy. 🙂

  30. You need to blend that with some liquid sugar + ice cubes, finish with chocolate condensed milk. Thats how its done.

  31. Everyday I always drink avocado juice. I made it my self. Coz here avocado is a native fruit. So it's very cheap.
    I used to blend my avocado with ice and a little bit of sugar. Then added condense milk while blending it. After that put in a glass and pour it with chocolate condense milk, a lot of chocolate condense milk. I can't live without avocado.

  32. Hey there , I've been tuning into your channel for a few months now, and I tried this, for breakfast. Oh my God, my 4 fave things together! It's so delicious! Thanks for sharing this on your channel.

  33. I never think that something very common in one place could be one of the 'coolest new idea' in another place..
    like, in indonesia, it is very common to have this Rujak Alpuket as dessert/snack here, but those foreigner was like OMG WOW THIS IS A GREAT IDEA !!!!!!!!!

  34. Here in Hawaii avocados are plentiful! We a have our own tree. They get huge like 2 lbs per! They don't turn purple when ripe, they also have a buttery taste and smoothness. My mom used to make ice cream and popcicles using honey or condensed milk, and evap milk. Soooo yummy! And of course we ate it savory also!

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