Essential Oils for Headaches – Essential Oil Recipe for Quick Headache Relief

Essential Oil for Headache – Essential Oil
Recipe for Quick Headache Relief. Here in this video. Headaches Statistics. Headache Symptoms. Recipe of Essential oil for headache Relief. How does this essential oil for headache recipe
works? Out of a cancer diagnosis, there are probably
few worse things to suffer through a headache. Essential oil for headache can contribute
surprisingly immediate relief. A headache is estimated to be the third most
prevalent “disease” on Earth. This video will share an excellent recipe
of Essential oil for headache for quick relief, utilizing just three essential oils and some
other general household items. Headaches Statistics. Headaches are very debilitating. It is estimated that workers suffering from
headaches lose millions of working hours each year. In only the United States alone, 37 million
people suffer from a migraine. More women than men suffer from headache,
and they are generally between the ages of 35-55. Migraines can and do occur in younger people,
some of their teens. Studies show that 91% of migraine patients
must skip work and cannot function normally during an attack. That is a lot of suffering! Headache Symptoms. For some people, before the intense of a headache,
visual disturbances may be experienced. One might notice the appearance of an aura
or small crossed hatches or jagged lines in the visual field that alerts a headache is
in the way. Once headache takes over, in addition to the
pain, there may be sensitivity to bright lights or loud sounds. There may also be a palpable pain in the head,
nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, and other unpleasant symptoms. Most would do almost anything to avoid or
stop a headache in their tracks if they only knew what to do! Essential oil for headache can contribute
surprisingly immediate relief. Here is the prescription. Recipe of Essential oil for headache Relief. • Ice cubes 2 cups. • Marjoram essential oil 2 drops. • Ginger essential oil 2 drops. • Peppermint essential oil 1 drop. • 1 small cloth. • 1 medium bowl partially filled with cold
water. Place the ice cubes and drops of each essential
oil in the bowl of cold water. Shake briefly to mix. Oils will float over the water, but it’s okay. Dip the cloth in a mixture of oil and ice
and then placed on the patient’s forehead, taking care to avoid the eyes (always keep
the essential oil away from the eyes). The mixture may also be applied on the neck
sides, around the carotid arteries. When the cloth warms up, immerse it in the
icy, oily mixture again and keep reapplying until a headache subsides. It’s quite impressive how fast essential oil
for headache works – usually within 10 minutes! How does this essential oil for headache recipe
works? Marjoram essential oil for headache (Origanum
majorana) is a popular natural painkiller – it helps to reduce headache. It is also an anti-spasmodic, so it eases
to relieve the tight, sore muscles that usually accompanied headache. Ginger essential oil for headache (Zingiber
officinale) helps relieve nausea associated with a headache. Ginger has been widely studying for its effect
on the gastrointestinal tract. It has been revealed to be extremely effective
in curing nausea and vomiting. Ginger also has properties to relieve a headache. Peppermint essential oil for headache (Mentha
piperita) helps with headache relief. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and digestive
aid. Peppermint helps quickly relieve the pain
and nausea associated with migraine headaches. The ice application seems to work in three
different ways. First, ice contributes to contracting (tighten)
blood vessels in the neck and head, a process called vasoconstriction. The resulting decrease in blood flow helps
relieve the headaches. Second, ice stops a person’s ability to feel
headaches, which is known as analgesia. It is believed that the ice slows down the
message of pain along the nerves. Third, ice is believed to have an effect on
the endocrine (hormonal) system, which could be slowing down enzyme activity and slowing
down metabolic activity. Keep in mind that there are usually many factors
that come into play that are causing migraine headaches in the first place. It is a suggestion that you seek the advice
of your doctor, or naturopath, to find out why you have a headache.

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