Evaluating the efficacy of Traditional Amazonian Medicine in relieving depression and anxiety

hello my name is Cecile Giovannetti I’m studying public health as a master’s in Charlotte a university in Berlin and I’ve come to takiwasi in Peru to realize my thesis project as part of adds up doing a preliminary analysis of the research data the ayahuasca treatments outcome project is really unique in the sense that it’s the first of its kind to really investigate both traditional Amazonian medicine psychotherapy and ayahuasca as integrated elements of drug addiction treatments so the ad hoc project is really the first of its kind – to investigate the effect of such treatments in Peru using all the tools that are available to people who work here with traditional Amazonian medicine so there are many kinds of drug additional treatments programs but what is going on here in sake I see is really unique in the sense that it blends all those different components and it really considers the the patients as a human being going through a process with all the different dimensions that this involves be that physical psychological but also spiritual the idea with the ayahuasca treatments outcome projects is to rigorously evaluate the outcome of treatments after the nine months of treatments of the patients here in the center but also after one and two years of follow-up this will help to elucidate whether the treatment model of takiwasi can bear fruit for of global relevance for designing new approaches to see therapeutic treatments for drug addiction we’re now seeing their Renaissance of taking new approaches and new therapeutic models for treating different forms of mental health disorders and I really believe that ayahuasca and traditional medicine have an important part to play as you know traditional sources of funding shy away from giving research grants to institutions that work with psychoactive plants so what we’re really trying to do here is to rely on a global community of people that share this interest and this belief that such treatments can really impact the health of patients and can also help the stake through take us through a new stage in our understanding of T reputed processes one where the human is at the center of the healing process so please feel free to support this project there’s no contribution that’s too small or too big and we’re counting on your support thank you

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