Hey guys! Today I wanna talk to you abouuuut a topic that was brought up to me by not only one not only two but three of my viewers. So obviously it’s important because three of you wanted me to make a video about this because I put something on facebook recently like “Hey, what do you want me to talk about?” and somebody said this and I was like “okay” and then someone else said it again on another social media I was like I get it, I’ll do it. *laughs* So today I’m talking about facial hair dysphoria uhm and there are so many layers to this video and this topic and this conversation so I’m gonna do the “I’ma try to keep it short” spiel but you know that ain’t gonna happen so sit tight and start with your popcorn. Start with your popcorn. I’m just gonna start this topic. I’m just all over the place today. What am I talking about? So I wanna talk about first pre T. So when somebody has not started hormones uhm, who is trans or for someone- Uhm, yeah, we’ll go -we’ll go with that first. Cause then after am I talking about people who don’t want to go an hormones, so I’m gonna talk about how I was able to deal- Oh my god, I remember being pre T, being young, being like eight- seventeen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen and like wanting facial hair and not being able to have any of it and I was like “Oh maybe if I shave my face it will get darker!” -it doesn’t- uhm and it was just so hard for me to deal with it. So what did I do? Well, I did what I did with all of my dysphoria when I was younger. I’m gonna think about the future and I know one day I will be able to have at least a little bit of facial hair that I will be able to do something with and I’m gonna be okay. So I kept having to repeat to myself that like all the time over and over again. I would see people with beards I’d be like *sighs* So it was very hard for me to see it and especially when I was young there weren’t that many like transguys on YouTube who were like like far in their transition so not many people had facial hair. So I think that- Not that I’m saying that facial hair dysphoria is worse now because like everyone has beards but I don’t know, I feel like it’s more talked about. Maybe. Yeah. But if you are not planning on going on T and you wanna do a facial hair- Look, I wish I had the answers for everything and when I do videos like this I’m always like “Oh, I could talk about that” but then there’s one aspect that I know that I can’t talk about and I knew that I was gonna go on T eventually. That’s how it got me through so if you never wanna go on T and you have facial hair dysphoria there are people on YouTube who are not going on T and who have talked about this topic I think. They must have, they have a lot of videos. Uhm… So I think that that will be a good idea to look into because there are certain things that you can do like natural transition. Now I’m not advocating for natural transition at all. I made a video explaining why which I will link in the description. I don’t explain it now though ’cause that is literally a different video but please take a look at it and maybe we can have a discussion about that later. So I think that what’s an interesting topic with facial hair dysphoria is when you have facial hair and it’s still there. So I know that the people or at least one of the person-s that suggested this topic is not on T and they’re talking about facial hair dysphoria and they post like- They post about it sometimes and- I just like feel bad and it sucks but I feel like we were all there once and honestly thinking about what my future was gonna be like and what I was going to look like was the only way that I was able to get through any of it. And then there are obviously things you can do like you can buy fake facial hair and wear it and see what it looks like. You can also do those websites that like put facial hair on you. The one thing though that you need to understand about that is that when you’re on T your face changes, right. Your facial structure changes and it becomes- it like starts to appear more quote-unquote masculine. So just keep that in mind that uhm the face and the facial hair you have yeah, it’ll look very similar but it won’t be one hundred percent and i think that that’s what’s cool. That’s why i’m smiling. I think that’s cool cause you get -you get a little peek into what you’re gonna look like and then you just imagine yourself just a little more like quote-unquote masc in the facial department and it’s just it’s just -it’s an exciting process to go through. Or at least it was for me, uhm so, but i don’t know, maybe i’ll get shit for this. I don’t know. I don’t know. This topic I feel is a little more controversial now. I should really stop talking. But now I feel like turning around and talk about when you have facial hair and a facial hair dysphoria so I personally had a lot of facial hair dysphoria in the beginning because I was not getting any facial hair. At six months on T though I had these like *coughs* sideburns. Oh my god. Why did noone tell me how horrible they were? Go- *yawns* Oh, i’m tired. I’m sorry. Go to my old videos where I’m like six months on T and you’ll see like there grow sideburns. I had nothing here, just here. It was disgusting but uhm I -I had a lot of like “Oh my god, is my hair ever gonna grow?”. Even at like one year I had this like weird- oh I guess I had like a weird like moustache, too. Uhm Uh It just took so long for my hair to come in and some people were like eight months on T and had full beards, bigger than what I have now and I was like “What the fuck, I’m two years on T and I have nothing!” and it was really hard but when I went back on T uhm, my hair started like- my facial hair started growing more and then I started to like be able to shape it and that was cool. That was like what I was waiting for so I will say that I -I have like I am taking a medication called finasteride and it’s so that my hair doesn’t fall out uhm, as much so it like blocks the DHT inhibitor or something in -whatever- in the hair -something. But because it does that it like reduces growth of your hair- uhm, facial hair. So the facial hair that I have could be more but because I’m on finasteride it’s less and i have definitely seen a difference. I have been on finasteride for like a year and a half and my facial hair has like decreased in thickness. But it is worth it for me one hundred percent in order to keep my hair on my head the way it is as long as I possibly can. So I’m gonna get- I’m gonna get really close to you. I’m gonna get very close. Because of the lights you can’t really see though. Okay. Well. Here’s the thing. I like inherited, uhm, the hair of like my Mom and my Dad. So I have a lot of blonde in my brown hair. Uhm, so, look the tips right here blonde and then like I have some hair here, they’re blonde. I have to see if I actually change color in my beard in the winter and summer cause I do get freckles in the summer and stuff like that. So maybe the hair also but- Yeah, so usually I cut my hair- oh my god, I keep saying hair- my facial hair here and then, uhm I trim this with the trimmer and then- This doesn’t connect, it’s almost there though. You see that? You see that? It’s almost there. And then I have hair here, uhm. But it’s really hard to see on the camera for some reason. But it’s usually more. Like I said when I’m, uhm like- When I’m- If I don’t cut my hair- Oh my god! Why do I keep saying “My hair”? If I don’t cut my facial hair like, I trim it it becomes really bushy and it makes me feel like I look bigger and for me personally I feel bad cause it doesn’t look like me. Uhm, but when I have it this part fills out more. But I just wanna trim it because it’s like super light and like not as thick as the other area. You don’t see really more so- But my jawline looks really square from this angle. Yeah! I try so hard, okay, to do this and it’s hard and I try so hard to not like “It’s because i’m trans!”. I have to stop doing that and I really like- I made a video I think last year like blaming everything on being trans and like It’s true like we do that a lot. Because whatever, fuck! We have the right to be doing a lot of stuff, okay? But I think that sometimes like we’re kind of blinded while they’re like blaming everything on being trans we’re like- Yo, look at cis guys! Look at their beards! Like I have more facial hair than some cis guys. Not that I’m saying that makes me feel better to like be better than a cis guy ’cause it doesn’t, like that’s not what I’m saying but I feel like a lot of people compare themselves to cis guys I feel like most people compare them like trans guys. Like not that I’m saying like “Oh, this is our ideal so we wanna look like” buuuuuut like, come on! We all look at cis guys and we’re like “mh, i wish…” or whatever. But I’m just saying most of us do and If i’m completely making like a huge statement, sorry but uhm, like I try not to do that but then I see myself being like “oh, look at that, he can’t even grow a goatee or a mustache” now I’m like *evillaughter* I feel better about myself. It’s the same thing with height. I’m always like *evil laughter* “he’s cis and 5’2! I’m not that short now, am I?” or “Look at him, he doesn’t have any body hair!” Although the body hair thing is like a completely different story like- Yo, I got this random ass patch on my shoulder- one shoulder! -of hair and I’m like “Why you do that?” Why you do that? Why do I gotta deal with that? Why? Why is it here? Why- why can’t it just disperse somewhere else? And then some guys are like hairless and I like “Mhmmmm”. But some trans guys are hairless and they don’t like that, some trans guys do like that. We’re all over the place, okay? So basically like cis guys and trans guys aren’t that different. When we talk about the things that we don’t really like about our body or like the things that we talked about, the facial dysphoria, like obviously there is a trans component in there but there’re a lot of cis guys who are like “Oh man, I wish I could grow facial hair like you” and I’m like *squeaks* “Helloooooooo!” That’s it. That’s all. I’m done. Hopefully I made this topic just as if three people or two people who asked for it. Uhm. I could always remake a video about this with a different side topic thing if you want me to. Let me know what you think and I will see you later! Okay? Bye!

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  1. Interesting video! I have the exact opposite problem. I'm non-binary and I've been thinking about going on T but I really don't want facial hair or body hair (I don't mind the legs so much though as I already let it grow)… I know I could just get the facial hair removed by laser/electrolysis and use Nair on other parts of my body but that's kind of counterproductive eh. :/ Too bad we can't pick & choose because that's pretty much the only thing that really bothers me.

  2. i dont think i well be able to grow facial hair anyway i noticed that most navajo men cant grow any they just got like long hairs that look like wires hahahah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. I'm pre-T and 15 but the other day I found just one long dark hair on my face πŸ˜‚ apart from that I have loads of peach fuzz but it was weird af.

  4. I feel very privileged to have a lot of facial hair pre t. Which like is unheard of. its not like a full beard but stubble but only really on one side and patchy on the other. idk probably have it cos my dad is very hairy idk. But I don't like to keep it after like 5 days because I look so young. I use to hate first getting it when I was 17 and figuring out myself. it was the most sensitive thing now its the best since coming out

  5. I'm not on T yet and I don't have dysphoria about not having facial hair (at least I don't right now) but I am excited to be able to start shaving when I go on T.

  6. I have major beard envy from any guy who can grow a nice looking beard. I'm a year and 7 months on T and it's just starting to coming in darker. You are so right that knowing that it's going to grow, slowly but surely really does help with the anxiety of not having much facial hair. I look at all the men in my family and they can grow some nice thick beards and I know that's in my near future. The only one how can't, is my uncle and his not blood related, so I have a nicer beard then he does and it so does make me happier knowing I have out done at least one person (even if that is wrong to say).

  7. My ex fiancΓ© is a natural blonde & he had the same issues with his mustache didn't connect on the ends either towards the bottom. Your mustache and facial hair when you shave and trim up looks perfect, it looks great on you. I wouldn't go for anymore. You have nothing to worry about Chase it looks awesome. πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

  8. I've been on T for over a year and a half, and my facial hair is long an curly, but it only grows under my chin, on my neck. it's so thick, but it bothers me so much because my mustache won't fill in, and it won't grow on my chin or my cheeks :C it really bothers me. I have horrible facial hair dysphoria. I want a huge beard so bad, but my facial hair doesn't grow much longer than an inch. and the worst part is, I thought I'd grow a lot of facial hair because my dad's side of the family is very hairy.

  9. Ohh Chase I'd be careful with that finasteride, there's been some lawsuits over it and it's kinda ruined some guys lives after taking it for even a few months

  10. I'm about 1 year and 4 months on T and I still haven't really got facial hair – it kinda starts rn though. I actually don't even have facial hair dysphoria but it still sucks how some of my friends almost got a full beard at 6 months…

  11. Oh my God, I remember when I was Pre-T, I photoshopped my face to have 5 o'clock shadow. When I had my hair dyed black, I also drew a soul patch with liquid eyeliner, it looked oddly convincing.
    I've been on T for 5-6 years and have NEVER grown my facial hair out at all. I've been trying to challenge myself to grow it out but I just CAN'T, it makes me dissociate and I can't recognise myself but the only way I would be able to push through that is if I'd grow it out, I could like impersonate you, be like shirtless and cuddle my kitty and be Ty, be all 12masc as fuck in a video. I NEED TO DO THIS!!! <3

  12. I've noticed your shoulders before and I honestly thought you must wax or shave your other shoulder, but then why would you only wax or shave one shoulder lol? It didn't even occur to me you just had one hairy shoulder haha. Just yeah, hairy shoulders and arms. I hate that. I wish it would grow on my face!

  13. Not having facial hair is literally my one of my biggest causes of dysphoria, only second to my chest. I just wanna get on T but it's incredibly hard to find gender therapists around here to get my letter.

    I literally always wanted a beard since I was a kid. It's a real struggle, Im actually getting a little upset talking about it shit

  14. I wanted to watch your video about natural transition, but it says video not found. I am not taking that route, but am curious about it. (I have personally been on T 1.5 yrs thus far)

  15. My facial hair started growing when I was 7 months on T, now I have a full beard and I usually feel the need to shave it all because I don't like it. So after like 2 years having a full beard I shaved it and I felt horrible. In conclusion I feel dysphoric about my face with and without facial hair. I also have a LOT of body hair and I also hate it, but eh… I'm learning to accept it.

  16. same. this whole video. same. i'm asian and 3 years on T and i just started finally growing a respectable chin strap. BUT i have a wicked happy trail that i notice most cis guys don't have

  17. What about if you're on T and no facial hair? I only sometimes have dsyphoria but only cause everyone thinks I'm 17. But I am bummed that I don't have any because it's like a milestone for so many trans men.

  18. I'm pre-t and 16, and my Natural T levels are higher than my estrogen. It's a medical problem that doctors want to fix but I won't go take estrogen pills or whatever they want cause then it'll start my period, give me a higher voice and everything like that. But because of my high T levels, I do have some facial hair which is blessed πŸ‘Œ But I do have dysphoria still cause I want more of it

  19. I'm 2 years on androgel and I can still hardly grow any other than peach fuzz on my chin. I'm hoping it just has to do with age and it will fill out as I get older.

  20. I am somewhere between cis-male and nonbinary (I'm working it out), and I truly wish I could donate my facial hair (and body hair) growing abilities to transmen. Sometimes I'm just too depressed to shave frequently, but hate my facial hair; it feels unlike me, apart from me, almost parasitic. Body hair more so though—it's everywhere, and I look way more masculine than I could ever feel. :/

  21. Can you make a video about being vegan and transgender and your thoughts on having to take medication that isn't vegan and tested on animals.

  22. Thanks for this video Chase, as always, you inspire me and make me feel less alone man. Thank you <3

    Also I'd like to share my experience. I have facial hair, I have pretty intense body hair (hairy belly snail trail xD) and I'm not on T. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which basically for those that haven't heard of it, is just a load of benign cysts that cover my ovaries, and in my case, have disrupted the recognition of oestrogen by my body, and messed up some other hormone levels blah blah blah.

    Before I came out as trans, before I realised I was trans, this used to cause me SO much upset and SO much stress.. having chin hair and neck hair, I used to individually pluck them out, I used to shave, I used to hate it so much, because I was "female bodied", I took in all those horrible messages about how body hair on women is gross and disgusting.. which is so much bullshit.

    I think it's kind of funny though, that the thing that used to cause me so much stress and discomfort is now like.. my ally while I wait for treatment? I try and remember that when I get invasive thoughts about "oh my body's WRONG, it hates me" etc etc.. that actually, it's going to be ok.

    Solidarity and love for my trans brothers, sisters and enby siblings who are going through facial hair dysphoria <3

  23. 2 years on T and still not enough facial hair! But it's slowly filling in. I think the dysphoria has something to do with the feeling of never quite being male enough, even though everyone calls ya "sir". Good topic

  24. "Oh, maybe if I shave my face, it'll get darker…"
    Well, at least I'm not the only person who had that bullshit idea. πŸ˜€

  25. this video made me wonder if cis people can get gender dysphoria. Because if a cis women has a really flat chest and she feels like her body doesn't match her gender identity then couldn't that be called dysphoria? I feel like cis people would usually just call that being insecure. what do you think?

  26. im pre-t and im so excited for facial hair and thicker/more body hair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ also im greenlandic and greek so i think im pretty set regarding body hair

  27. I have facial hair dysphoria like I want facial hair so bad because I don't pass fully without it and I feel some people don't see me as a proper man without it. although I'm nervous for having it as one of my family members don't know my grandad and I feel like he won't understand so I can't bring my self to tell him but I don't want to ruin the relationship but I'm nervous for having the facial hair I want soooooo badly

  28. I think my body hair got a little thinner when I went on birth control (because of possible PCOS caused by large levels of testosterone for being pre-T). It's small, but I think the hair is different. It even made my peach fuzz mustache thinner. At least I still have the one random hair that loves to grow in, right?

  29. I have like beard hairs growing and I hate it cuz I'm not trans and I have to wax it cuz its SOO THICK! ive tried jus shaving it and lol it looks like I have blackheads on my chin its so bad. So I have beard hair dyspohria cuz I see it and I don't want it. lol it would be different if I was trans and on t and growing a full beard then that would be fine but idk if I'm trans or not lol its taken years and I'm still not sure. Sometimes I feel trans and most the time I dont. I'm fine with my girl body I just dress "masculine" but always get called a guy anyways..

  30. Omg Chase, for some reason this video showed up on my Youtube front page under "beauty tips" LOL. I'm sorry because the video is pretty personal and sensitive, but at least Youtube thinks you're a beauty guru.

  31. The many cis guys that I know hate their body hair and even their facial hair. They say that it's just too much. I am around a lot of guys that shave their legs and under arms. Personally, I shave my underarms. Hair is natural and a very personal thing. So wear it how you like.

  32. I'm a girl and I have more body hair than most men do. I have more body hair than my older brother and step-dad combined. I've been diagnosed with PCOS so that's probably why. :L

  33. I don't know if this matters to you or any other trans men reading my comment, but my husband was born male and he had very patchy facial hair until he was in his mid to late 30s. The way your facial hair looks right now is about how his will look after about 5 days of no shaving. He is also only about 5'6". I know it must be hard not to compare yourself to other men who have traits that you find manly, but all men are different. And by the way, I think you are very handsome and you groom your beard nicely.

  34. It's so hard for me to see the female version of you lol I can't even imagine it! (I'm meaning this as a compliment!)

  35. Have you tried caster oil, coconut oil and vitamin E? You mix it and put it through beards and eyebrows and stuff it grows in faster and thickens up quicker! It worked within a week on my eyebrows so it could work for you!!!???

  36. Pre-t I didn't wanted facial hair at all. I was scared about that but now on T, everything changed on my mind and I can say now that I want a beard (not so full). Pre-t guys on Mexico are using Minoxidil, it fucking helps to get facial hair.

  37. I found you thru Stef Sanjati. I support you fully and appreciate your "plain speak" for those of us uneducated folk in the world. My only exposure to trans F to M is Chas Bono and I just didn't understand. But now I get it. You are doing a fantastic service plus you're also funny and amusing. Bravo.

  38. I am super hairy. My beard is full but also thin and I'd like it to thicken. Beard oil has helped a lot, specially using straight jojoba oil every day or two. I have been wanting to cut it, and let it grow again, but I'm also super worried I'll dislike it or it'll look bad on me. I'm also off T right now, waiting to get on Androgel, so part of me thinks it's just my poor mental state wanting to cut hair for no real reason. Man, being off T has made me super sad. It's mind blowing how positive I was on T.

  39. aawww You are so furry. I never could see on camera how furry you are. It's the blonde in your facial hair. aaawww It's so neat that it grows in different colors. πŸ’–

  40. Rogaine helps. And natural transition dosnt work I'm Sorry but that's the biggest load of bullshit. Don't BUY into it. Most the guys I know that just started T, are over having panic attacks because they don't have a full beard 3 months into testosterone. I started shaving month 3. Side burns and chin hair. My best friend is 5 years on T and he is just now shaving his side burns once a week. It's genetic other then doing Rogaine it's a waiting process.

  41. I am lucky I am almost 3.5 months on T and have facial hair I love it but my husband keeps saying to shave my face telling me it's gross

  42. I'm friends with a cis guy in his twenties, has never gotten more than peach fuzz. He's legit like, smoothskin. Scrawny boy with long hair, but he absolutely passes. It can be done. You can keep your hair long, never go on hormones, never gain muscle, and still be read as male. You can do it.

  43. I really don't think I want facial hair or excessive body hair when I go on T. I feel like it would look weird on me

  44. Chase….PLEASE HELP ME I have so much dysphoria as of late and I’m struggling so much I’m pre t and not out IM 16 and I’m struggling so much I cannot even come out even though I don’t think my parents will care that much I just don’t know what to do ugh I can’t even type this I’m struggling so much o don’t know how to make myself better…please help

  45. facial hair dysphoria has been one of the few things i actually havent had to deal with. i honestly never found facial hair to be attractive on guys so shaving any hair is going to be a routine for me. i hope to anyone going through that they know it gets betetr and soon youll have that sick beard~

  46. Hi, I'm transgender female, and cleeeeearly my trials are different. But I enjoy watching your videos because often you alert me to things I should talk about, in my own experiences, due to you taking the reverse angle. For you, it's about getting, what I'm trying to get rid of πŸ™‚

  47. For me the problem is my facial hair seems too thin. I started shaving before T and now I'm on it there's light patches of hair but I still have this straight prickly hair. I wonder if it's just because I'm Indian or did shaving it before it grew in make it this way? I dunno. Hopefully it gets furrier.

  48. I am almost 7 months on T and I only have weird side burns, and neck beard. And they are very light and thin. I hate it so much

  49. My Sons farther AND my adult son have WAY less facial hair than you do πŸ˜‰
    My husband has a VERY strong mustache and chin but his cheeks are sparse and he has the same growth pattern as you in the β€˜goatee’ area…. and they are all cis….
    Everyone is SO different ( trans or cis or anyone else) so no matter what it is always a very personal experience…

  50. Why not dye your facial hair to have the blonde hair more visible? I know they have beard dyes for like when it starts greying so it might help.

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