Ha No clap intro. I clapped before the intro. What’s up everyone? And welcome to my new FAQ video. FAQ number 83. Awesome. You might wonder why my face is red It’s because I was in Barcelona and… being a Swede and all I can’t really handle the Sun. So yeah. I got red in my face. It’s a little bit ironic seeing how… you know, I have a company called Solar Guitars, but… My album has been out for 2 weeks now I see a lot of people are receiving their albums… and tagging it, nice to see people enjoying the ample… ample? The album. It seems like a lot of people are very happy about it and that makes me very happy too. So thank you so much for all the support you guys have given me. I know people are still waiting for their copies to arrive. You just have a little bit of patience, okay? Me and Louise are working 24/7 to get everything out. We’re definitely not working 24/7, but we’re working a lot to send everything out Don’t really have anything much more to say, let’s just get on with the questions. Jen Majura: “Your solo album sounds killer Ola. I dig it.” “Question: do birds have vocal cords?” Number one stalker Imanol Filorio “Hi Ola can you do a top 10 most influential or important guitar players for you? “By the way, keep on the good work.” Thank you so much. Okay, top 10 most influential or important guitar players to you… I’m not gonna rank them. Except for maybe the top 3, but important guitar players for me are… Okay, Michael Romeo, Symphony X, made me practice a shit ton of more guitar Kurt Cobain of Nirvana is very important for me because… That’s how I kind of like started playing guitar all together because his songs were really simple and just had 3 chords in them so it was really simple for me to just get into playing guitar. And you know, a lot of people are probably a little scared or ashamed of… that they…. they started listening to music by listening to Nirvana. I don’t fucking care. I listened to Nirvana, then I listened to death metal, who gives a shit anyway? Jeff Loomis of Nevermore Obviously a huge influence on my rhythm playing, believe it or not. I’ve always thought that Jeff, you know, he’s an incredible… one of the best lead players in the world But does not get the proper attention for his riff writing Just listen to Jeff’s riffing on the Nevermore albums, it’s insane. You know? So, huge influence for me and my seven string playing, I must say And who else… Steve Vai. Obviously a very huge influence and just like the… I remember getting Passion and Warfare for the first time and it was like ‘Oh shit, this is next-level stuff.’ That man… I mean, there’s just such a godlike aura about him. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just like… he’s really inspiring to me and being you know a… Self-sustainable instrumental artist basically, I mean… I know it’s hard for instrumental music to really reach the borders You know with pop and popular music where you have a vocalist and whatnot But he really pushed it and he sold millions of albums, so… I mean, he’s so significant today And still a really really inspiring guitar player for me Okay, how many was that? It was like 4, right? Who else… My wife is trying to help me with the thinking, but you know, I have my plans. Okay, now that I thought about this for a while… I don’t think I can mention 10 guitar players that really inspired me or were influential to me, but… How many was I at? 4? I can probably at least say 6 guitar players. Okay, on second place of the most influential guitar players for me is definitely John Petrucci of Dream Theater. There’s no questions asked When I started listening to Dream Theater, that’s when I really started to practise guitar and really, you know, sitting and do my… I watched the Rock Discipline video and you know… I did all those chromatic scales and you know… I have a lot to thank for because of John Petrucci, he made play guitar And practise guitar and I think that has made me… Come up to the point where I am today in my guitar playing and if it wasn’t for John Petrucci, I would definitely not… …be at the level that I am at today. Even though I’m not at a level where other people are, on a higher different different level, but… He has definitely inspired me, that’s what I’m trying to say here, okay? But obviously, and this may not come as a surprise for you, but obviously… number 1 is… Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, oh… No, it’s obviously Dimebag Darrell of Pantera, I wish I could play like Dimebag I mean he had the soul, he had the chops, the riffs, he had everything. He was basically like the perfect metal guitar player right there I mean Dimebag has really influenced my playing but in some way you cannot really hear it in my playing I mean, I think that if you would compare my playing to one of these guitar players I mentioned I would probably go more towards the direction of John Petrucci as being an influence on my playing but I still think that Dimebag is the top influencer for me and the most important guitar player for me obviously, so… There you go. I think for a lot of you guys this may not come as a surprise, to hear this list but there you go. Channel B: “Hey Ola. First of all, your new Masters album is sick as hell. “Question: What would be the best camera to record live shows and get good audio? Cheers.” Thank you so much for that kind little comment there regarding my solo album Masters of the Universe, you can buy it here. Thank you for the support. What would be the best camera to record live shows and get good audio? I don’t know, I think that personally I would just bring my iPhone you know, because the iPhone is… believe it or not really really good at… …at recording live sound. ‘Ola, you fucking nerd and your Apple, you’re such an Apple nerd and you suck Steve Jobs’ dick.’ Fuck you, I love Apple. I just love Apple. I love you, Apple. If you want to record someone else’s show, it will make the most sense to just bring your iPhone. If you come with a camera and all sort of recording equipment people are gonna… You know, the security is gonna be like ‘Hey man, what are you gonna do with all this?’ Like, you might lie and say like: ‘Yeah, I’m gonna, you know, film myself watching the live band’ They’re not gonna believe you. So, I think it just makes more sense to bring an iPhone camera Maybe you can bring a little stand Otherwise you have to stand like this the whole show You paid for a ticket and you’re like ‘Oh this looks so good.’ MisterBandsman: “Please make an eight-string with a 4-4 headstock. This one is just too big.” You know what? I have to… Obviously very politely… …Disagree with you. Like, isn’t this the most sick-ass headstock you’ve ever seen? It’s like this… This is like the ultimate Final Fantasy weapon right here. I mean, just look at this monster. Shit. 4 plus 4? Ah. Ah. No. No. SG: “Hi Mr. Ola, I know you’ve been asked this question before but still I’m gonna ask… “what do you think about the recent Avengers: End Game trailers? Did you get any hope?” I’ve talked about Avengers before and… I don’t give a shit. Absolutely, I do not give a flying shit about Avengers. I’m sorry, I mean, recently they’re just spitting out… …Superhero movies and I cannot watch them. They’re terrible terrible terrible movies, okay? Okay, I watch them. I still enjoy a good superhero movie. It’s just that the recent ones and you know, they’re just basically… They’re cashing in basically, they’re just making every fuckin superhero movie there is. And it’s going so well and I see there’s no stopping it Avengers, I saw the one with the… you know I don’t know what the fuck it was called, but I probably watched it on a flight somewhere… the Avengers with the Thanos fucking thing, the ugliest fucking… …CGI villain you’ve ever seen. Okay, awesome. The short answer: I don’t care, I simply don’t care. I still watch the videos, because I enjoy superhero movies, but still… they suck. Sorry. I like Batman. He’s like the coolest guy ever, but not when it’s mixed with other bullshit Like, you know, Wonder Woman and all that. Ugh. Unpopular opinion by Ola, please stay on my channel. It’s okay to have different opinions ab- It’s okay to have different opinions about things, okay? You can still be a subscriber. Huh? Huh? It’s a good deal. I tell you what I like and you tell me what you like in the comment section, okay? And I won’t read it. Lucas Jenner: “Hola Ola, what are your thoughts on fanned fret guitars?” Okay, to be honest, I’m not that familiar with fanned fret guitars. I had an Ormsby guitar with the fanned fret and… you know, I really liked it and obviously some Strandbergs as well I’ve played. And it all depends on how much of a scale difference it is between the fans I think, because… if it’s too large of a difference, it becomes a little hard to, you know… Do like barre chords up on the lowest strings and you know, on the first fret but if the fan is slight, that makes a lot more sense to me. I definitely see the purpose of having a fanned fret guitar and multi-scale in that sense. And yeah… I like it, I’m just used to playing the regular shit. And you know, I don’t really think I have a problem with, you know… with the scale length. but with that said… Nothing I guess. PeacebringerWy: “I just checked some random Russian website and your album is really up there.” Yes It’s… yeah. What am I going to say? I mean, it’s like… It’s always been like this, the Russians are always first, can’t really do anything. I can just hope that they will support me and I mean if they like the album that they at least share that they like the album, so they can make other people listen to it. But obviously I’m missing out on money which sucks, but… I mean, I’d rather have my music be heard and enjoyed more than I want the money. The problem is I needed money. So please support, okay? You fucking Russians. I love you… …by the way. Nonless Void: “Question: you have 326k subscribers “Did your new solo album Master of the Universe sell in 326k copies? If not, why?” Okay, I’m gonna give you the numbers. Right now I’ve sold about 2000 CDs, physical CDs, which… …is absolutely amazing, you know seeing how CDs,,, and physical media like that is kind on the downfall, selling 2000 CDs is amazing. It’s an amazing figure I would say, so I’m very happy with that. And obviously, I mean… I have many followers on my channel that enjoy me for my videos and whatnot and not everyone enjoys my music, that’s fine, okay? But if you’re still like ‘Hey man, how can I support Ola being so awesome?’ You can watch my videos with ads it doesn’t really give me money, but you can also purchase something physical from the website basically and that will directly support me, because I mean… Louise is out there packing shit right now. What’s up Louise? Yay, packing all that shit. It’s really, like, direct to us, there’s no middleman or anything like that, there’s no labels so, if you support by buying a physical medium… It goes right into my pocket and I can buy anime. Jason Dean: “Hi Ola, have you ever battled anxiety and/or depression “and what did you do to help cope with it?” Okay so, in… …recent years I have not had any type of depression going or any anxiety or… You know, there’s always the anxiety that people might not like what you do But seeing how a lot of people are all liking what I do it kind of removes that anxiety. But obviously when I was younger and, you know, a teenager… you know, I felt insecure about myself and you know, I was clumsy and you know I didn’t really… …feel secure with my looks and whatnot and you know, I was… You know, I was a dork basically, I’m still a dork, but… I guess that’s just how it is you know, when you look like shit and you don’t have any confidence But I must say that a lot of the confidence that I gained from the past 18 years… has been spawned from me being with my wife Louise and when I got together with her I was so… I felt so lucky. And so fortunate to be able to… like, be with this beautiful wamon. And… Like ‘what does she see in me?’ and blah it’s like… It became so unreal. So, even at the start of the relationship, I was really insecure with myself. And like, you know ‘How long will it take for her to leave?’ and you know to discover that I’m a horrible person or whatever. We’ve been married now for more than 10 years and we’ve been together… for… what is it? Like 17 or 18 years. And you know, just having her by my side has definitely boosted my confidence in myself and definitely just helped me to become a more open and better person. I wouldn’t say I was depressed but I was very unhappy with my life when I was a teenager basically at least I had guitar playing, I was really into guitar playing back then, you know, I watched a lot of anime… played videogames, I played… I’m not sure I played Warhammer at that time, but probably not. But you know, I had other things that made me happy like video games was really a big part of it all and you know, guitar playing obviously. But yeah, but then getting together with Louise was really an eye opener, you know? Having her I feel like I’m, you know, the Master of the Universe basically. Wow great parallel there. Thank you so much Jason. I know there’s a lot of people that are going through a situation like this at least once in their lifetime where they feel like they’re not successful enough or not beautiful enough or… you know, it’s just… That’s just self-doubt that people have to go through and… I just want to say that if you feel like you’re depressed about things, about whatever you’re never alone in this, there’s always people going through this and there’s help to get as well Some people, they do need to reach out for help. And I think it’s very important that you take care of yourself to make yourself as happy as you can be and if you cannot do that by yourself, you should try and get help from friends, from family… You can even call these, you know numbers that they give you, they’re out there to help you. So… you know, utilize that, become a better person and be happy with your life, take control of your fucking life. Huh? Shit. Swedish word of the day. As you might know, the Swedish word of the day has been shifted to Swedish Ikea word of the day and the word of the day… is ‘Friheten’. And it’s this couch… And Friheten… Friheten means… ‘The freedom’ basically. So like… I guess that means that you’re free to do whatever the fuck you want in this couch. I don’t know. Daniel Simmons: “Hey Ola, would you consider bringing YouTube guitarists on Coffee with Ola? “Guys like 331Erock, Rob Scallon, maybe Ben Eller or that Pantera nerd Ola Englund.” Of course, whoever is close by me, I’ll just have him for a Coffee… …with Ola, no problem. Oh. First burp of the day, is it coming? Oh shit, I don’t have anything to drink to enhance the burp… Okay, it might be coming, who knows? Guest appearance: Coffee with Burp, great. Manlopsan2: “Hi Ola, have you seen the Motley Crue film? Any thoughts?” Yes, I just saw it yesterday actually when I flew home from Barcelona, I watched that video on the flight. I don’t know what it is about the original Netflix films, but there’s something awkward about it. And I felt that this type of Netflix awkwardness in the Netflix movies. There was a lot of that in The Dirt, I’m not saying it’s a bad movie there’s just a lot of awkwardness in the movie. and I think it was a good movie, I actually had a hard time keeping in the tears during the part where Vince is at the hospital with his daughter and that girl that played the daughter crying… Oh my god, that was probably the best actor in the movie. I had such a hard time, you know, being badass Ola at that time and I was sobbing up. It’s always like that when I’m out flying and I’m flying home, you know, I get a lot of feelings going You know, I’m missing my family the absolute most when I’m traveling home I can watch pictures of my kids and I can burst out crying, because I miss them so much. and I was in this state, in this really emotional state and I watched this part and that girl was crying and it was like ‘Oh, holy shit.’ I thought it was an entertaining movie. And… yeah, it was ok. It was… it was ok, it was an ok movie. Veikko Nevalainen “Ola, what do you think about Finland and Finnish people? “Interested since Finland and Sweden seem to have a rivalry of sorts. Also, loving the new Solar guitars.” Personally… Finnish people and Finland is like for me… I don’t really see the rivalry. Well, I see rivalry, of course, when there’s hockey and whatnot but that’s just… you know, that’s just brotherly competition. But being in Finland is like being in Sweden. You know, I live in a Stockholm if you go to Helsinki, it’s basically the same town. Looks the same, people are basically the same. You know, maybe I’m the only one thinking like this, but that’s how I feel I mean, we’re together. I mean, we stick together like the Norwegians… Maybe not Denmark. Just kidding. Denmark, Norway, Finland… feels like we’re a… you know we’re the northern brothers, you know You know? Ebrehn Rnknmob Eh… Ebrehn Rnknmob ‘Runk’ that’s jerk-off, by the way, in Swedish. Runk. “Hey Ola, I have a question for you: are you arachnophobic? “If so, where have you encountered the biggest spider during your tours in the past?” I’m not in general afraid of spiders, but I was… you know, shitting my pants in Japan when I was there this past autumn. When they told me that it was spider season. I thought they were kidding, but then we got out of the car and into the Roland – Boss company and holy shit, there were spiders everywhere and they were this big and yellow and… I had never seen that many spiders before, no joke. That made me a little bit uncomfortable, but they’re really beautiful though, I must say but no, I’m not afraid of spiders. Josh Castle: “Hi Ola, can we have Ola reacts to new controversial Rammstein video, please?” Yes, okay. I guess we’re demonetizing this video, great. Okay, sorry. Okay, so this FAQ is actually a re-upload The first video I uploaded was manually copy-striked by Rammstein even before the video was made public So it was immediately blocked, but okay, that’s fair I’m not complaining, it’s their music so I removed it and now I replaced it with copyright-free music and a copyright-free video with a cute little lamb, look at that, look at him You just have to imagine how the new Rammstein video sounds and looks while I’m watching it. Thank you Internet. If you’re wondering why I’m talking so low, it’s because it’s fucking 4:30 a.m And I should be asleep, but no I have to fix this before the FAQ goes up tomorrow. 22 million views, holy shit. Ok, so I actually heard the song before, but I actually didn’t watch the video, so it’s happening right now. But I guess… It’s about Germany in general And I think we’re in for a ride, because I’ve seen a lot of people trying to analyze this video. You know, Rammstein has made the best music videos ever, at least in my opinion. Whoa, that’s dark. And also worth saying: I fucking love Rammstein, they’re fucking awesome and one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen was Rammstein’s show in the Stockholm Globe and it was… It was your money’s worth, that’s for sure. There’s just so much pyro going on… You know, what’s incredible with this video? I mean, the production is amazing. But how many scenes are they doing here? It’s like 15 different scenes and all of them are like… …immaculately made. It must have cost them a lot of money to make this video. This is… It’s basically next level, next level video right here. Ok, that’s a lot to take in and… You know, I’m not gonna spend a lot of time trying to analyze what everything in the video means But I think the point that they’re trying to make… Basically every country in the world has had a grim past in some way, I mean… You know, basically every country has gone through some bullshit like this It’s a patriotic video, but it’s still kind of still acknowledging that it’s not a perfect country It’s okay to love your country and being patriotic about your country but you know there’s still things in the past that we’re not proud of. if that makes any sense. Obviously a very controversial video, I have not read the articles surrounding this video and maybe I’m completely off, but that’s just me. I see that’s a totally super beautiful video and I’m more impressed… I mean, the song kicks ass, I love the song. But I’m more impressed about the actual production quality of the video, which is excellent That’s Ola Englund, like, political discussion avoiderer. Okay, what? Was that? Oh shit, that was the last question. Holy shit. Awesome. Well, I guess we didn’t have… Riff of the day? Really? You’re lucky you’re not seeing my cable mess here. It’s… exactly what I say: it’s a fucking mess. Okay, this is Mein Teil from the… What’s the album? Reise Reise? It’s a cool-ass riff, I’m not sure if it’s dropped, it’s definitely not in this tuning But I play it like this right now, because I just learned it right now. It goes like this. Very simple. That album, by the way, kicks all of your asses. Great and that was an easy riff, at least I got that shit out of the way Thank you so much for watching this video. In the next video I’ll bring in Louise, okay? So, for the next video have a bunch of questions for Louise and myself and you can still ask music-related questions, it’s fine. So yeah. It’s gonna be awesome. And guys, you can still order my album. It’s fine. It’s okay to be late. You know? It’s okay, I don’t judge. You can still order up here. Thank you so much for the support, and I’ll see you next time. Thank you. Bye.

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  51. Hey there! I was watching this video and I noticed that you have gained 5 more subscribers during. Pretty cool.

  52. 20:17 we have those in Florida. We call them banana spiders. Them effers have some very strong webs. You can hear them snap when you take them down.

  53. Hey Ola love your videos! Do you like Megadeth? Dont think I have ever heard you talk about them. Thanks from North Carolina

  54. I agree with you on the fact that they make way too many super hero movies, but not all of them suck. The Thor movies and Captain Marvel (sucks absolute balls) are not great but almost all the other Marvel movies are good to great.

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