Feeling Down? A short film about depression and low mood

When you’re a teenager it’s normal to feel down sometimes, but if you feel down for a long time it could be depression or low mood. depression can make you feel isolated and alone it can feel like a constant empty ache and sinking feeling if this goes on for a long time it’s not
just part of being a teenager depression can be caused by lots of
different things and it feels different for everyone so how do you know if it’s depression
or low mood? you could be not feeling like yourself feeling bad about yourself or wanting to harm yourself, sleeping a lot and not wanting to leave your room getting up and dressed might just seem pointless you could be not eating properly, and
feeling negative about everything even things you used to really enjoy now wanting to see friends or family, or feeling scared about going out This kind of thing happens all the time one-in-eight teenagers experience
depression. It wont just go away on it’s own but it can be fixed. telling someone might be difficult
but it’s the start of getting better. tell somebody you trust exactly how you
are feeling Think about who you feel comfortable
telling, maybe your parents or carers, another family member, a teacher you like, a close friend or even call a helpline you need to go see a professional, for
example a doctor don’t worry about being judged when you talk to them, be honest, open minded, trust them, tell them everything and take their advice. This way you’ll get the best help they won’t tell anyone what you have
talked about unless they think you are at risk They may give you meds, take them exactly as prescribed. They wont work immediately, and you may feel odd at first. But give it time and stick with them Don’t drink alcohol or take other drugs while you’re on meds This will just make you feel worse You can really help yourself just by
doing simple things start with something small and simple you might need to force yourself it may just be getting out of bed everyday and opening the curtains It’s a start build on this slowly at your own pace have a shower, get dresed leave your room maybe go out in the garden Build up to going out. Try a walk to the shop, or seeing a friend stay away from negative influences and hang out with friends you have fun with, or someone in your family you get on with keep doing it and you will keep getting better Plan things to do, think what you used to
enjoy doing and try it again remember to treat yourself and remind yourself how well you are doing Track your mood in a diary, score one for bad and 10 for very good try getting back into regular eating and sleeping routines all of this takes time and can be very tiring. So take it in small steps and don’t put too much pressure on yourself but you might have to boss yourself about sometimes to keep on doing things It can take a while to get better and there’ll be wobbles along the way You need to make your own tactics for dealing with these And remember, they’re only hiccups you could try: Listening to music Reading, Having a bath, Eating nice food, Exercising, Doing some art, Anything you enjoy. Remember how far you’ve come and how much you feel now compared to before Don’t feel bad about feeling bad – when
you consider how complex our minds are it’s amazing they work at all!

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