FEELING SUICIDAL || Spoken word poetry about DEPRESSION by Anna Szabo #PoemsFromGod

I feel stuck in life and I don’t care about
the future. I have no desires of any kind, I’m numb,
and I feel no motivation. I searched inside myself, but my broken heart
I can’t seem to suture. I just don’t care and for nothing do I have
any aspiration. Why can’t I strive for something great and
aim to be important? Why don’t I have at least some kind of meaningful
goals? Why is my hope, my drive, my aim are completely
distorted? Why am I not interested is playing any social
roles? I want to want to want some kind of wanting. I want to want to live, and matter, and achieve. Only I don’t. And knowing this is daunting. I’m being honest: all I do is grieve. My life is not at all like everybody else’s: They have their past, their present, and their
future. I am my past. And all I am is helpless. My heart is broken. Can it I ever suture?

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  1. Dearest Anna, thank you for sharing in words what I believe many of us feel. We are more than our past. With the Holy Spirit in us, there is always hope. Hugs.

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