Fight Depression and Stress | By Satyarthi Prateek [In English] | Part 3

Hi friends! Namaste! Myself, Satyarthi Prateek! So today, I want to talk about depression! This is my depression series, a third video on the same topic of depression In my last two videos, In the first video, I shared a very amazing technique, which you can do, in any time and you will feel more relaxing. In the second video, I gave you a very holistic approach about depression and how to deal it and the causes. In this video, I want to address about more on the depression and how can we come out of it! So as we know, what is depression, depression arrives, when we feel life is not right, when we feel there is something going wrong with us. When we have mood swings, when we don’t want to eat food, when we don’t want to enjoy life. These are the symptoms of depressions. There are so many things, but the major, important symptoms which I found out is when we don’t want to enjoy this life and we feel so much negativity around us and we don’t have any hope. Depression is too much stress, too much anxiety, too much of doing, I am not telling you about, not to be ambitious. I am talking about being aware of your ambitions. Being aware about your life. My first topic on how to deal with depression, is on ‘Health’. Firstly we ignore our body a lot. So we need to love our body again. How we can love our body? Provide the body with proper food and energy. ‘FOOD’ Food is the most important ingredient of our life. We must take care of our food habits. Because, whenever in our life, there are some problems,anxiety, some stress. Any kind of things going on, We all have one habit, to ignore the food and thus ignoring the body. So we need to take care of our habits towards food. How we can take care of our habits? We must have to add 3-4 liters of water in our food habits. In our everyday, daily life, Secondly, we must add fruits, good seasonal fruits. Bread in least quantity. Good quality of rice and rentals. Good quality of green vegetables. The most important, please REMOVE the outside food. The market food, the junk food, all these kinds of things you have to remove from your system. If these kind of habits(food items) we add in our diet, Its ok, there are situations(problems), there is stress and anxiety but we need to at least give our body good and quality food. In this way, body will atleast have energy, to fight these kinds of situations. And whatever stress and depression is going on in your life. That doesn’t affect your body. So you have much energy to do more work. Add green tea also, green tea is very beautiful (beneficial) This is the health part. We never appreciate our qualities.We have to really take care of our qualities, So, the more we appreciate our qualities, the more our aura will change. Same goes with the appreciation of our body. Next time when you see yourself in the mirror, Tell yourself you are such a handsome guy or a beautiful girl. You love yourself, you are taking care of yourself. These kinds of things will change the whole approach. I am not telling you that the situation will change or get better, but your idea, perspective to see the situation will change. Firstly, we will do (breathing in) (breathing out) (breathing in) (breathing out) This is the first exercise which I showed in the first video. This activates the parasympathetic nerve system and it is very helpful. In the second video, I showed the intention. (breathing in) (breathing out) And the intention is all positivity, all happiness, all beautiful things whatever I want from this life, to let into my system from this existence And all the negativity, all the things I don’t want, the anxiety, all the depression and stress. to let go out of my system. This is the intention. So breathe in (breathing in) (breathing out) (breathing in) (breathing out) Love, happiness, beautiful things all comes to my system through the breathing. (breathing in) Anxiety, stress, depression, negativity goes out. (breathing out) So you can add Like first two minutes of the first exercise. Breathe in, breathe out, through your mouth. The second exercise is to just breathe in, breathe out. Normally, the breathe should be deep, and breathe out is also deep. And you feel good things going in and bad things going out of your body. Today, I want to share the third exercise. The third method of breathing. Breathing technique is the same. Deep breathes, but the feelings now change. Now the feeling is ‘I accept everything’. I accept love. I accept, ‘DIVINE’ I accept everything. I have no fight with this existence I am just a hollow bamboo. I am just like a tree, who is just like flowing(waving), in the wind of the existence. So I am accepting everything. (Breathing in) I accept everything. (Breathing in) I accept everything. Whatever is going on, I accept everything. (Breathing in) I accept everything. (Breathing in) I accept everything. I accept everything. So, this is your third exercise. So you can add like a six minutes, or five minutes everyday. Three -four times in a day. Where you can add these, three exercises of breathing. Breathe in, breathe out through the mouth. Second, breathe in, breathe out with the feeling of, everything, happiness and love goes in and bad things and depression, stress goes out. And the third thing, most important one which I showed now, this is on breathe in and breathe out. But the feeling is that, “I accept everything. I love everything. I have no fight with the existence” I have no fight with anybody. I’m just here to enjoy my time and I accept everything. So today I covered on health and your understanding and let’s see, how we can go and further move on, on this topic. And tell me how did you feel it. You can message me here also, in the comment section or on my facebook or my Instagram or directly email me. I will try my best to give you some solution. If you like this video, please don’t forget to share it. Comment on it. Yes:) Namaste! Thank you ! Buh-bye!

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