FIGHT DEPRESSION – Powerful Study Motivation [2018] (MUST WATCH!!)

You just want to- to step out of it
to step out of the whole race, the whole business, the- the monstrosity of being
alive overwhelms you. If you have depression if you have anxiety, if you have
post-traumatic stress disorder, if you have any kind of mental health condition,
this is not something to ignore. Depression, frustration, anxiety, pain
disillusion, it’s just a natural part of the process of becoming a stronger
version of yourself. The thing that keeps one living is a sense of future. That there
will be a tomorrow and tomorrow I’ve got to do this and then the day after I’ve got to
do that. Get started and I’m gonna tell you right now, it
won’t be easy. It will be hard because life is hard. That’s what life is. With
depression, one of the most important things you can realize is that you’re
not alone. I have been places and someone has said well you lost an arm and a leg so you
have a right to be depressed and I stopped and I was like depression is real. No
matter what you’re going through right now it doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna end.
I think too often we’re thinking about the stresses that we’re dealt with right
now and we think that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. All that you
can see is darkness and everything that you try to do just kicks you right back
in the face and you just can’t seem to get yourself up. You don’t even have to
go through something traumatic. Some are caused by you know, something traumatic
some can be a chemical imbalance in the brain. There is light at the end of the
tunnel. Life is hard. Life is challenging. There are ups and downs and these
challenges- these challenges that you face they’re gonna do their best to take
you down. Do not let them. Of course you have to work, of course you
have to show up, your team needs you, life needs you, your family needs you, life is
for the living. Depression is not only normal, it’s
essential and be grateful for it because it allows you to reorder yourself at a
higher level. I speak what’s on my heart and I gave my
speech and as I was closing, I kind of mentioned some depression because I was
I was coming out of the winter months and it hit me again this past winter
and I went and saw the doctor so it was on my mind and it came up and
as I was saying, I thought this generation of people probably aren’t
connecting to what I’m saying. When I walked off the stage and they lined up
the amount of people that thanked me for talking about mental health and here
I was- I thought they didn’t want to hear it I thought I was stepping out of line. No it
needs to be talked about because it’s not just this generation, it’s- people are
realizing more and more there’s an issue and the more we talk about it the easier
it is for people to be honest with themselves and get the help they need.
Line up those problems and confront them. Face them, fight them. Do not let them
bring you down, do not personally identify with your depression.
See it as you see winter and winter always leads to spring and summer again,
see it as you see nighttime. Nighttime becomes
daytime again. Hold on to that fundamental quality of faith
and on the other side of your pain is something good. Suicide is a permanent
solution to a temporary problem. No matter what you’re going through right
now doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna end. Stand up, dig in
let those challenges raise you up, let them elevate you, let their demands and their
trials make you stronger. Adversity you face today turning you into a better person
tomorrow. You are worth more than diamonds, all the diamonds in the world
you are so precious, every single one of your hearts. You can do something. Life is
not always good, life is always not rosy but life is worth living. There’s one thing
one thing that if you did every single day it would make an extraordinary
difference in whatever mental health issue you’re struggling with and that is
exercise and the reason you’ve gotta exercise every day is because what we
know about human beings is that when you physically move, your physiology changes
and that changes your brain. Take the time to rest
because just what if that resting is the key to world-class producing? Get outside
and exercise every single day as if your life depends upon it because you know
what? It does. Your brain needs it your body needs it, your mental health needs it and I feel like if you had heart problems and saw a cardiologist
well everyone would be concerned about you and know you’re doing better and it
would be open and honest with the crew but the most complicated organ in your
body, if you have a problem with it suddenly there’s a- we don’t want to talk
about that? No and you can get over it and that’s what people need to realize. You
can be cured, you can get past it. I assure you
the clouds will lift, right? There is sunlight above the clouds, you’re just
looking at the clouds right now and they will lift and crisis has come to teach
you the big lesson you’re meant to learn to move to your next level in the next
chapter of your greatest life. This depression will pass. It will go away
and something much better will take its place but for right now all that you
really need to know is that you have to make it through. Getting your heart rate
up, getting outside, breathing, feeling connected, getting out of your house
which may make you feel depressed and trapped. The man I am with you right now
as I speak with as much authenticity as I know how to share is the result of my
times in the valley of darkness. Doing that everyday, that physical push
you don’t have to run, you don’t have to go to an aerobics class- class get
outside with your dog in the woods, walk with a good friend for two or three
miles, doing that every single day not only moves your body which changes your
mind it gets you out of your physical environment which is one of the things
that people with depression tend to have a hard time doing and it also creates a
bit of momentum and a bit of a routine in your life. Every time I experience a
bout of depression I come out on the other end a different person, doing
different things but it’s because I’m aware of what’s happening and I’m
looking, I’m aware, I want to see the opportunities as they present themselves
to me instead of falling into the depths of a spiral down depression because I’m
personally identifying with what is happening when I’m upset and your
schedule is not full and you actually feel like you’re wasting your life
because you’re not this epic producer. What if those times were actually a
different form of productivity, what if those times were actually being
productive in a different way where you’re actually producing not in the
world but producing within yourself producing strengths, producing new
insights, producing new ideas, producing new capabilities, producing new energies
producing new emotions, shifting from fear to love because when you go through
difficult times what do you really do if you feel your fear and your pain? You
release it. It’s out of your system and you grow in love and bravery and
strength, what does that do to your craft what does that do to your power, what
does that do to your bravery, what does that do to the light that you bring into
the world? You become this incredible force that is undefeatable.
I suggest to you that if you are facing a challenge
don’t stop. Stay busy, work your plan continue to do those things that you
know that work for you after you have evaluated yourself in the situation.
Continue to move, stay busy, stay busy stay busy. You are part of a larger
cosmos whether you know it or not and communing with nature allows you not to
see the bars of the prison cell but the stars of the universe and if you can
connect with those every day, my dear friend you will use your pain as an
instrument for your greatest growth and then you try something new and then you’ll
also go to school and people will put you down and parents will tell you that
you’re a failure because you failed at a test and you start believing the lies
around you saying that you’re not good enough and no one’s gonna want you and
you’ll never ever do anything good in your life and you’ll never ever- you know
achieve the dreams and goals that you wish you had done, or wish that you could do and these steps take you closer. That voice saying you’re not good
enough, you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough and all you need is one more
step to fall so you have a choice to know which step you’re gonna take today. I want you to know that no matter where
you are in life, no matter how low you have sunk
no matter how bleak your situation, this is not the end. This is not the end of
your story, this is not the final chapter of your life, I know it may be hard right
now but if you just hang in there, stick it out, stay with me for a little while
you will find that this tough moment will pass and if you are committed to
using this pain, using it to build your character, finding a greater meaning for
the pain, you will find that in time you can turn your life around and help
others going through the same struggles. The world right now is in the middle of
a mental health crisis. It’s estimated almost half the
population suffers from depression at some stage throughout their life rather
than join the queue, it’s important we learn why we get down and then how we
can change it because believe it or not we create our own negative feelings and
we can also ensure that we turn our lives around and be a positive change
for others. The reason anyone gets depressed always comes down to the
consistent thoughts we think and the consistent beliefs we hold. Let me say
that again. The reason anyone gets depressed always comes down to the
consistent thoughts we think and the consistent beliefs we hold. The point
here is that anyone that is depressed is so because there is an external factor
that didn’t materialize in their life. They have lost something outside of
their control or don’t have something that is out of their control.
In school we are taught how to get a job but no one teaches us how to live in a
state of happiness. No one teaches us how important our conscious and unconscious
thoughts and associations are. Is our happiness not worth more than a job? Yes
it is and before you say happiness won’t pay my bills,
happiness will pay your bills. When you realize you will be 10 times more
energized, focused and take positive action in your life when you first
choose to develop yourself as a priority and then get to the stuff of the world.
I’ve seen some people who many would consider to have it all in their life
because they thought they were not good enough, a though,t a belief within them
told them they were not worthy. These people that many were jealous of, many
envious of, were not good enough. You must value yourself enough to take
the time every single day to work on you to engage in something that will ensure
you are a positive influence on the world.
This of course doesn’t mean life will suddenly be perfect, the same life
challenges will show up but if your mind is strong, if your mind is at peace, your
reaction to the challenging times will be very different. Your reaction will be
how can I make this work, not why is this happening to me
and then others will look to you not with pity but with hope because your strength will become their
hope, their strength. You really can be that powerful. You can ditch the victim
story, you can leave the pain behind and focus on how you will react next, how you
will react positively. Read, read all you can read to get your
mind in a positive place, take steps to ensure you will be in a better position
next time, whatever pain you are suffering from how you can ensure it
won’t show again. Take little steps and soon you will be at the top of the
staircase. Don’t give up, you are worthy you are more than worthy, you deserve to
experience how great life can be and you owe it to the world to be that positive
change for others, to inspire others who will look to you and say he did it, she
did it and I can do it too.

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  1. Betrayal is the reason I’m depressed I had a pact that I would make YouTube videos with other people and I was left out please subscribe to my YouTube and watch my last videos I’m not using my depression as for someone to give me attention but it’s hard out here and I love everybody and sometimes I wish I wasn’t involved with my own life

  2. Tq for the motivation… Actually I just want a best life… Best fam best teacher and best friends…

  3. I wait Morgan Freeman to appear and have speech but he didn't. I was depressed ! It's your fault TED.😁😆

  4. I’m watching this and I’m crying. Like I was doing good with life for a good while but I’ve been SO depressed this whole month of July. I cry like everyday I don’t want to be this sad anymore. I absolutely do not want to work today I have no motivation I don’t know what to do anymore I feel horrible

  5. I hate the moments when people easily say, FIGHT YOUR DEPRESSION! As if it was that easy. Worst part is when you have a lot of companions to hear you out, and yet you feel like they might just make you feel vulnerable if you share too much, cause reactions they give makes you feel frustrated, while they say "we can understand", as they can't relate the pain at all..

  6. please like so i know that im not alone not that i care about likes but one more with me is one less whos not with me same with you

  7. I have a fear of being alone. My depression hits me hard. I keep fighting for a way out of depression. I feel at times that I'm alone, and cant breath. I have to find a way to over come this, or I'd loose my battle, and leave this beautiful world. 🙁

  8. This made me feel better tbh I was sad I did t feel like getting out of bed or eating until I got so hungry I needed food but now I’m gonna work on myself so I don’t be like this anymore thanks you so much

  9. Idk man sometimes, the depression is so strong that it's the only thing you live for, and when you forget that feeling you just start missing it again, and the cycle repeats. And that's why the stronger you fight the stronger you become.

  10. Watching this video now that I've overcome my depression. I listened to this daily for months, quoted this video when I was having a moment. …. everything they say is true. This is the TRUTH. I am stronger now. Remember nighttime becomes daytime again.

  11. hello.. My name is heven and im just 16 now.. im really suffering depression and i dont know how to prevent.. but this short video made me better because it shows me that im not alone suffering from this.. to all who suffer from this… we can do it.. lets do a normal living

  12. I'm sorry but you can't "FIGHT" something and heal. This is one reason I hate support groups of FIGHT XYZ, healing only comes with being at peace with things especially illness related stuff. I'm qualified to make that statement because of a lifetime of being sick with health issues and learning about healing. I'm also not very old at 38. I get the point of people saying fight xyz and things can often feel like an uphill battle but if we change our wording how much faster would we heal? I think a lot.

  13. No matter how much i try to face deeprision it just gets me weaker and weaker i just want to die not suicide coz i wanna go to jannat but i cant fight this anymore my mother always ruins my faith that i havr on my self plz help me allah

  14. Depression is not normal.
    And the issue with depression can be that you loose this living for the future because you just can't see it. If you got anxiety aswell you kinda see it, but just from a place of fear not from a place of living for or towards the future with joy.

  15. I’m constantly dealt blow after blow, I Hated myself from the age of 11, how I look, how I move, who I am everything. I’ve lost two uncles and my grandad to depression, I Carrie my Nan to her grave, my 6 year old cousin, my best friends dad who was so good to me and understood me, I split up with my soul mate who I was with for ten years the one woman who understood me and loved me for who I am, we had so so much in common and when I lost her I lost myself, shortly after I suffere a double brain haemorrhage and a stroke, which really effect my state of mind I so lucky to be alive but o just honestly wish I died that night. I’ve battled and battled it’s so hard I’ve faced such hard things, I don’t fit in, people don’t get me and tbh I don’t think anyone would care if o was to die.
    I exercise everyday boxing is my outlet I’m 30, I have the physique most men would want, im a good looking guy as I’m told on a daily basis, but no one wants to know my soul what I’m about I used to have friends but o think so lowly of myself I’ve shut everyone out. I wish a child for instance like my sousin lived and it was me who died he could of done something with his life

  16. Tq so much man …i really need that ..i don't have words to tell that hw much it means to me ..i can jst say that humanity is jst awsm 💚

  17. Depression and sadness is good as it’s a sign a symbol that you need change. Feel thankful for depression and anxiety as it tells you to change whether that’s through making lifestyle changes such as doing consistent excercise etc. The point I’m trying to make is take depression and don’t wear it as a weight on your shoulders but use it as a tool or a motive to change and become better. Remember the words to ‘Appreciate depression’

  18. Sorry, but this video is not helping.
    I try to start and overcome..but few hours later, I am still back to square one.

  19. I am just 14and when I get depressed I just sit alone and start to think about all those fake Friends my study my future and I get angry with myself beat myself and do many other things

  20. To be honest right know lm up . it's 21:06 now.and lm trying to motivate myself everyday but l overthink to much

  21. I survived a 10 year severe depression starting 1996 by taking it as my field of training in this life with the attitude that life is a journey in self discovery and development of character and potential. Now nothing shakes me anymore. I will be going into motivational speaking.

  22. this video doesn't explain or demonstrate the real "pain" of depression or how to deal with it…
    It's so random, there is no pattern..

    Its just a mess, a struggle with everything and jet nothing at the same time, it's not really sadness but emptiness, you just don't know what or why or when -nothing is clear, nothing is working, not even emotions and that brings you down into a deep hole of … you

  23. I used to get happy from the little things, once i started looking around at all the famous people that have money and power i started comparing my self to them and it gave me anxiety. Never compare your self to others, each of us is difrent. My grandmother died in 2016 and grandfather in 2019, I broke up with a girl i really loved we were together for 3 years. And those things kinda kicked me down.

  24. We are strong let's not give up my brothers and sisters, it will soon pass away. Time will heal us all.. yes time will heal us all. Have faith in me I have faith in you… Let's be strong..

  25. It's fucking hard being depressed,thinking about finishing your life every day ,and you can't talk about it . Facing it alone it's the hardest part .

  26. Yesterday i lost someone, who was my everything, she think i cheat, but i just told a lie, a lie take everything from me, i still love her but she dont trust me anymore, now i miss her and so much in depression, i did not thought a lie will destroy my relation, plzz no one lie on anything to your love person, dont be fool like me, always tell the truth, however how hard it is.

  27. I can't kill myself cause that's just not me I'm like so afraid of death it's making me angry that I'm even thinking about death but this video is the best motivation it makes feel there is a light at the end of my road of depression that there is a whole new me to be discovered and it will happen one day when I kick depression ass for even coming to me in the first place cause I'm the big dog and THUS IS MY YARD NOT YOURS DEPRESSION

  28. Weirdest thing. I've been trying to better myself, but just couldn't. Paralysed by emptiness. Just pure nothing, but then suddenly I would feel a failure, guilt, fraud, burden, sadness, regret and self hate. Constant. These videos helped, really did, shown me that this is not me, and instead of me trying to salvage what was left, and trying to find the old me. I figured out that, that me is gone. It's not there, so I need to work on myself a new, build from a new foundation, which is my depression. From here every thing I build is gonna better me, some will be bad, but will still better me. Also now this is the weird thing, my whole reason to better myself, is based around that one day I will meet someone who I will spend the rest of my life with. When I meet that person, I wanna be healthy and happy not broken. So I learnt that if I couldn't better myself for myself, well il do it for the future person. Sounds weird, but it gives me reason to try, which is enough for me. Whatever is on going with you, find a your reason. It's there, just gotta search deep within. Love and happiness to all journeying to recovery and a happy and healthy life.

  29. You can put all the dramatic music and mashed up speaking in there to try and make me feel something, but i am emotionally numb, you want to help me, find me a cure.

  30. I was in tears before & whilst watching this video but this video perked me up a bit & gonna take all the advice & just get out of the house for a bit. Music producing & writing lyrics is what I love doing but been struggling to motivate myself & been feeling like a prisoner in my own life & doubting myself but I know I need to keep pushing through & believe in myself. Thanks for this video. Obviously I still have that bit of strength to search for a motivational video for depression as do others here.

  31. Dozens of videos later and this quote finally hits me,

    "Get outside and exercise every single day as if your life depends upon it because it does
    Your brain needs it, your body needs it, your mental health needs it"

  32. You know if women is dipressed Whole World Cares If A Man Is Dipressed Everyone Scold him Everyone Bullying him No one cares

  33. I'm so low I can't even move. I'm crying for no apparent reason a lot. I'm lonely and don't believe anyone cares about me. I think if I died, the pain would end, but I'm too afraid to try and end it, as I would probably fail and wind up in a nut house. Don't tell me to go out an exercise…..that makes me feel worse……I can't even take a shower right now. Whoever made this video is NOT depressed. I'm truly sorry for everyone else going through this…..The pain is unreal!

  34. In pursuit of drive and hope at the end of the tunnel….let's see if the spec of light will ever be seen…. fingers crossed.

  35. I suffered depression. The only person who knows what I was going through was Jesus Christ. He suffered for all of us and knows the pain that we go through. We lived and died for us. Check out for a new hope, and a new beginning that will last for an eternity.

  36. If you are looking at this, please do know that we care, I care. Reach out and scream for help, there will be and always will be one hand for you. With love.

  37. This video give me motivation but I would love to have someone to talk to it's just terrible 😭 when i go through it 😔

  38. Is it just me or do I always repeat the same questions in my head "what would have if I left this cruel world"
    "Would anyone care"
    Alot of people suffer depression including me and some people like solving the case with suicide.. I consider it alot but death should never be a option
    I try and think about my family, boyfriend, and no I don't have friends because they all left me and talking behind my back.. this is why I have it anyway I think about the people who need me and how many people I would hurt if I disappeared.. maybe we go to a different universe with a different life and don't remember anything in the past live or maybe we are in a video game and we are the characters and when we get depression is when our hearts are damaged from the enemies who hurt it over and over again.. would U care if I left tomorrow? Would u care if U saw me in the shops the other day and had a comforting conversation and then two days later they are gone because some bastard has used their anger and sadness on someone else and make them feel Ur pain and not you ? Life is hard at times but U have to keep pushing forward.. I love U stranger and remember that there are people out there who need U to make a change so don't end it and not even get a chance to throw the ball

  39. Im almost at my limit every time im alone this scuicidal thoughts is in my head .. today i almost cut my self with a knife .. i wish i can go back in the old me again

  40. Although I appreciate the positive input, it means nothing to me right now!
    Do this, do that, you're beautiful, you're worthy, important, needed etc…blah, blah, blah
    I've been sad for too long…the end

  41. your information is good, but i want to share a story of my
    friend, actually my friend was suffering from depression , he went to many
    hospitals, but Planet Ayurveda,s treatment recovered hum, actually planet
    ayurveda is a ayurvedic healing center, which is sitauted in mohali, near
    chandigarh, so if you have any problem regarding this or any other disease, you
    should go to that place.

  42. Hope someone can help me I am blind and I don’t go anywhere I don’t have nobody to care for me my family does not understand me can somebody help me out there thank you

  43. Honestly I want to invent my great things that are currently in my documents that things can change humanity but I don't have money even for eating food …My mom wants me to do what society says about me…my mom is dying everyday….and i am leaving this world i never wanted to it but i have to because i am not able to survive in this society…bye to this world and love to all people who are reading my comment

  44. I literally want to kill myself that's how bad my depression is😔 psychology is not even helping
    my life is just a mess

  45. Looking at these comments, atleast I am not alone. I fall down many times and get up few times . Trying change how i feel , why am i feeling , y im not wired like others , etc ? Its a fight everyday for me. Still gonna try work on myself. So I hope , you guys too. Remember we are not alone, we are together in this. Its easier said but gonna try.

  46. Your neck isn't a shirt, so don't hang it 💀

    Your skin isn't paper, so don't cut it ✂

    Your heart isn't a door, so don't lock it 🔒

    Your life isn't a movie, so don't end it 💔

    Nobody likes you.

    Nobody loves you.

    Nobody wants to be with you.

    Nobody wants to be your friend.

    But don't you worry, my name is Nobody ❤

    And there's one thing left…

    Pain is just weakness leaving the body!

    Keep fighting

  47. You can tell nobody knows what depression is in this video.. they are all like “solve your problems“ thanks jesus lol

  48. help me im scared im from philippines male 27 im scared cuz sometimes i think im crazy sometimes i wanna end my life i cant understand

  49. I'm just scared I'm only 16 and I feel like I will break in tears at anytime I'm scared of my thoughts before bed I'm sick of crying every night I don't have motivation to get up from bed and try harder I don't have enough energy to actually go to school and act tough I can't look at myself without having the argue to end myself it's just scary how everyone leaves and then ur alone and even ur parents don't care to help u im rly scared

  50. The monstrosity of life is so exhaustingly unhappy …
    If you see no improvements how is it worth it ?
    PTSD maternal separation is real
    I can’t see things getting better because Thames have got worse…
    Life is hard -sick cruel and evil and I hate it – life doesn’t need you ? How does it need you ? Nobody cares if you live or die – they get over it and life goes on….. nobody really cares.
    Line up those problems and face them !!
    Holy fuck – I can’t fight mine …
    Where’s my son?
    Where is my life going?
    Life has got worse not better !its got so much worse and sad and frightening..

    Exercise ! Physically move.
    Get outside and exercise .
    Brain problems….
    Nobody wants to be around you.

  51. One love to everyone going through some form of mental health issue. You are loved and appreciated. You are worthy of everything that is good. You will go through dark times but just remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will get through this.

  52. yes! we are powerful earthlings.. let’s be strong! i’m not alone!! it’s scary but i feel better knowing that you and i are here to be better..

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