Hi, everyone. Shirin here. Welcome back to
my channel. Today, we’re talking all about computer glasses. So, this video is in
partnership with Firmoo and they actually recently reached out to me and
I did work with them last year, as well. So, they reached out to me about
reviewing a pair of computer glasses and I already have a pair. I’ll have them
linked up here if you want to check out that first video. So, I was really in the
market for a second pair of computer glasses only because I wanted a
different style. The one that I have right now is this one right here and it’s
just a clear pair of frames and they have more of, like, this rounded bottom
part going on. I wanted a pair of black more squared-off glasses so that is
what I got. Let’s go ahead and unbox that one. So, the package that it came in is
this little bubble mailer right here and then inside is this. So, this is the
little pouch that it comes in. Inside this pouch, it also comes with a set of
tools that you can use for your glasses. Then, it also comes with a set of screws, as well. And then this is their new style of protective case, I’m guessing. As you
can tell, last year’s was a map. This year’s is just, like, this clear plastic. I
actually do prefer this one better only because it feels sturdier in my
hands and, like, this one just feels a little bit cheaper, but whatever. It’s
fine. Once we open this up, there is the actual glasses in this little baggie
over here, so let’s go ahead and remove that. Let me actually take out this
little paper right here. This is probably like specifications or something. Dear
friend, thanks for trying Firmoo glasses. We hope you’re satisfied with the
glasses try on. If not, please feel free to send your questions or
suggestions. Your exclusive customer service represent.. repre.. representative will
help you all the way and we will keep on to improve our product and service. Cool.
Firmoo’s mission is to provide better vision to people around the world at a
cheap price, which they definitely do. Their prices are so affordable. That is
something I really love about Firmoo. Like, you’re not gonna go broke trying to
find a pair of cute glasses. Here is a better look at the case. It just says Firmoo
right here. I know it’s kind of, like, hard to tell, but it’s there.
Anywho, back to actual frames that I got. So here they are. They’re wrapped in this
microfiber cloth, which you can use to just clean your lenses. I’m gonna go
ahead and put that on the case. So here are the frames. As you can tell, they just
have this nice little black square look going on. They look really cute and chic
and over here at the edge they do just slightly come out a little bit, but not
like a lot where it’s like a cat eye. It’s still more squared off, or actually,
square.. why do I keep saying square? This is a rectangle, my bad. Geometry was not
really my thing. Math was not my thing. I’m an artsy person,
what can I say? Let’s go ahead and put these glasses on. Aren’t they cute? I really
love the way that they look. They’re like really, just, stylish. I prefer my glasses
to be more oversized, so I’m actually really happy with the way that these sit
on my face. Here’s what the glasses look like up close. As you can tell, they’re
just black all around including the handles. The only part where they’re not
black is right here, right along where it sits on your nose. As you can tell,
it’s just kind of clear, like it fades from black to clear and that goes
for both sides. And then right along here, we just have some writing about the
glasses. It’s just more so just specifications and numbers. And then just
for reference, let me show you guys what this other pair looks like on my face.
What do you guys think? Which pair do you like better?
Leave a comment down below and let me know. Old ones or new ones? Personally, I
love both. So about these actual frames, as you can tell, this little blue glare
going on right here, that’s because I got these as blue light blocking lenses,
which is an additional add-on. You have to pay, like, an extra fee for that, but
it’s something that I really wanted because I’m very migraine prone, I’m
constantly either on the computer, on my phone, just
looking at some screen throughout the day because of like editing, work, stuff
like that, so being exposed to the screen for even just a short amount of time,
like, even an hour will give me intense migraine sometimes. Like, really, really
bad to the point where I can’t even function, like I just have to lay down
and either ride it through or take Excedrin. That usually happens when I
don’t wear these glasses and when I first started off, like, wearing these
glasses, when I got the other pair last year, I’d be like, oh, I don’t need them.
I’ll be fine when I edit, like, I got this. Well, I didn’t got this because I
would get the worst migraines and whenever I do wear the glasses, it’s like a
day and night difference. When I edit videos and I have the glasses on, I’m
fine. When I edit videos and I don’t have the
glasses on, oh it’s terrible. So, I highly, highly recommend getting these
computer glasses or just even updating your frames to have these blue light
blocking lenses because it’s gonna make such a difference, especially if you’re
migraine prone. I personally do not wear prescription glasses, so these are not
prescription glasses. They’re just standard glasses with the blue light
blocking lenses, but if you do have a prescription, Firmoo can definitely go
ahead and handle that for you because they also offer prescription glasses,
anti-glare lenses, a bunch of different options, sunglasses, and since they’re
constantly refreshing their styles and stuff like that, you’re guaranteed to
find something that you’re gonna love. If you’re new to Firmoo or you’ve never
shopped on their website, it is so easy to use. They actually have this option on
there where you can upload your own picture and virtually try on the glasses. It’s
so helpful because personally I’m the type of person that likes having that
visual of seeing what the glasses look like on my face, so if you’re also like
me, you’re gonna love that. It’s also really helpful for getting a feel of
what the different styles of frames will look like on your face. Personally, I
don’t like the way that rounder glasses look on my face, like when
they’re circles, but squares and more like cat eyes, I love those. I don’t know
what kind of face shape I have to be completely honest.
I’ve tried looking at those charts so many times and I just get so confused.
I think it’s an oval. I don’t know, but I just don’t end up going based off of
that. I just use that try on feature and get a feel for how they look on my face
and then go based off of that. So, if you also don’t know what your face looks
like, try that. I ordered these glasses on October 1st and they arrived on October
10th, so just standard shipping. I had no issues. I didn’t get lost in the mail or
anything like that, so that was great, and their customer service is also fantastic.
They always respond within 24 hours and they were just so sweet. Firmoo was
also super kind enough to give me an exclusive 50% off code for you guys to
use on your glasses and that is d4a2b and that runs until December 30th,
2018. I’ll have that listed down in the
description, as well, and I’ll also include, like, all the specs about my
glasses, so if you’re interested about them, just check the description.
Something I highly recommend paying attention to when you’re ordering
glasses off of their website is, one, your pupillary distance, and two, the size
of the frames that you’re looking at because they have a whole range of
different frames. They go from, like, small to medium to big and you want to make
sure that you’re ordering a pair that will fit and frame your face, not be too
big or too small. And as far as the pupillary distance goes, they go into
detail on their website and, like, how to measure it,
so if you’re confused about that just check there and they will help you out.
Overall, I highly recommend Firmoo. I’ve always had a great experience with
them and their glasses are just so beautiful. They feel really nice and
sturdy, they don’t feel cheap at all, they’re very affordable, they’re
constantly switching out their styles and giving you really chic options, so
that is great. I love them and I highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a
new pair of glasses, definitely go to Firmoo. Thank you again to Firmoo for
sending me these glasses. If you liked this video, make sure you give it a big
thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe down below. Thank you so much for
watching and I’ll see you all next time. Bye!

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