Firstbeat explains stress in 60 seconds

Stress is your body’s natural response
to challenges of life. Physical factors like extreme
temperatures and illness trigger stress, as do situational factors like work
demands and social pressure. Stress can be observed via
your autonomic nervous system which regulates functions like
heart rate and digestion. It is comprised of two parts
that serve the same organs but produce opposite results. Together they work like gas
and brake pedals of your body. The sympathetic nervous system
is the gas pedal. It excites your body and
prepares you for action. Also known as Fight-or-Flight response, this elevated state is what
we mean by stress. Responsible for resting and digesting, your parasympathetic nervous system,
in turn, is the brake pedal. It calms your body and
replenishes your reserves. Both systems are constantly operating
but one is more active than the other Ultimately,
it is the balance that counts. Beat-to-beat changes in your heart rate open a window into your
autonomic nervous system. This allows Firstbeat to identify states
of stress and recovery as they occur.

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