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  1. according to DR Joel D Wallach, couch potatoes sweat less, therefore retain more minerals in their bodies and live longer than very active people that don't put back in enough minerals.

  2. I think we need a minimum of 3 hours of walking per day. 1 hr seems a little too low for a human no?

    I mean there are 24 hrs a day. If you were doing a more intense exercise than maybe but walking is too simple

  3. Without completely writing-off the value of staying active, the order of cause-effect is in question : Is walking five miles(!) every day(!) KEEPING you healthy?, or are you able to walk that much BECAUSE you're healthy?

  4. Drug companies have too much power. If only the government “of” the people could step in and look out for the 98 percent.

  5. Great vid as usual. But it’s time to confront this widespread fad of celery juicing promoted by celebrities and “medical mediums” who talk to spirits for medical advice.

  6. 67 years old, 5'2" and 110 lbs. I weigh the same as I did when I graduated high school. I walk 5 miles a day, 7 days a week – 15 minutes/mile. I can't live without exercise. I also ride my bike. Vegan (WFPB) 7 years and wish I'd done it sooner….

  7. I would really like to see you examine the importance of muscle mass and resistence training when it comes to mortality and disease

  8. Please do a video in treating polymialgia rheumatica, most people like my father are prescribed prednisone and left to suffer

  9. Diet and Exercise is not an option. It is mandatory for good health. Can anyone tell me why they won't listen to me?

  10. I had a right sided hemicolectomy 6 years ago and everything is fine. I walk, jog, exercise and eat healthy(strictly WFPB) each day. My question is for you or anyone out there is, do I have to be concerned with SIBO because of my missing Ileocecal valve. Will WFPB diet take care of SIBO or make it worst. If I find that I'm getting some gas, walking or jogging helps alot.

  11. I m 25, I walk 50 km per week ( 5 days a week ). Goal is to increase it to 100 km per week ( 5 days a week ) in next 10 months.

  12. QUESTION: why do we need to eat so much produce? Why can't we just buy one or more of the available vegetable supplements? (Example: There is a supplement titled "whole cruciferous food" that is for sale).They contain phytonutrients like whole vegetables, but it's easier to take. So why bother eating all those veggies when the actual veggies can be condensed in a capsule?

  13. Take up the game of golf ⛳️ great family activity. 9 holes about 3 miles. Most towns have inexpensive public course .

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