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One of the word that we hear
most often these days is, ‘Stress’. The kids won’t stop screaming. Your boss is hounding you
for a project report, That you turned in late. And your partner is complaining
that you don’t give them time. Sounds familiar? Most of us deal with this kind
of stress, on a daily basis. Hi I am Shubha and today I’m
going to share with you, 8 instant Stress Busters. The first tip is, Whenever you’re feeling stressed or anxious, Just do a quick posture check. Hold your head up high and your
shoulders relaxed and back. And do not slouch. A wrong posture can actually
lead to muscle tension, pain in the neck and symptoms
of stress and anxiety. A quick correction of your posture, will help to diffuse stress instantly. The second tip is, Progressive muscle relaxation. This is a very scientific way, to instantly increase your oxygen
level to 5 times. And diffuse all the energy blocks, in yours system that lead to muscle stress. For this all you have to do is simply, Double inhale through your nose
and tense all your body muscle. Then double exhale through your
mouth and relax your muscles. You can repeat this 3 times. And you can even do this for
certain muscle groups in your body, like your arm muscles, leg muscles
and your stomach muscles. You can feel the difference instantly. You can also focus on progressively
tensing and relaxing. each muscle group in the body, for example, leg muscles, arm muscles,
and your stomach muscles. Tip No. 3, Turn off your monitor for 10 minutes. Most of us are staring at a screen, Right from the time we wake up in the morning, till the time we go to bed at night… Whether it’s your smart phone
or your laptop screen or the television. Take a break! And instead of catching up on your
social media feed or texting your friend, literally unplug and get up
from where ever you are, walk over to a friend or a
colleague and talk to him. You can also fix yourself a cup of coffee, or just look out of the window
and let your mind wander. Scenes of nature can actually
relax your heartbeat And promote deeper relaxation. Even 5 minutes on the balcony or the
terrace can be really rejuvenating. Tip No. 4, Listen to music. Soft classical or instrumental music. helps to reduce the level of stress
hormones in your body, And elevate your mood and self esteem. Tip No. 5, Speak slower than usual. Whenever you find that you’re
overwhelm with stress or anxiety, try speaking slower than you normally do. But doing this, you will see
that you can think more clearly, And focus and respond more
appropriately to the stressful situation. Have your ever noticed,
that people who arr stressed, tend to speak very fast or breathlessly. By speaking slowly you can
actually reverse the process, And gain more control over
the stressful situation. Tip No. 6, Practise deep breathing, You don’t have to be in a yoga studio, to reap the benefits of deep breathing. Deep breathing helps to calm our
central nervous system, and to promote relaxation. Plus, you can do it anywhere
even in a crowded workplace, no one will ever know. All you have to do, inhale slowly to the count of 8, and then exhale slowly to the count of 8! Repeat this a few times. Tip No. 7, remain hydrated. Drink plenty of water, and eat small, healthy nutritious
snacks at regular intervals. Hunger and dehydration,
even before you know it, can actually elevate you feelings
of stress and anxiety. The last tip is completely off
beat, but very powerful. Use a pencil instead of a pen. If you’re someone who rely
a lot on your to do list, Then you might want to
start using a pencil. Why, because flexibility is one of the
hall marks of instant, of instant stress buster. Things change and change is
not always our enemy. Although our brain tries to categorize it as such. So you may want to be able to erase, a task or a reminder anytime because, who the heck knows what your day would be like. So friends, I hope you found these tips useful. See you soon again on another
episode of ‘Soul Talks’ with Shubha, where we continue this
beautiful journey together.

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  1. Thank you Dear Subha….amazing tips….I think I will now consciously speak slowly when I feel im stressed 🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗

  2. Awesome video. The tips are so focused n really meaningful. The whole video is well shot. It's so concise n I'm sure many will benefit with this. Superrrr, pls keep up the good work. This contribution to the society is fabulous. Great work by the whole team.

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