Foundation to beating depression: #Depression help

hey guys doing a little self help here
three major things that I would like to bring to your focus we have a lot of
stuff being thrown at us these days and a lot of things stealing our attention
away so if you can stop and breathe and think about these three things then you
can kind of develop a foundation and start your climb out of depression but
these are major fucking things and I had really no idea about them till recently
and number one is pretty easy man it’s diet you have to fucking eat properly
you have to make sure that you’re getting healthy nutrients you have to
make sure you’re not deficient in anything and make sure you’re not
fucking dying man make sure you have a healthy immune system and you’re able to
have energy and you’re able to sleep and think and all this stuff it’s all
connected so it’s it’s a it seems easy but it’s actually pretty fucking weird
to integrate into your world if you’ve been depressed for so long that you
really kind of just maybe eight once a day or something but look at your
nutrition look at what you’re in taking every day and make sure it’s not just
McDonald’s and fucking Mountain Dew cuz you’ll be on a fast fast track right to
type 2 diabetes in no time motherfucker then you’ll really be an American number
2 is the company you around make sure you’re around positive people that are
lifting you up the best kind of people are the kinds that care about the people
around them succeeding they care about their own success but they also care
about those around them succeeding so be mindful of your company make sure you’re
not hanging around super negative bitter people and number three is exercise jump
rope go for a walk do some push-ups do some sit-ups play some music stretch do
yoga meditate things like that to help help your body
be be strong and be bold and be able to perform at high levels yeah these are
some main things diet exercise and just the company you around and the energies
that you take in everyday you can’t really be around small-minded low
frequency people if you’re trying to grow and self develop and evolve to your
full potential these kinds of people are gonna stay the same they’re gonna be in
the fucking hole in the dark forever and they don’t even know they’re in the dark
and they’re just really basic people to me and all they do is talk about what
other people are doing hopefully this helps out like I said this is just the

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