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My name is Sandip jain and I’m a Reiki Grand Master. I have been doing Reiki healings for the last
15 years. it used to be 1 to 1 sessions or distant Reiki
healing sessions, but now with this new online free healing sessions, anybody can have this
free healing session at his own time and convenience through youtube. If you are having any chronic problem, it
is recommended that you take, minimum one session a day for at least 40 days, this will
give you tremendous relief and in many cases a complete cure. The healing is done by the Supreme God and
Reiki, which means life force energy. I am a medium in this healing. My Role in just to connect this positive energy
with the patient who is having problems and sufferings. The only requisite here is to have, belief
in almighty God, which is supposed to be a brilliant positive energy, who is capable
enough to treat any sort of negativity and sickness. This healing has nothing to do with any religion,
any faith and any beliefs. Now
Please select a place or room, which is quiet and does not disturb you while doing this
session. Please sit in a comfortable posture. you can sit on a chair, with open palms facing
upward, like this comfortably placed on your knees, and Please don’t cross your legs. You will have to close your eyes when we will
be doing this session, and prior to that we will do a prayer. You can repeat this prayer after me, word
by word, in which we will call upon Reiki, Reiki angels, Archangels and many other deities
who help us in this healing session, and in the end of the prayer I will give you some
time so that you can also call upon your deities and angels in which you believe in. You have to do your prayer with your full
name. You have to keep your eyes closed during the
entire healing session. You should focus mentally on the area which
has problem, pain and discomfort. You should try to literally see that area
from inside your body with your closed eyes. This is a little strange because I’m asking
you to see your pain, see your suffering of your body with closed eyes. Yes this is a method by which we can cure
our body. As soon as we focus our self with our closed
eyes, to the part, which is effected by negativity, as soon as we focus on that particular area,
the positive energy , the Reiki will start connecting to that area, and cleansing starts. Believe me, you will soon get rid of your
physical, mental, emotional problems. For prayer you have to put your hands in Gassho
mudra , which is like this, with a little bend of your head, and with your folded hands, like this
we start a prayer. I will do my prayer first for this session
and then will again do a prayer for you and will ask you to repeat after me, word by word,
so that you can get connected to my system and Reiki energy every time, you want to do
this online session. So here I start my prayer
I thank Reiki for being here, I thank sandip Jain for being here, I Sandip Jain Thank Reiki
for being here I Thank Dr. Mikao Usui, ,Dr.Hayashi, madam Takata, Reiki Angels, archangels, Devi avalokiteshvara, Guru Teg bahadur singh jee maharaj, Please provide divine guidance, divine healing, divine protection, and divine peace. Now its your turn now to do the prayer, put
your hands in gassho mudra and repeat after me I thank Reiki for being here, I thank take
your full name for being here, I your full name thank Reiki for being here. I Thank Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr.Hayashi Madam Takata, Reiki Angels, archangels,
Reiki Grand Master sandip Jain for being here. ( You can even invoke now any of your Deities
or angels you believe in, and thank them for being here. I thank all of you for being here. I am about to start a Reiki healing session
with Reiki Grandmaster Sandip Jain, please provide divine guidance, divine healing and
divine protection, Thank you. Now please sit in a comfortable posture and
close your eyes. You are now connected to divine Reiki healing
energy and blessings of all divine beings we just called upon. I will start your healing session from your
crown chakra which is located on the top of your head. Just relax … and sit Now moving to your third eye chakra Going towards your throat chakra now Now moving towards your Heart chakra now Moving towards your solar plexus These are the energy symbols which we use
in reiki. This connects you the divine energy. and heal you… Solar Plexus Now moving towards your sex chakra Now moving towards your Base chakra Now please focus on the area of your body
which is having problem, which is having pain, which is having discomfort. It can be anywhere in the body, and this reiki
energy will go directly to that area and heal. Just focus with your closed eyes. Think of that area, and think that it is getting
healed. You are getting tremendous, beautiful, luminous
divine Reiki healing energy into your body, and in that area which is sick, which is having
problem. You are getting healed. You are getting healed. You are getting healed. Your body is covered with a brilliant divine
Reiki healing energy. It is like a column of energy in and around
you. You are enwrapped in a beautiful divine luminous
Reiki healing energy. You are getting healed, You are getting healed,
You are getting healed, just relax , relax, just focus with your closed eyes on the area
which is having problem. You will feel this cool energy. Pls focus on the area which is having discomfort,
and problem in the body. This healing is going directly to that particular
area. Your chakras are getting balanced, and your
body is getting better and better, and better. Keep receiving this divine healing energy,
without any negative thoughts. Just accept this beautiful healing energy,
and you will feel tremendous improvement in your health. Just have faith in supreme God, Reiki is the
energy of supreme God. Reiki Means Life Force Energy. The energy that makes us live, The energy
that makes us healthy, The energy that makes us healthy,
This energy is freely flowing in your body and when any positive energy is able to freely
flow in your system, you will automatically get healed. You should help your healing system by thinking
positive things, positive environment, and try to have as much water, as you can. Drink as much water as you can, so that toxins
can flush out from the body. And try to eat alkaline food, you can search
easily what alkaline foods are. Pls try to get as much as possible alkaline
foods, and avoid acidic foods. This will help you in this divine healing. Just have faith, good food, good environment,
and good thought patterns. I will be giving many more videos how we can
disconnect our self from negative elements, how can we, how can we cut our negative cords
from other beings. These all things will get a very very good
impact in our healing. This session is now coming to an end, as I
can see a very good change in your energy system. Feel blessed, feel happy, and enjoy the peace. We will again do a prayer, to thank all our
deities, to whom we called upon, to do this healing session. First I will do my healing prayer, 35:52 my
Prayer and then you can speak after me word by word. I thank Reiki for being here, I thank sandip
Jain for being here, I Sandip Jain Thank Reiki for being here. I Thank Dr. Mikao Usui, dr. Hayashi, madam Takata, Reiki Angels, archangels,
Devi avalokiteshvara, Guru Teg bahadur singh jee maharaj,
Thanks a lot, Thanks a lot, Thanks a lot Now please repeat after me , I thank Reiki
for being here, I Take your full name for being here, I thank your full name Reiki for
being here. I Thank Dr. Mikao Usui, dr.Hayashi, madam Takata, Reiki Angels, archangels, Reiki grandmaster Sandip Jain for being here. Thanks a lot for this lovely divine healing
session.. Thank you Thank you Thank you Keep sitting and just relax, and slowly come out, move your fingers, your feet, and then slowly open your eyes. I hope you enjoyed this session, you can take this session, multiple of times a day, and do it atleast 40 days. This is a method to heal thousands of people
through Youtube, so please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Thank you very much Namaste

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  1. Wow I wasn’t even trying to take this video seriously, my eyes open and watching tv at the same time… but then I felt the energy for real from my head to my toes and I started smiling 😊 I’m gonna start this very soon thank you 🙏🏾

  2. I did a session with you last night before going to sleep. This was the first time I ever tried reiki healing. I just woke up and realised I had pretty bad and ugly dreams. In one dream I killed a man horribly. I don’t seem to recollect him in real life. It was part of the story and as a self defence and to save others, I had to kill him. Do you know why this could have happened? Did I get nightmares as an effect of Reiki session?

  3. Last night was the second night in a row that I did your healing session. Thank you.
    the night before I wasn't able to focus as much, but last night I was able to focus right in on where the compression is in my spinal cord (which has created paraplegia) and felt a tunnel between you and where my compression is. It felt as though this tunnel was sucking the compression away.
    Thank you for being a being of light who is shedding light around this world.

  4. Thank you sandeep sir…..blessings to you….I wll b luking forwrd to your reiki sessions…thank you so much sir..

  5. Omg this helped me seriously it helped. I can't believe it but I do believe it now. Thank you so much!

  6. I was constipated for a week until I saw this video….. Immediately my bowels relieved itself all over place!!!! Namaste!!!!

  7. I feel a significant benefit of the reiki healing you offer. I want to say a deep thank you for this divine work.

  8. Thank you so much!! I have such severe back pain and felt lots of relief. The power of faith is real❤️

  9. My stomach ache gone in one s
    Session and I don't feel so depressed . Will do this for 40 days and post progress .

  10. i’m having really vivid dreams and some are stressful since i started this … when does this stop ? ty

  11. I m following you. Today 2nd session is over. Will inform you d progress made. Thanks for Devine healing

  12. I have extreme amounts of physical and emotional suffering.
    This is helping me.
    Thank you Grand Master.
    I am filled with gratitude.

  13. Thank you so much for this healing vedios and your beautiful energy and heart , to do what you do . God bless you . I have been using your video for a few weeks now daily . I really feel it is helping me heal . Love to you thanks again . 🙏💜

  14. Thank you so much for the divine healing I just received through this session!

    I've recently been learning to be authentic and last night I caved to pleasing others and didn't follow my heart. The results were disastrous and left me in shambles, so I sought reiki healing online and found your video. When you mentioned being a Reiki Grand Master, it gave me confidence to trust you.

    I have to admit, I fell asleep during the session but I awoke feeling great!

    As the day progressed, I felt the need to speak about something but again, I shied away from following my heart. Soon I began to feel my throat area and glands getting sore and bothersome. I knew I needed to do another reiki session, but first I said, "If I have angels, please help me speak truth from my heart." A couple hours later the friendliest, most heartfelt words poured from my lips and mended the previous night's traumatic situation.

    And then, just a bit ago I did the reiki session and my throat was healed! I couldn't believe it! But I do! LOL! Then I focused on my bowel/intestinal area, which freezes up under stress, and suddenly I farted! Ha! I was like omg! This energy stuff is for real! WOW! Soon I shall be dropping a holy $%*#! Haha!

    Anyway, thank you thank you thank you!

    I pray my mysterious angels will reveal themselves to me soon!

    Namaste Grand Master Healer and many blessings upon you!!!

  15. Dear sir, I have been receiving this healing for 4 days in a row but yesterday night I have decided not to. In fact, I have noticed I was experiencing really bad dreams, which I usually don't. That is, 4 days going through this practice, 4 nights of bad dreams. Can you think of any reason why this has occurred? And please, has Reiki to do with catholicism or similar? When you explain you are tracing energy signs you are in fact tracing crosses, too, are those catholic/christian signs? Thank you in advance for you reply

  16. Sir thanks for your contributions to humanity, we appreciate you. Can I use this(when in a deep state) to open my chakras?

  17. Dear Sandip, thank you for the video. I felt a lot of heat the first session… I can't always sit up as I have rectal tumor and sometimes it hurts more than other times so does it still work when I lay down? thank you, namaste Kali

  18. You can not imagine how greatful I am for this session.🙏🤙🤙💫💫💫💕💕💕💕🧘🏻‍♀️🇵🇷

  19. Did this last night. I had a vivd dream of the man i broke up with 2 months ago. He was cheating and i confronted him. I saw visions of him and a girl. Today im so emotional i feel really fragile. Im crying alot today. Maybe it worked 🤷😒😀😄🤔

  20. I don’t feel comfortable yet financially to help support your mission, but you deserve that support. This free healing session has helped me make miraculous gains in my healing journey.

  21. Just prior to you ending the session I heard a deep sounding male voice say Ahhhh almost like OHM chant in the ahh sound. I then felt a quick rush of wind like a fan from my feet upwards to my face that actually slightly moved my blanket! I was a bit startled from hearing the voice and feeling the wind from this experience but I do believe something has occured that I have never felt before! I'm so curious if you are aware of what the voice and wind signified please do tell! Thank you!

  22. I got stomach pains, stomach upset during this session which continued on for a while after. .
    Did reiki do that? What happened?

  23. Thank you for this video, I have been yawning a lot during this healing session, do you have any answers why? thank you again.

  24. Thank you so much sir! Yesterday i heard from my friend and just started today .This is the first time i am doing but whole the session i was feeling nauseous and light headedness

  25. Reiki should be taken empty stomach?
    Any dos & don'ts while going through Reiki Healing sessions?
    Pl clarify 🙏🏼

  26. Thank you so much! At the 6 chakra i was so relaxed And May God continue to bless you! I will follow this for the next 40 days. In his name. I love your voice it helped me so much thank you i suffer with back and neck pains🙏

  27. My first time doing a healing session looking foward for the second one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  28. Hi, I'm schizoid character structure, is it possible to heal the blocked/twisted energy centers? Greetings.

  29. Sir my name is Sk Shafiul azam abid and i am from Bangladesh…… Need your help plz sir you are a great pearson

  30. Sandeep sir need your help… Dream i want to meet you inn sha allah i am from Bangladesh and my mind not strong so sir need your help

  31. thanks for the session Guru ji….im doing this almost two months now…… but i have a question does it heal injuries im suffering from meniscus injury

  32. Thank you sir. During the session my body felt painless. I tried to pinch myself,scratch myself hard and I could not feel a thing. Is this normal. ? What does it mean ?

  33. OMG! This works! I had a terrible cough, sore throat for 3 weeks of July 25, 2019!! I couldn't swallow, been on 2 different antibiotics because everyone at work is going through the same affliction!!! I listened to this and said let me concentrate on the sore throat. I also concentrated on my lungs but I just needed the pain in my throat gone! After the session, I fell asleep and woke up with no pain in my throat! I was able to drink water ate some almonds with absolutely no pain. I woke up this morning and still have no soared throat! Thank you ELEPHANTLY!

  34. Tried this yesterday and today. i felt heat coming from my hands. Amazing. I will try to do this for 40 days. God bless you and thank you for your divine mission.

  35. Thank you..though i dont know why im really scared as if im waiting fr something to show up and i hv trouble focusing…my mind kept on wandering around…pls help me😢😢😢 i do really want to get well…

  36. Will this help with skin disease melasma? There is not physical pain. It causes a lot of emotional pain and I feel I can heal it but tols I can't by everyone.

  37. I appreciate that you talk through the process and guide the recipients with the area you are focusing on so we can follow along. It keeps me from falling asleep. Grateful for your contribution to this forum of healing.

  38. 🇨🇦 🌬 I AM grateful for your healing energy . 🙏. Thank you for your time, appreciated. 👍 💜💚💜 ✔

  39. Healing of the Heart.
    अत्यधिक प्रभावशाली हृदय उपचार फ्री रेकी सत्र: Very Effective Healing of the Heart: Free Healing

  40. Please heal my mother 66 years of age suffering from depression and auditory hallucinations let her heart fill with love joy peace and assure here that everything will be ok. Peace love to all. Namaste

  41. Sir i am very worried about my sister and mother both are mother is on bed age 75 once she fell down now her bone fracture healed but she cannt walk and we operate her both eyes but he cannt see. My sister age of 45 and she is suger patient but her suger is not normal when she check above 300 hundred she take her medicine regularly but in vain please send them reiki so they get wellsoon all of these situations i am also getting ill pls help

  42. This sesion is very helpful sir…i felt my aura getting power with positive energy…wat time u perferd for taking this sesion…with emty stomach r in the mrng or nite before bed…only for 40days…r daily…waiting fr ur reply sir…

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