Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh (2019) | Comedy and Depression With Robert Kelly | HBO

♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ -Isn’t it fucking weird,
this goddamn business?
-Yeah. How many years later? 25? 26? October 8, 1993, coming up
on 26 years. Do you remember your first show? Yeah… it was at, uh… -Ninety-nine?
-Catch a Rising Star. Catch a Rising Star,
that’s right. You had to put your name
on the thing, wait six weeks… Then we worked together. I MC’d a show when you were
in a comedy troupe -called Al and the Monkeys.
-Yep. And then, one night
at the back, and I remember,
it was right on the stairs at Nick’s Comedy Stop,
I said I– I need a job. And I only knew you
to say hello. -I didn’t like you.
-Really? -You didn’t know that? (LAUGHS)
-No. And then all of a sudden,
one night, we started talkin’. I don’t know why. We sat
in the back. We started talkin’. And then that night you came up
to me was the night I liked you. I like– I went,
“I like this kid.” -GARY GULMAN: Really?
-Yeah, because you came up, and you go, “Dude, I need a–”
You were– you were fucked! -Yes.
-You were fucked up. You’re like “I need a job.” I was like,
“I got a fucking job.” GULMAN: Yeah. BOBBY KELLY: And I had
to sell ya, too. -Really?
-Yeah, I had to be like, “Look, he’s a great guy.
He’s hilarious. -He’s good lookin’.
-(LAUGHS) Wow! He’s gonna make a great waiter, -he’ll be fine.
-(LAUGHING) I remember Flo was–
Was Flo there? Yeah, Flo, yeah,
she was my boss. That’s the one I had
to really sell ya. Because… People don’t know, she’s um… I think she was like four-three. -Yeah, bleach blond
cotton candy hair.
-Yeah. And smoked… -KELLY: Constantly.
-Constantly. Always sent us out for
cigarettes and scratch tickets. She was addicted to nicotine
and scratch tickets. -KELLY: Middle of a rush.
-Yeah. (IMITATING FLO) Bobby!
Go get me some scratch tickets. You’d have to run down
the street. Her voice was actually deeper
than that. -Yeah, what was it?
-Yeah, it was– (GRUNTING GIBBERISH) Remember when someone–
“Can I see the manager?” We’d be like,
“You don’t want to do that.” (LAUGHS) “Hey, yo. Listen. I understand you found a bug
in your food. Just take the hit.” (LAUGHING) You’d be like. “Nah,
I want to see the manager.” “All right. Flo, they want–” (IMITATING FLO)
“What do they want? Free food?” From– from back of the room.
Remember that? She took up a whole table
during lunch to scratch tickets and smoke-inside!Wow.
-Yes. ♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ You started seeing the therapist
that I see in what year? (BLOWS BREATH)
Jesus, man. Ten years? GULMAN: No, longer than that,
because I’ve been seeing him -since 2006.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I found him independently
of you. For the history books,
probably should leave that out. -(LAUGHS)
-I– I– my– My legacy is that
I hooked you up. -Okay. (LAUGHS)
-Every other comedy, I’m the one who found him first. (LAUGHING) But what, um… So, you’ve been seeing him f– -I’ve seen him a long time.
-Yeah. KELLY: And I remember I went in,
I go, “Listen. You’re not making me
into a pussy. -(LAUGHS)
-I’m not into this.” He goes, (IMITATING THERAPIST)
“You already are a pussy. That’s why you’re here. If you were a real man,
you wouldn’t need therapy.” -(KELLY LAUGHS)
-(CLAPS) -Oh my word.
-And I started laughing. -I was like, “I’m in. I’m in.”
-Yeah. But I think it’s great
that you fuckin’– What I’m saying is you went
and you helped yourself. I was fine, like,
if you wanna do your best stuff, -go be happy.
-Right? Yeah. We can’t do comedy… this fucked up art… that gets no respect. -Anybody can do it.
-Right. We have to take
everything apart. You know what I mean?
Why do they give– Why did they give you no ice?
Why did I get ice? You know, what the fuck?
Why’s the phones– Why wouldn’t they shut
the fucking phones off? -(LAUGHS)
-Why?! I mean, we’re filming something. There’s a volume button
somewhere. Could somebody find
the fucking button so you hear just a little–
You know, this sh– we thin– All this prod– most people
would sit here and enjoy their water
and have a conversation. But we analyze everything so our brains
are always fucking nuts. Yeah, when they filmedLouie
here, did they shut the phones off? -LIZ: No.
-Oh… -(LAUGHS)
-You can’t fuck with Liz. -I’m sorry.
-Sorry, Liz.

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