Gerald on Depression, and Expressing Himself through Art and Comedy

My name is Gerald Delgado and I’m a comedian
slash actor slash skate nerd. Yeah I mean there’s been times where I’ve been really
down and then times when I’m up. And all I know is that my focus is on me whenever
like, I remember that the first time I really got depressed, I was working at a taco bell,
it was the first time I was getting hired. It was just like oh my god, my life sucks,
this is shit. Sure I’m getting free chullupas, but I got acne and I’m obese, like damn,
what did I do wrong with myself? But you know what, what I did, I did what I thought should
be doing with myself. Which is anything that is positive and productive. So I started working
out, found a better job. And mainly I think whatever, what got me through any kind of
depression or down, anytime whenever I was in a bad mood, I would always skateboard.
I remember that was like my first love, well my first love was actually drawing. Drawing
was my thing, so I’d draw my skateboard, anything creative that I could just express
myself was definitely a big plus. And I think that’s still to this day and probably to
the rest of my life is gonna get me going. Whenever I’m depressed I’m gonna go buy
a shit ton of chocolates and have a chocolate buffet by myself because I heard they’re
running out of chocolate so I’m probably gonna do that. I believe that, so yeah in
order to be happy, yeah maybe you kind of do have to aim towards it because yeah there’s
gonna be bad times where life’s not fair and as corny as it sounds it true. You’re
a hardworking person, maybe your boss needs to let go of that one person and maybe that
person is you. Or whatever it is, you just gotta be happy. I think having fun, just play.
Who cares if your 76 years old with arthritis, go sky diving, go take a painting class, do
whatever you want to do. Go to a nudist colony, I’ll probably do that, that sounds pretty
fun. Maybe not, actually I take that back. I think deep inside I’ve always been a fan
of discon meetings in general, I though that was a really cool. And also I love writing
too, writing is great. I like writing plus I like taking my frustrations out. So I got
on stage, I figured that’d be the perfect opportunity to just, alright I work a day
job, sometimes I put on this face where I’m professional and I’ve got to talk to people
where you can’t have any outside drama inside of your workplace. Maybe at the end of the
day I’ll hit up a comedy club or an open mic or whatever and just rant whatever it
is I’m feeling that day I’m just letting it go. I love that feeling, it’s great just
you know, just vent sometimes. Yeah just, I think like I mentioned before, just live
your life, have fun, just be the best you can be at whatever it is you do, even if you
work at taco bell, just be the best at it. And eventually something good has to happen.
You are okay my friend, maybe not but try, try.

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