GET OVER DEPRESSION – Motivational video (ft. Elliott Hulse)

I was barely a teenager the first time if I knew then what I know now well it probably wouldn’t have changed very much and it probably wouldn’t have changed very much because sometimes it doesn’t matter what you know what you feel just takes over death isn’t just of the physical body death is of the ego ego death a lot of young people and I share this with you because again you might find yourself in this place a lot of young people a lot of people in general who have a hankering for death who think I need to kill myself suicide is thoughts of suicide those are not wrong those feelings aren’t wrong to want to die to yourself to want to commit suicide is not wrong it’s just that you’re looking at it the wrong way it is not a physical suicide it’s not a physical death it is a character or an ego death if you’re watching this right now you have the feeling that you want to kill yourself or you have the feeling that I want to die it’s good just know that you’re looking at it the wrong way you must die your ego must not who you are today is no longer resourceful for who you’re going to be for you to fulfill your greatest purpose here on this planet in this lifetime you have to have multiple deaths too immature versions of yourself so that you can be reborn as a stronger version of yourself that’s how the process goes things in life happen in this cyclical fashion failure is a part of success you must fail you must break down to build up you must go down to grow up but truly successful 10-man takes that and grow something of a better version of himself this is the growing stronger process this is the becoming a stronger version yourself process and some people without the perspective they allow they allowed the wound fester how many people have a injury psychological emotional and abuse or physical were born with and they allow it to allow to destroy them so many of us want to be successful for our own narcissistic desires right so knowing that the work that I do is not just about Elliott Hulse me growing in popularity and fame does nothing for eternity for the world for when I’m gone when I’m dead sure these videos will be here but if I do these videos so that I could put more money in my pockets well who gives a fuck but if I do the work that I do with the intent on making this a better place unifying mankind believing in the strongest version of you and you and you and you giving you the tools that you could then take the strongest version of you and empower other people now it’s a virus right it’s a love virus feel good about that think in terms of your particular wound even if you’re dealing one with one right now and know this whatever struggle you’re dealing whatever challenge you’re facing whatever injury whatever wound you have right now it is a birth opportunity is an opportunity to like the female go in and allow the internal processes to put the pieces together where anew you can be reburied it is the principle of death and rebirth it is the principle of going down so that you can rise up you

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  1. Love the video, rather appropriate that it features Eminem since he dropped a song and announced an album yesterday isn't it? Haha

  2. It'd be great if you guys uploaded more often. I absolutely love these videos, please try! You're motivating tens of thousands of people, at least, with each one. Great video as always.

  3. Just want you to know, this really hit home for me.
    Regardless of the obstacles that life has thrown at me I've always kept this mentality even when I put myself in "cruise control" meaning I don't live in the moment I just DO the things I need to do because I know that will build my character, but this video really did just describe it perfectly. Love Elliot Hulse and love your videos aswell as MulliganBrothers. Keep working hard brother and hope you have a great day today! Don't stop doing what you are doing.

  4. Wow! Truly great video, Elliot Hulses speech is so relevant to my life at the minute I needed to hear this now. Thank you! Keep up the fantastic work

  5. Thank u so much everyone for your support! if you enjoyed the video leave a thumbs up and share the video in your social medias so all your friends can feel inspired as well. Also, if you enjoyed the music, check out our second channel, we make our own music for the videos! The link is in the bio.

  6. have you ever so depressed that when you wake up in the morning you think "shit! im still alive". and everytime you go home from your work where you fail again, you speed up your bike and think "dead isn't that bad""?

  7. depression can come from your surroundings family,freind,work even where you live,one must travel to see new things experience new people live simple fuck having material things that don't mean shit….

  8. Depression isn't something you can just get over, I just hate it when people say to me
    "Just get over it"

    Telling someone with depression to stop being depressed, is like telling someone with cancer to get over it.

  9. Sometimes I catch myself thinking, why are we even here? To die? What's the point of life? Why is there so much despair?

  10. Sometimes Is think wtf Is wrong with our system i mean nobody tells you about the really Important things like purpose of life or overcoming deppressions and tests of life instead us is told how to fit the best way into the system with teaching meaningless things in school compared to real things like Hulse is

  11. I get how this is motivational to people who don't deal with depression.
    For me though, videos like this just make everything even harder…

  12. I'm Daniel and I live with depression..
    and at this point it's getting worst.. I'm alone in a world I can control, but I can't do alone

  13. I think depression is usually misunderstood until the shoe fits in. I used to think naive of people talking about depression, especially people who seem to have it all in their life. Now am depressed and almost dying. Especially if i dont starve myself.
    What's worse is no one really understands it.

  14. depression since a lil kid. itll never go away. thats an ugly truth. but we need a lil boost to brighten up just as we r put down. the cycle

  15. embrace that pain know it is all yours and see it as a gift it is a blessing when we are down there in the dark places who else will bear this pain but you and me there is a purpose for it but it will take facing a dragon of unimaginable proportions this is how we fight demons and it is that instant when you truly embrace the struggle that god will intervene but if you don't see that keep trying its a razors edge only you can ride anyone else would be destroyed its not their fight ITS ALL YOURS !!!!!!

  16. i am 16 and well child care let me only see mom and dad 2 days in months, they took me to a foster home when i was 6 for the first time, they tried to manipulate me to think bad of my parents, they didn't listen to me that i dident like me in the foster home, i wanted to go home, i was crying every night, i enden up in jail and loot of institutions for people who sell drugs and guns and fight every day, and they wanted me to change to the better, i was only 12 first time i was dealing gun and drugs, institutions didn't help me to change my environment, i am 17 now and are depression every day and i don't know if i gonna fight the well child care or just get myself into jail again, i am sick of life with only bad news,… if you are in well care home or foster home, let me know how it feels!

  17. I've been depressed for a long time… Ive been trying to remedy this with a girl at school, shes slowly been getting me through this in one piece, but somehow i feel that it is still there.

    I've been going through depression since 2015, to be precise. This happened because my dad had passed away before I was born, and just 2 years ago I found out that my brothers were half brothers only. (My mother married 2 men). And then, last year I had finally gotten through my depression, but when I was just enjoying the fact that I have gotten over depression my mom called me, she said that my other father had died. This was not easy to go through as I was hanging out with my friend. She was the type of friend that worries alot about you, so all I was getting qas hugs on the way home.

    If you can help me geth through this, please Email me:
    [email protected]

  18. I cried so much I have depression my family doesn't know this is like talking about me thank you very much for making this it made me happy it's like you get me.

  19. I have lost the woman of my life. The woman, that I wanted to be with my whole life. We promise, we committed 4 years ago, we build this relationship strong. Until two months ago we broke up and she move on a new crush with this coworker of hers. I feel broken, lost, pain inside my heart, sure I lost most of the things I had. What to do right now, is something I ask myself every time.

  20. Thank u I when in to this video wanting help with my depression and I got it I came out crying for onec i was crying cuz I was happy and I love everymonent and now I will go to school happy and not just wanting to go home I will want to see my friends and this video has also helped my throat a break up and I am thankful that I when serching for a video to help me get over my depression and that I decided to pick this video 😁

  21. Honestly no. What the fuck! Do people out there actually think this is something you can just get over? You can get over a heart break, you can get over a failed semester, YOU CANNOT JUST "GET OVER" AN ILLNESS! Just get over your cancer, idiot! NO YOU CANT DO THAT! And to make things WORSE, trying to think your way out of depression JUST MAKES THINGS WORSE! If you're sad, then yeah you can get over it. DEPRESSION IS A MENTAL ILLNESS THAT REQUIRES THERAPY AND MEDICATION TO HEAL! Ignorant fucker

  22. Dealing with a very relatable situation right now. I’ve been a passionate videographer for over 10 years. I’ve received millions of views and always had a hard time dealing with it. It’s not about money or popularity it’s about a gift and opportunity to pass a message that could possibly change ones life. To spread a virus, but a love virus of inspiration to people that deserve to be reinsured of their greatest and purpose and be lifted to fulfill their potential. I’ve never been concerned about popularity or money. I’ve only been concerned about the message I’m conveying to the people worth more then their giving themselves credit for.

  23. its not that easy when you always fins another floor below your feet. When you already feel like you have sunk to the core of earth

  24. I have PTSD, GAD, GDD, LEARNING, UNDERSTANDING AND RENEMBERANCE DIFFICULTIES. My partner and I fight all the time because of this and I lost my baby girl to SS. I cant change my feeling when I want so people need to stop telling me to cheer up and stay strong.

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