Getting Help for Depression & Anxiety | Mood Disorders

So depression and anxiety are two of the most
common experiences that people have and two of the most common reasons that people come
into treatment. And yet, despite this, I think that too many
people suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety without considering coming to
treatment. Because they are afraid that a means that
they are crazy or means that they are going to have to take medications. The important thing to understand is that
there is many approaches to helping manage depression and anxiety. And one of the most important things is figuring
out what the causes are. There can be issues related to medical illness,
issues related to nutrition, issues related to somebody’s behavior pattern that can lead
to problems with depression and or anxiety. And it is important to understand that medications
are not the only option although for many people they can be a good option, they are
the only option that is out there for helping people manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. And the most important thing is to be evaluated
by somebody who knows how to manage these symptoms, in other words the psyche address,
to figure out what the options are and it is important to know that getting an evaluation
is not the same as a decision to start a particular treatment. You can get under evaluation, in that way
you know what your options are before and then having to decide what you are going to
do about it. The other interesting thing about depression
and anxiety is that they often coexist. For some people when they experience stress,
it manifests in symptoms of mainly in anxiety. And for other people when they have stress,
it manifests mainly in various kinds of depression. But the source is the same and as it results,
some of the treatments that we have for depression and anxiety do overlap. If you are even considering that there may
be something out there, it is important to get under evaluation of the psychiatrist and
to go through the various options. And be sure to find a psychiatrist who is
comfortable not only prescribing medication but also talking about other ways to manage
depression and anxiety including psychotherapy and other physical and behavioral modifications.

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  1. howcast not making a fucking video about going to a doctor for depression yep I've been suffering from trauma and depression for years I went to several therapists did nothing for me and here they are saying go to a doctor.

  2. my girlfriend has depression and went to a doctor . They labeled her crazy even though she is far from it . fuck you and your dumbass doctors with a bullshit degree .

  3. Wow. The stigma of mental illness still exists it seems. Doctors and therapists aren't all evil, they are people. Some are bad, some are good and sometimes you don't get on with a doctor and therapist and you need to find another one.

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