Graphical Representation of Depression in Freezing Point – Solution and Colligative Properties

Do subscribe to Ekeeda Channel and press Bell icon to get updates about latest engineering HSC and IIT JEE main and advanced videos okay so as on a graph is represented and by following that we could determine or we could study what is depression in freezing point so let us study in very deep consider the term A B which is for a pure solvent which has a vapor pressure a fixed vapor pressure I will write it as P not the reason P not because it is for a pure solvent so my main aim is to decrease the temperature why because converting a liquid into a solid so in the previous lecture when we have to increase the temperature for a liquid so as to convert it to gas now we are decreasing the temperature so as the liquid can be converted into a solid so what is the benchmark or what is the point that we should reach to convert a liquid into a solid and that criteria or that batch one is nothing but this solid solvent curve we have to make the curve a to reach at point B so that the pure solvent will now be converted into a solid so in this case the temperature is now been decreased until point P and till point B the temperature that we get is P naught which is for pure solvent and since we are calculating it for and since we are calculating and since we are calculating for freezing point so this T naught will be the freezing point for pure solvent now let us talk about a solution so as we know earlier also that the solution will have a vapor pressure less than that of a pure solvent so therefore this point C represents the vapor pressure at the itself for the solution and the thing that we have to do is not we have to decrease the temperature so that this curve or this point should reach the point D when it will get freezed or well or where it will get converted into solid so as the temperature decreases the vapor pressure also decreases and it will decrease at point d and the point which represents d has a corresponding temperature of e which means the freezing point for the solution so by this as you can see if the concentration increases the vapor pressure decreases and according to that then we’ll be changing if or then it will be changed in the difference between the freezing point of pure solvent and freezing point of solution and this defense is nothing but depression in freezing point it’s so simple the difference that is delta TF will be nothing but e and the difference will be nothing but e s minus T naught F minus TF retribution and the difference will be nothing but delta TF is goes to T naught F minus TF which means T naught F has a higher value compared to t naught F so we have decreased the freezing point or we have depressed we have suppressed the freezing point of the solution by adding solute in it the more the amount of solute then the there will be more depression in freezing point so bad this we could control or we could is the amount of solute required to decrease the freezing point of his solution so thank you friends for watching this video I hope you have liked this video and you have understood what is depression in Phase II point so please don’t forget to share this video with your friends and do subscribe agita channel thank you so much

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