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– Are you in pain? – Not physically. – Aww sweety, aww damn! (soft music) I’m Rayne, I do a lot of stuff. Some include sex work. – So, someone told me,
guess who’s a vampire? – I think of a lot of stuff
’cause you gotta be specific ’cause there’s physical disability, there’s mental disability. – Yeah, I’m like really crazy. – Guess who has a fucking disability, no? So everybody has one? Bet! I’m trying to think of like
non-offensive questions. – Right? Okay, so y’all can’t get mad at me. This was consensual, bitches. Hello
– Hello. How’s it going? – I don’t know, y’all
tell me, this is crazy. (laughing) Shit, is it making you uncomfortable to have to tell the world? – Yeah, but I mean it’s
not like I can hide it. – Let’s talk about it then. So I’ma get right to the
cut because you have a cane. Were you born this way or?
– Yes. – Okay, so maybe something
didn’t develop right. That’s my guess. I can’t say that more
scientifically than that, that’s what I have to say. – I have cerebral palsy.
– Okay. I don’t know shit about cerebral palsy. – So that’s a neurological condition. – Okay.
– And it also affects my muscles, so my muscles are like shorter and tighter than they’re supposed to be and that kinda throws everything off. (laughs) – So it’s a brain thing
that affects your body. – Yeah. – You be fucking? (laughs) – Yeah. The one thing that I’ve had issues with is like, initially trying to figure out like am I some kind of fetish? – Real shit. – Or like what, that’s
kinda the tricky part, yeah. – Yeah, but do folks fetishize you? – Yeah. – Should make money off of that then. – I know, right? (laughs) – Hey.
– I like your tat. That shit stands out.
– Thank you. – Let’s start from the beginning. Mental or physical? – Physical.
– Physical? Are you in pain right now? – Yeah. – Yeah. (laughs) Where’s your pain at? – Today is mostly in the right leg. – But it changes.
– It does. But usually I get a lot of it in my abdominal area and lower back. – Okay.
– Yeah, so. – I don’t know enough about
the human body to do this shit. Can I just say sickle cell ’cause I’m educated?
– Yeah. You can totally say sickle cell. – Okay, what is going on with your body?
– Sickle cell. – No fucking way! (laughs) I’m gonna go run around this goddamn thing like I told y’all I’m fucking smart. – No, no. – I’m not, I’m not.
– Sorry, I’m sorry. – What’s going on with you, for real? – I have endometriosis. – I would have never
said that long-ass word. – The little cells that line
the walls of your uterus decide they wanna move elsewhere. But they react to hormones the same way so they shed… – Can you start over? – And…
– Nope. – Bleed…
– Nope. – Yeah.
– No. – Yeah.
– Wait. – Yes.
– Holy shit! You got period in your stomach? – Yeah and it doesn’t have a way out ’cause it’s not going
out through the hu-ha so that it like–
– That’s bullshit. – Sits inside…
– Wow. – Creates cysts and this is not rare. This is one in 10 women. – That have endo-endom, that word. – Yes. – Are you gonna be able to reproduce? – That’s my biggest concern. – Yeah.
– It’s a leading cause of infertility in women and it can be, not only difficult to conceive, but difficult to carry to term. – Yeah, it was nice meeting you too. I’m gonna see that shit
for a while in my head. Of course you can. (laughs) You got period everywhere in your life. You know how painful
periods are on a regular? And she got them… Alright, mental or physical? – Both. (laughs) Yes hunty. – Did that just happen?
– Yes. – Was that a tick?
– Yes. – Okay. Bet. So I feel like I already think that the physical might be Tourette’s. ‘Cause I seen you tick twice. Was I right?
– You are so right. – I think that Tourette’s
is kinda cool, is that rude? – No. – I like the whole, like being able to curse spontaneously thing. – But I don’t.
– And then I realized folks didn’t always do that, but you can. You should, people would allow it, they wouldn’t be mad. – Well, one time I used to work as a nurse and I had a nurse who
did not like the fact that I had Tourette’s
’cause she was an idiot. And so, she accused me of
cursing in a patient’s room and I was like, yeah nice try, I don’t have that kind of Tourette’s. – She should’ve got her ass beat. – You know, in another day and time. – I think you’re my
best friend in my mind. – It was so nice to meet you.
– You too. Wasup?
– Hey. You’re not gonna stand in that, right? – No.
– Okay. – Okay, you gon’ rest your leg. Okay, cool. I thought she was gonna
stand in that like, I’m gonna be your height. I was gonna say, get your ass down. Is your leg or is your hip? – Neither. – But then, why you have the chair? – I have multiple. – You got a lot of shit going on? – Yeah.
– Oh, that’s fucked up. – Yeah. (laughs) – Were you born this way
or did you have an injury? – No, these conditions that
I’m talking about today, they started during my
senior year of college. – Were you harboring
something in your body or, or did you like, get exposed
to like asbestos or something? – No. – I don’t know, like I’m trying. – Sickle cell. – So there are three main ones that I’m kinda struggling with right now. The first one is called
POTS and basically it means that my body can’t control
its heart rate long. So the highest my heart rate’s ever been is been like 180 beats per minute. – That’s like prrr. – Yeah, and the second one
is chronic fatigue syndrome. The last one is narcolepsy. – So you got like some tired-ass shit happening with your body. Like we can sum it up,
you’re motherfucking tired. – Yeah. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – I can hug, I get hugs from everybody. I’m so happy with this. Alright, mental or physical? – Mental. – Did you get a check? – Not yet.
– Not yet? But you felt it, didn’t you?
– Ah yeah, it’s coming. – SSI, we meant that,
that’s what I meant, no? What’s happening? What were you talking about? What the fuck are the
checks you talking about? – My check will come from the VA. – Oh, you’re a veteran.
– Yes. – Is it PTSD?
– Yeah. – Are you mad at America?
– No. (laughs) – What would you like
folks to know about you? – Don’t tiptoe around me. – What you mean by that? – You get people who have
no idea how to react, don’t know what to say
and they kinda just, on eggshells. – So how can people support you? – A lot of it is just understanding. If I just get up and walk
away, don’t take offense to it. If we’re in the middle of a conversation, and I get a bad vibe, I’m gonna walk away. Be understanding that I’m not
always going to be 100% there. – Yeah. How the fuck am I supposed
to figure this out? Are you in pain? – Not physically. – Aww sweety, aww damn! Can I hug, give you a hug? Let’s hug, we should hug. Okay, I’m sorry that you’re in pain. I wanna say depression. I wanna make that my final answer. Did I get you right or wrong? – Uh, it’s kinda right. I have BPD. – Borderline personality disorder. – Yeah, yeah, that’s what I am. – What does that mean for you? – Basically I’m just super unstable. Like all the time. I mean my friends, they have
to watch what they say to me ’cause they don’t wanna say
the wrong thing and then, you know, it’s like I get suddenly like super pissed off at them or something. Everything’s really black and white. – Okay, you won’t deal with the gray. – I don’t know how. – Well, thank you for sharing that with me and for like, you know, coming out to the world with your stuff. Hello boo.
– Hello. – You look stronger than a motherfucker. You know that? Like you look like you have muscles. Can you make a muscle? Hell yeah! Do you ever like feel like
you’re moving your toes or something and like,
look down like am I? – Well, because my feet are dangling, like using my, can I do it right now? – Oh yeah! – Okay.
– That’s about the extent of my movements and that’s
not when using my legs. – Okay, hmm, so I’m going onto my Rolodex ’cause I do watch Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not a fucking idiot. I’m gonna roll out my
thing in Grey’s Anatomy, I’ma say spina bifida. – You are dead on. – No fucking way! Don’t do that shit
’cause she did this to me and my heart went up. You for real?
– Yeah, for real. – That’s not dope, I’m happy for myself, not for your issues or your, you know. Okay, I’ma come and get it here. It was lovely meeting you
and your dress is dope. Like that’s a dope-ass dress, okay. – It was pretty fun. Everybody here was really dope. It’s good to learn new stuff ’cause maybe I might
have the same symptoms so now I’m like, go find me a doctor. But I was fine, I met a
lot of cool people today. They were fun. And I got some right. (applauding)

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  1. For the endometriosis one I know someone how had it and they had fertility issues but they ended up having twins and a little girl

  2. Congrats on getting the Spina Bifida right bcoz that’s also what I have and I’m kinda glad I have it bcoz I love being different 💖

  3. 'You be fucking' is the least offensive thing I think you could ask – you get some or you don't get some is pretty much the first thing people ask when a conversation is starting to get weird, cause it's something almost every human thinks of or does.

  4. Not going to lie this is very interesting to watch as I've been surrounded by disabilities my whole life (and possibly adhd and autism idk never got diagnosed I was the 'normal' kid lol)

  5. I love Rayne, she has no filter or barriers, she just has raw connections with people. She's compassionate without being belittling or treating people as less-than.

  6. Gonna be a know for me dog…I can't get with telling a girl to go sell her body to assholes for money, especially when she has that serious of a disability. I'm all for women doing things that make them feel confident, but uhh selling yourself to men who will treat you like an object is not power…it's the complete opposite. Take it from an idiot who used to hook up strippers and hookers on the regular.

  7. It must've been difficult to ask questions while trying not to offend the other person but rayne is amazing for being respectful and being able to make a comfortable conversation.

  8. If she saw me than she would not guess it because I have high functioning Autism and so it is not too obvious until I have a tantrum

  9. Awwww I was really hoping someone would come out and say they have Spina Bifida💗 Just like me I am just one of the few lucky people that can walk 🙏🏾

  10. why is she kind hearted
    shes so sweet to all the people and still makes them forget the isses they have to deal with
    i say more of Rayne

  11. You can’t have chronic fatigue syndrome if you have narcolepsy. Even if you were diagnosed with CFS before N it would still rule it out once they figured out the narcolepsy. (Have POTS and N w/ C amongst other things)

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