Guided Meditation For Depression and Anxiety

Many years ago I gave to Wayne Dyer, the sound
called ‘Ah’. And I told Wayne Dyer you can go and give
lectures for several hours, they will listen to it, the they will go away and they will
get motivated and inspired. But if you want them to go with something
for the soul, that is the sound ‘Ah’. Because the sound ‘Ah’ will give you a
tremendous amount of Joy. ‘Ah’, ‘Ah’, this is the finding of
the Yogis. So you can go and check my website and also
Wayne Dyer. He wrote a book, ”Manifest Your Destiny”
and dedicated the book to me. Manifest you Destiny means you control your
Destiny, not that the Destiny controls you. So it is very relevant in this context because
you have to control your Destiny, and some stupid thought comes that you have to take
your life. Also the sound ‘Ah’, ‘Ahhhh’. It’s a simple practice if you want access
to the practice I have myself put out a lot of the videos on that. Then you have to practice this ‘Ah’ because
‘Ah’ is a creative sound. It even is associated with procreation. That’s why people release this sound during
procreation. ‘Ahhhh’, then you go into the soul. So when you say sounds like: ‘Ahhhh’,
‘Ruuuu’, ‘ILLLL’, ‘Arul’ (x’s 6). ‘Ah’_’Ru’_’IL’. This sound will give you incredible Joy for
the soul, and the mind because this sound carries nothing but ‘Bliss’. The sounds create your thoughts. The thought is a word, because you cannot
create a thought, without a word. Like a thought, like a Banana. There is this word ‘Ba_ na_ na’. Then every syllable creates an emotion. That is my New Science called ‘Phonemic
Intelligence’. We have been able to disseminate this Phonemic
Intelligence to children in India and also in the US now in schools. Some Government Schools in the US are using
these sounds because sounds create states of mind, whether it is joy or depression. So ‘Arul’ is another sound that you can
use in order to get out of a depressive state of mind because it will give you incredible
Joy. It’s a matter of people getting together
and chanting, or yourself getting together and chanting out loud: ‘Arul’. You can close your eyes and listen to this
sound. Put this sound on various sense organs, particularly
the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and the brain. Now put this sound on your R eye. ‘Arul’. Embrace ‘Bliss’, embrace ‘Joy’, embrace
‘Happiness’. ‘Arul’, ‘Arul’, ‘Arul’. This sound will also generate Light, very
bright Light, like the Sun Light. Imagine your body as Full of Light. ‘Arul’. Go to the L eye. ‘Arul’, ‘Arul’. Also receive the Light. ‘Arul’. The whole body is filled with Light. ‘Arul’, ‘Arul’. The 2 ears. ‘Arul’ (7x’s)
The tongue. ‘Arul’ (6 x’s)
Roll over the tongue. ‘Arul’ (1x’s)
On the throat, the tonsils area. ‘Arul’ (4x’s)
Inside the brain. ‘Arul’( 5 x’s), ‘Ahhhh’, ‘Ruuuu’,
‘ILLLL’ The whole body is vibrating with the sounds:
‘Ahhhh’, ‘Ruuuu’, ILLLL’, ‘Ahhhh’, ‘Ruuuu’, ‘ILLLL’
On the R eye. ‘Ahhhh’, ‘Ruuuu’, ‘ILLLL’
L eye. ‘Ahhhh’, ‘Ruuuu’, ‘ILLLL’
Don’t allow any other thought, just this chanting. ‘Ahhhh’, ‘Ruuuu’ ‘ILLLL’
On the R ear. ‘Ahhhh’, ‘Ruuuu’, ‘ILLLL’
L ear. ‘Ahhhh’, ‘Ruuuu’, ‘ILLLL’ (2x’s)
On the 2 nostrils. ‘Ahhhh’, ‘Ruuuu’, ‘ILLLL’. ‘Arul’, Arul’. Inside the brain. ‘Arul’, ‘Arul’, Arul’. Spin the sound inside the brain. ‘Arul’, Arul’,’Arul’, ‘Ahhhh’,
‘Ruuuu’, ‘ILLLL’ This sound ‘Ah’ ‘Ru’, ‘IL’ will
help you process incredible Joy and Bliss. It will also work as an antidote to depression. You can put this sound on an mp3 recorder,
on your cellphone, and listen to it. I am very grateful to The Divine that I could
spend this morning in a useful way to disseminate this understanding.

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