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Gun Depression, one of the most important
aspects of a tank, yet one that is often overlooked. What limits your tank’s gun depression,
and most importantly, how can you use it in battle? There are two things that can limit your gun
depression, whatever is in the way of your cannon barrel, and whatever is in the way
of the gun breech. Chassis limitations are evident by the positioning
of the turret relative to the hull. In tanks like the American M8 Scott for example, the
turret is so close to the frontal slope that there is no way the hull could ever interfere
with the gun’s movement. On the other hand, if you point the gun backwards towards the
elevated rear, all of a sudden you can’t depress your gun quite as far anymore. Tall
tanks with bad gun depression can even be abused by the enemy, as is demonstrated by
this soviet T-28 that can’t even get the gun down on the M22 locust parked besides
it. Another factor that limits gun depression
is how much space the breech has inside of the turret. In cases like the IS-6, the turret
is so flat that the gun can barely move down without hitting the roof. On the opposite
side of the spectrum, the M4 Sherman has so much space between the breech and the roof
of the turret, it can generate 10º of gun depression. But why would you ever want to limit yourself
to having flat turrets then? Well, as useful as gun depression can be in various situations,
it has absolutely no use on flat terrain such has open fields, cities and the such. A flat
turret allows for a lower profile, exposing less of the armour and making it harder for
the enemy to spot you. Alternatively, you can have both a low profile
and still retain good gun depression by simply removing the roof. Examples of this are the
M8 and the Dicker Max, which can both maintain relatively low profiles whilst showing incredibly
good depression values of 20 and 15 º respectively. However, your crew is very exposed this way.
Any kind of artillery strike, High explosive shell or even aircraft strafing you will most
likely result in the destruction of your tank. But why is gun depression so important if
it has no use on flat terrain then? Well, it’s all about the hills.
The best armour any tank can have is solid ground between itself and the enemy. But you
still need to somehow be able to shoot at them. This is where gun depression comes in,
allowing you to crest over hills, rocks and barriers without exposing your hull. The value
of this is shown in the Dicker Max, which despite not having the armour to stop any
shell fired at it can use its gun depression to poke over a hill, take a shot and roll
back behind into cover all whilst showing the least of itself as possible. There is a third way of manipulating gun depression,
which in my own opinion is by far the best. Instead of moving the gun, why not move the
tank itself? Hidropneumatic suspension is currently only
featured on some of Japans top tier tanks, but are what make them incredibly adaptive
to all kinds of environments. This system allows you to individually control the suspension
of your tank, so that you can lower it completely to maintain a low profile on flat terrain,
raise it completely for better off road performance and to shoot over tall cover, or even adjust
the angle by lowering one side and raising the other, allowing you to get your gun down
further over hills. This can also be used to even out your tank on slopes, so that you
can maintain your gun sight horizontal and shoot accurately at long range even on rough
terrain. So to recap, having good gun depression allows
you to shield most of your tank whilst still being able to shoot at the enemy. Where can you use gun depression you ask?
Well, I cant show you every single spot on every single map, this is something you’ll
have to figure out yourself. But experiment around a little. Even on most city maps you
can find spots where you can use gun depression to shield yourself, and it’s always better
to have some cover than to have none. This episode was suggested by Pheralrage on
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  1. I know you're eager to make this joke so I'll make it for you:
    The russian tanks don't have gun depression because there is no depression in soviet russia )))

  2. Just my thought.. shell velocity?
    I know APDS go super fast, but HEAT and some HE go really slow. Show some lads how to abuse that little aspect, and shoot behind hills. 😉
    I went boom

  3. Not having just enough gun depression and then reversing slightly and dipping the front of the tank down and firing to kill someone is so satisfying. Good quick rundown.

  4. The lack of gun depression on russian tanks really shows the doctrine of russian tank design, even to this day russian tanks have some of the worst depression.

  5. can depression is just like many other things in the special category wich is " you don't know what you have until it's taken away"
    go from german tanks then to Russia it's rough to say the least and it shows how important gun depression really is, for me one of the most important things a tank can have it's good gun depression ( wich is around -7 or more )

  6. Gun depression? What's that? Most likely some propaganda created by capitalist pigs to ruin our glorious tanks reputation by inventing something so ridiculous! xaxaxa)))

  7. thank you for your videos on IS 6 weakspots it helped a lot .. i knew it's armour profile but i thought turret was impenetrable 🙂 the optics are a real weakpoint

  8. I feel much more less importance of gun depression in War Thunder, compare to World of Tanks.

    In WOT, turret armor is much more sturdy and has gun accuracy system which makes harder to shoot weak spot of the armor.
    On the other hand, in WT, turret armor is much more subdivided, gun has almost 100% accuracy, and even have air forces to attack the tank from the top.
    Instead, it is important to know the location of the modules and the crews, as a good crit shot can result in one shot kill.

    Maybe you can make the video about it, will you? 🙂

  9. Hey Mike, I've never commented on one of your videos before but I love your War Thunder content. Could you do a Blueprints video on the new gun stabilizer mechanics? From what I've experienced they are a little confusing.

  10. Hull design could be a nice one to cover .w. Their are a ton of tanks who have smart ideas to them yet wiertly exacuted.

  11. erm Mike?
    why did you not include the part where you talked about how to work around the lack of gundepression? o0

  12. Here is an idea Mike, why not test the effect of add on armor/track links on the different ammo types, now that we can see how much weight it adds to the tank would be nice to see that to decide if its worth it or not.

  13. One reason why Russia isn't as op as everyone thinks it is: Gun depression.
    Can't shoot down a hill, and you can't shoot while climbing up a hill.
    You have to bring your WHOLE TANK out into the open just to get a shot, something almost
    ALL TANKS of the other nations DON'T have to do.
    70%+ of Russian tanks face this problem.

  14. wanted to post a really important comment here, so I believe everyone knows that gaijin originally had a 0.95 armor effectivness modifier on the kt(h) right? well they took it off from the turret, but changed the hull to a 0.9 armor modifier. The King tiger now has about 210mm effective thickness on hull front instead of the 250mm its supposed to have. Just wpnderimg ur thoughts MGB

  15. Do an episode on the utterly useless daily rewards. like half off vehicles you all ready have or tanks you cant immediately buy, or research points that use golden eagles to use {Im not a premium player}

  16. That one time where you decided to play the Matilda on a hill top.
    And a shoutout to the ASU-57 having 4° of gun depression even being the lowest tank ever

  17. Please stop making videos about how to kill tanks!!! Let people find out them self u basically ruin the IS-6

  18. the M8 really doesnt seem like it has 20 degrees of gun depression. Compare it to the Matilda, it seems like it has nowhere near as much.

  19. Do one on how to properly angle, not sure if you've done one yet as I have only just noticed the Blueprint series thanks to this vid. Would love to hear some tips and tricks for angling as I'm only just getting into tank RB

  20. Another thing you could do to cope with little to no gun depression is drive forward and brake to rock your chassis lowering your gun for a bit. This tactic may be difficult and tricky, however it can work if you have no other option. Another trick is to use HEAT shells since they tend to have more bullet drop so your gun doesn't require that much depression to hit the target, however this is basically impossible at close range and difficult to do at long range if the target is small and/or moving.

  21. that moment with the Dicker from the front made me realize how I could confuse the DM with a Marder in RB GF… oops

  22. one thing you forgot is ballistics of a gun vs depression. Some tanks have very low depression but their guns ballistics can "compensate" for this

  23. How can you go to firing range with lots of tanks instead of 4 is that a server or you have to have an update

  24. Hey I found myself to be able to be understanding Russian to take military charges in LG order because it's my next meeting Byzantine and Russian the sun Michael players are very impatient they pushed me to shoot a bee and I can't continue to keep playing so I wined up being in a position where I am shot at by the enemy when one bumps into me and I talk it is bouncing the crosshairs on my tank. So I lose the shot

  25. A small trick you forgot to mention is that you can lower your depression by messing up with the beake and reverse/forward: this will move the tank's transmission for a micro period of time which can be used succesfully. I.E. IS-2 shooting at -5 degrees using the reverse to lower its hull.
    Sorry for the spam also ;p

  26. I think I figured out why the Russian tanks have logs on them. You put them under the rear tracks of the tank to raise the body and allow the tank to shoot over a hill xaxaxaxaxaxa)))))))))))

  27. what about one of the japanese spgs has a 4th way to increase gun depression, the roof moves freely up and down with the cannon breach, allowing good gun depression and a low profile while still mainting roof armor against (some) planes.

  28. When I played the Dicker max,
    And I used my gun depression to go hull down on a hill, I saw that it can even bounce some Russian t-34 shells which was amazing.

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