Hacks for Indians to handle Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Health Issues when Unemployed

Hey MisFits, welcome to our channel. Pavi
and Nammy here again to help you crush unemployment and find your dream career. When we started
this channel, we had one goal in mind – to get real about and talk about all the stuff
that no one talks about. Of course, we want to bring you practical advice too about how
to job search, network, structure your day, etc. But the truth is that this is not an
easy process, and there are times when things get really unpleasant.
Ya, sometimes you just want to be like you know what? This sucks so much. Nothing’s
going right, I hate everyone and everything. Believe me, we’ve been there and we continue
to be in that zone from time to time. And honestly, the first few times, we didn’t
see it coming so we didn’t deal with it all that well. So today, we want to prepare
you for the BS and also tell you how to deal with it.
Know that there will be days when you fall You could fall into a pit of despair. Finding that dream
job or becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy or quick. It requires you to really
put yourself out there and take risks, and there will be a lot of failure and rejection
along the way. So you will get to a point where you feel like there’s no hope and
nothing’s working. But just know that it’s not permanent. And if you can anticipate that
and start building your armor, you won’t be blindsided when it does happen. How do you build that armor? This is both internal and external. There are days when you’ll feel really angry,
stressed out, or sad, but have a healthy outlet for it. Best way to do this is to schedule
in “BS hour”. Put ½ an hour to an hour on your calendar daily to just do an emotional
dump – write EVERYTHING down. After BS hour, tell yourself you HAVE to move on. Ok, you also need a plan for the external factors – the inevitable conflicts that will develop
with your spouse or partner? It’s time to have an open and constructive conversation
with them, and come up with a system together When it comes to your job search or starting a new business, take the time to develop a
realistic strategy and timeline. This should also be tied to your financial plan – how
much seed money do you have? And what happens if you run out of money or you don’t get
a job or your business doesn’t take off in the allotted time? I know this sounds grim,
and I’m not saying that it WILL happen, but the idea here is to NOT be blindsided
if it does happen, so plan for the worst-case scenario. Whether that’s pivoting, going
back to school, hiring a coach — whatever it is, have backup plans on backup plans. We’ve all had that one friend in our lives for whom everything seems to be going wrong.
Everyone they come into contact with is a horrible person, every boss they’ve had
has been out to get them, etc, etc. But you have to wonder — is the universe really conspiring
against them or is it them? And are you that ‘friend’? Well, it’s time to be honest
with yourself and think about the things YOU can change. Maybe your interview skills need
brushing up, or your resume needs tweaking, or you just need an attitude adjustment. The
reason we’re saying this is not to make you feel bad about yourself. In fact, if you
shift your mindset, look at your situation and think, ok, this is within my control if
I change A, B,or C, you now feel so much more hopeful than just sitting back and feeling
helpless. If you need any more tips on this, check out our video on Learned Helplessness. Sometimes, the stress from being unemployed, being at a job you hate, or trying to start
a new business can have harmful effects like depression or addiction and we don’t want
to downplay the severity of it. If that happens to you, don’t be afraid to seek help whether
that’s a therapist or counselor, joining a support group or a program like AA, or even
turning to that one person in your life who has your back. And if you feel like you really
have NO ONE you can talk to, reach out to us. We LOVE hearing from you guys and we can
definitely try and point you in the right direction. Just remember, you are NOT alone!
You is kind, you is smart, and you is important. Alright guys, hope this helped you feel a
little better. The whole reason we started this channel was to create a community of
like-minded people who understand the pain and the stress, but also want to find a productive
solution out of it. If you want to hear more content like this, give this video a thumbs
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be back next Tuesday with a brand new 5-min Hack! Byeee.

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