Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide Movement Trailer

Sheryl WuDunn: The challenge that women and
girls face is not an easy topic to talk about but we really think it is the moral challenge
of the century. Susan Sarandon: These problems exist because we created them, so it’s up
to us to fix them. Hillary Clinton: The way that Nick and Sheryl use stories to break
through the indifference that still exists when you talk about women and girls is exactly
the right way to go about it. George Clooney: We understand the story always. This is how
people get engaged. Sheryl WuDunn: Nick and I wanted to galvanize people into action because
we know it takes a world to bring about this change. We’re utilizing every tool and platform
available to get the message across. Nicholas Kristof: We are going to be going on a journey
to some of the places in the world where the repression of women and girls is truly at
its most extreme. Olivia Wilde: I read Half the Sky and I thought that’s really what I
want to do. I want to go and see things for myself. Nicholas Kristof: You’ve had the traffickers
hold a gun to your head? Nicholas Kristof: It still does seem as if something is wrong
if thousands of thousands of girls are getting raped and in all of Freetown, only one rapist
is prosecuted. Gabrielle Union: You know what lasts a lot longer than beauty? Being smart
lasts a lot longer than being pretty. Edna Adan: This little hospital built on a garbage
dump, has reduced maternal mortality rates of the women who come here to one quarter
of the national average. Amie Kandeh: We need to be able to have our voices heard. Urmi
Basu: Our biggest challenge here is to create opportunities. Convince the mothers every
single day of her existence that your daughter does not have to be bound by fate. She needs
to be allowed the power to create her own fate.

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