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  1. Nice to see you in less than ideal situations handling the stress. On stage is wonderful but this peek into "real-life Halsey" is kind. Thanks

  2. Thank you for giving us with bipolar disorder a voice in your music and clearing the stigma! Those of us that get the deeper meanings behind your songs can feel understood and have an expression! 💙

  3. She saving my life of suicide, this is crazy, i listening her old albums like crazy but its make me feel so much better omg, THANK U SO MUCH HALSEY I'M SO EXCITED 😍 BRAZIL LOVES U

  4. I hope you feel love from us fans and remember to take time to chill for yourself! You're a remarkable person and fabulous artist and you don't give yourself enough credit sometimes. You are a super woman having the energy and drive to keep up the pace that you create at! Loving all your music and creativity in your videos and interviews, wishing you feel rested and invigorated for the days to come, love you and all the folks who work with you! God bless you Halsey!

  5. Yeah, I am totally agree with you. ALL LOVE 😍, HALSEY, and love , believe and forgive yourself. I am so proud of you and grateful for that you exist! Someday I will give you a big hug 🤗 when you come to #Romania, #Bucharest. Is a wonderful country with awesome people. All my best wishes for you 💯

  6. Getting more and more excited for the album and more and more loving the new vibe. Amazing! So rough! It’s incredible to see you like that! The reality of it all 💙 so here for it! Thank you!!!

  7. Halsey is a hard worker. Yes she's talented and we love her to bits, but her work ethic is next level. Take some time to chill from time to time girl this life can drain the light out of you if you're not cautious. Looking forward to the new album!

  8. we want more of this road to manic epi(c)sodes!!hahaha.it was all a dream i used to read rolling stone magazine..halsey and friends up in the limousine..hangin pictures on my wall..saturdayz halsey,harry god i love em all..and if you don't know..now you know ashley!hahaha

  9. I swear Halsey is so underrated till this day, she is better than any other artist that too overrated, sorry. She's not only a singer but truly she's a genius artist. Support from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  10. She is one of the bestest amazingly beautiful artist.Halsey as an artist is awsmm.She is perfect.But I feel like she doesn't get the recognition the Success she is capable of,she's so freaking talented but her song graveyard is not in bbma charts 🧐😭I want to see Halsey performing at the amas 2k19

  11. 1:50-All Halsey's fans:So beautiful in that outfit. Halsey:This is clothes I wear underneath all my snowboarding clothes. ❤️ I like your sense of humor.

  12. I thought i had bipolar too few years ago but it was actually ADHD and I cured it with just single candle and i feel different person just don't go to doctor they just give you aderal or mood pill just try to cure it till you are younger with meditation and healing your consciousness sry for bad English btw

  13. I do not know why I do not like her, she is good and has a great voice. What do you think? Is it because she dumped Dom? Honestly, I don't know why, help me 😏

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