Happier, More Relaxed, and Emotionally Empty: The High Cost of Overmedication

So right now in America one out of four women
is taking some sort of a – so right now in America one out of four women is taking
some sort of a psychiatric medication. And that doesn’t include sleeping pills. This
is just antidepressants, antianxiety meds and also antipsychotics. Because we’re not
getting enough sleep or enough exercise or enough sunshine more and more of us are feeling
stressed and anxious and depressed. To me criteria for a major depressive episode you
need to be depressed and down more days than not for at least two weeks. Sometimes women
are down or depressed for three or four days every month. And it’s important to know
that that is normal and it’s natural and it doesn’t have to necessarily be medicated
away. 80 percent of prescriptions for psych meds in America are written by non-psychiatrists,
by internists and family practitioners and GPs. And, you know, to really tease apart
whether you have a psychiatric history, whether your family has a psychiatric history, whether
you’ve ever been on these medicines before and whether you really need these medicines
or there aren’t other ways to get you to feel better, that’s a long conversation
that would take an hour. And internists don’t necessarily have this much time. An antidepressant is not a diagnostic tool.
It’s not a test like if, you know, you’re not sure if you’re depressed or not but
then you take an antidepressant and you start feeling better and you’re like oh, I must
have been depressed. That’s no more accurate than, you know, taking Adderall and discovering
that you’re able to concentrate and focus better. That doesn’t mean that you have
an attention deficit disorder. People get on these meds and it turns out that they like
them. They do feel happier and more relaxed and then they discover that there’s a price
to pay. And then they discover that there’s a price to pay for feeling happier and relaxed
and their libido is dampened. It’s more difficult to climax. It’s more difficult
to cry. They may not feel as connected emotionally with people. And so over time some people
decide, you know, I don’t want to be medicated anymore. I don’t feel like myself. And then
they discover that it’s actually hard to get off of antidepressants. I’ll give Effexor
withdrawal as an example and you can Google Effexor withdrawal and you will see for yourself
that there are kind of bizarre symptoms that people have. They will talk about feeling
brain zaps, electricity that shoots from their head out their arms. I’ve had patients say
they feel their brain moving around in their skull or their eyes are sort of lagging behind
their vision, you know. Weird sort of neurological sounding side effects. Unfortunately the way
that healthcare is in America right now, I mean it is a commodity. It is a business.
It affects the way that doctors and patients interact and sometimes there’s not enough
time to really be thorough and have the harder conversations, you know, what did you eat
for breakfast this morning? How much sleep did you get last night? Are you exercising?
Sometimes it’s just easier to hand over a prescription.

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  1. I'm currently reading brave new world and this video reminds me of this book, especially of the soma drug they're using.

  2. I'd certainly like my libido back, but I can't get off my meds until I can pay for some long term psychological therapy.

  3. im sometimes depressed but i consider it to be my fault
    so i dont have tolerance for depressed and emotional negative people

  4. This woman.. seriously, she only talks about women as if women are the only ones to be depressed. I've been depressed for 4 years now. I'm a guy. This is not a female only problem. Everytime this woman is on BigThink, she talks about women this, women that… She pisses me the fuck off.

  5. this video delicately tackles overmedication for all psychiatric conditions and mental illnesses but only focuses on one- depression.

  6. Well, if I don't take my meds, I go into a depression spiral and try to commit suicide. I think I'm going to stay on my meds thank you very much.

  7. The problem is that even if there is some doctor who says that the person should only make some exercises, eat and sleep better, the person would go to another until he or she would get the "easier" way, taking pills. So everything seems wrong, people and doctors being uneducated. I only regret for children who aren't mature enough to choose and become victims of irresponsible parents and doctors.

    I have to take 3 types of medications for having chronic depression for over 10 years, and only I know how much I would like not to need them, even tried to quit a few times, for feeling at times like a zombie, and to rely on more natural approaches, like meditation and exercises which I still do, but could not cope with going without the meds.

    Wish I had never touched them at the very first time, they seem like a road of no return. And that's what drug companies might intend to, to make people need these drugs their whole life and give them profit. It's a relief to see a video with such information coming from a psychiatrist. Thanks!

  8. I am on buspar, an anti-anxiety med, and in my case that was a very good decision. I have weighed the pros and cons for a long time. So now I hope I won't regret this later. But I didn't feel good before, that's for sure. But of course I agree with the video that doctors should talk more and prescribe less, but don't tell me that, tell someone who doesn't know. I knew most of what she said from before.

  9. So woman medicate to feel good, end up feeling worse, and regret it? Man lucky lucky, I don't even have to take meds to run through that shit, that's like my life story without ever having touched anti-depressants which risk causing depression. But I really complain about it.

  10. Having seen the affects of and personally experienced antidepressants, can comfortably say that their prescription should be reviewed

  11. Fresh plant based food, consistent juicing, sunlight, deep breathing and exercise is a wonderful alternative.

  12. Soley an American problem. During my six months in the USA I met so many people who swallowed hardcore psychatric medicine like candy, it was really quite eerie. Never wittnessed that in ANY European country.

  13. I'm not speaking for all cases but in my case, my anxiety/depression isn't something that's so out of my control that I HAVE to be medicated. I'm glad I kicked the prozac and klonopin. medication or no medication. Even when I feel shitty it's never something that breaks me. I know that if I endure and let it go things will turn to sunshine just as fast as it went to clouds. plus I know that I have other natural methods that stabilizes my brain just enough so that I can pull myself out of whatever hole I fall in. Obviously, there are people who just physically & mentally can't pull themselves out so I'm not saying that ssri's are bullshit. This, just like any other opinion, doesn't give you the full truth.

  14. Like I haven't already tried sunshine and exercise? My antidepression medication helps me. Not all antidepressants are as bad as she is portraying them. I think it's worth some of the side effects so that I don't feel like killing myself every day.

  15. I took Effexor (Venlafaxine) and there really were Brain Zaps while withdrawing.

    All it did while taking it was taking away the feeling of exhaustion so that I just burnt out faster. What I actually neede to do was learning to deal with overstimulation. Those damn, shallow psychiatrists didn't really look into my problems. They just gave me this medication because they knew people feel better while taking it. Why not cocaine next time? I would've felt even better…

  16. Depression is anger turned inward. Horable jobs,  bad marriage, crappie childhood are few of the reassos that people are depressed. Find a good councilor/therapist. 

  17. So I have some major philosophical problems with the "whys" of what were said here.

    But, I'm not going to mention them because the advice that is given here is so fundamentally useful and is completely missing in our culture.

    I will just say, that instead of just nutrition, focus on social causes to your depression. It's a far more painful journey to get to the actual bottom of your depression but anything else just perpetuates it.

  18. She is almost there…..i went to 4 shrinks in my life and the first thing i said to each of them is i dont want to be diagnosed and prescribed medication today in 1 40 min session what i want is to examin the my problems carefully and thoughtfully first all 4 of those docs had slightly dif diagnosis and prescribed a different drug at the end of the first session……they are just state sanctioned drug dealers in most cases. Im sure there are exceptions but 4 out of 4 didnt even want to try.one guy just asked me my history of street drugs i used and based on that and that alone wrote a prescription and didnt even wanna talk about anything else

  19. She made an excellent point about sleep, diet, and outdoor activity.  Far too many people are being prescribed drugs to medicate away the symptoms of modern, tech-focused, sedentary lives, and the more sedentary we've become, the more lazy we've become.  It's a dangerous circle that results in countless medicated kids, who really just need (A) more exercise, (B) better diets, and (C) less lazy parents/teachers/etc.

  20. Some things can't be fixed just by going to counseling. Some people need medication to help them have a normal life. Even though one can realize what caused their pain, it doesn't just go away, ever no matter what it is always there.

  21. There's many of us who were wrongly prescribed SSRI, SNRI for Bipolar presenting as depression. I made the most gains with probiotics, personal accountability and DBT. The vagus nerve connection must be respected. Taking pills was a 1200.00/ month drug habit that only taught me to take a pill. The drugs changed me in a terrible way.

  22. I' was taking meds for 20 years,I took clonodine when I was 7 for my tourrettes which caused other probloms,which led to more disorders and more meds with more side effects,when I was 21 I was on 8 meds and I developed narcolepsy,so I weened myself off of them year by year and now I'm 26 and I've been pill free for the past month and I couldn't feel happier!

  23. can we really call an anti depressant a medicine and how many people really like these drugs? its more likely people don't like them but wind up needing them

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