Happy Husband Malayalam Movie | Scene 03

– Get away, man
– Where are you looking sir? Here! Beautiful What do you think you are doing? Am I not the reporter of Kerala Today? Don’t my reports have any value here? I gave you the feature
of the murder last time That has not come even in the edition Your matter is here with me You have to correct
your language in that What is the problem with my language? Instead of writing enthanu
(What for) the murder happened See what you have written! – Enthranu?(What)
– The murder enthranu happened! What is the problem in that? In a few places entha And in other places it is ennatha
enthua…enthootta…enthie There is no problem in that! If my people of my district tell something
you seem to take it serious Don’t belittle our people Thiyagaraja Bhagavather has
written a poem on that What is that song? “So many great people!” Haven’t you heard this song? No other district people
have such a song But you find fault on my language! What you have written
is not believable! Have you seen this in person
and written this? So, you will believe only
what you see in person! – Yes!
– Okay Have you seen any of your
forefathers in person? – That is!
– No, right? You only believe that there
was such an old relationship! – That is!
– Don’t have to say anymore There is a limit for being patient! I am a distant close relative of the
Kerala Today MD’s wife He is my brother in law legally,
you know that? – You!
– What? You were appointed here
for being the relative of the MD You have written in the ‘Theeppanthal
things which would never happen! Stop that work first You can give the matter in Kerala
Today after wards I have many fans as
I am writing in Theeppanthal Don’t play with Theepanthal!
If you do so Your 6 feet and 11/2 inch will get
beaten up as Lalettan (actor) says Is Raj Bose working here
who works for Theppanthal? It is him who has grown long hair If my feature didn’t come
in the next edition I’ll write in Theeppanthal, that you
have tortured your 65 year old grand ma Mind you Are you Raj Bose of Theeppanthal? You see my fans! Yes Don’t beat me on the cheek
I’ve a bad cold Lord Iyyappa!
I have seen the holy light! Please stop I want to know some detail Have you beaten me
for writing in Manal monthly? Or for writing about the romantic
adventure of the government officer? – Not any of these two
– Then? It is for the love affair behind
the Tiffin shop I deserve 2 more beats You can leave
I will take care of the rest Do that – Who?
– What is the problem? I don’t know
I came only just now – Din’t you get today?
– I got What is the subject? The love affair in the Tiffin shop Good I’m happy enough to hear that I’ll pray God to get more But the giving and taking
can be outside the office I too like that
But they should have sense! They should have thought that if called I would go to the spot
and get beaten up Filthy guys! Brother in law! Sir They have not published in the edition
now the feature I gave last week Why hadn’t you publish his feature? Had you told me,
I would have done it right then! I’m glad to hear that
Get it sir Don’t play with me
Mind you! It belongs there Brother in law
Don’t beat me Sharp 10.30 meeting What if Pazhaguti
Pavithran didn’t show up? When so many girls are bathing here
he will definitely come – You can get down
– Any problems? Am I safe? Be careful Come The danger zone is crossed Nobody has noted it You are a party leader who have enough
followers and you are after the girls! I will kick you
I don’t need that Then? All I want is a touch
only a touch I want to touch someone before I die! You have your wife in
your house to touch! That’s why I wanted
to touch someone! That’s the psychology! Those have wife only can understand it – What are going to do now?
– I want to bathe PA can’t have bath before the leader What is it?
He could come at the right time You Pazhagutti! Come Hold me! Let me touch Good Very good Thank you brother! Look! This is the professionalism! If you take risk,
you will get the result Isn’t it the a bathing scene? Give me the copy with the girl in it Has to come as the
lead in the next issue Okay – Johny kutti!
– What? Go away I’ll give you a more riskier assignment Whose bathing scene is
it, brother-in-law? Assignment is not bathing, right? A bar singer is coming
to the Hotel Madric Plaza One Miss Diana Philip – Good person
– She could meet many VIPs! Mr.Mohan will be following her She will call if anything is necessary Just you have to… – That’s all
– Okay brother We take care of those
who go out of the way That’s it So, you won’t give me the work of
reporting about Diana, right? No You want to appoint a photographer who
have nothing as his own, even a house And you allow him to call you Chettayi! Yes! He is my brother,
with the same kind of heart You know something! 6 years ago, around noon from
a rubber estate in Kottayam 22 years old young chap
who was starving came to me Do you know what he asked me? He called me Chettayi
and asked for a job It was none other than him! You have told it 100 times
to hundreds of people Why do you want to repeat it again? I will do that
I can’t forget anything! I can’t forget anything The matter about Diana! If you ask me about her again, I will
hit on your teeth and take them out! You can’t do that The teeth are brought
down by others already These teeth are duplicate ones!
Mind you! I’ll tell everything that happens
in this room to your wife definitely Or else, brother in law will die! If you don’t send him from here
your name will get tarnished What shall I do? This is the fate of every businessman!
to keep the wife’s relative with him Last week a girl called
Ranju committed suicide, right? We have to prepare a feature on her We have to go to the
airport tomorrow morning The central minister is coming, right? Before he comes out,
we have to have an exclusive interview! I will also come!

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