Harvey Weinstein’s Trial Update!

(audience cheering) Too much information, I would throw you right out. (audience clapping) I would! What do you change your hair color to get in there? Me? Yes.
No. They just let you in? Well, you need a press pass, and a very secure one. Believe me, not just that, well, actually it is open to the public, Wendy. Oh. But there’s a long line, we’ll get to that, not just anyone can get in. All right, well look, the jury begins deliberating on Harvey Weinstein case today. Here with the inside scoop is a girl, you’ve been messing with our show for a long time, this is Elizabeth, Elizabeth Wagmeister. (audience cheers) And the great thing about having Elizabeth here for the Weinstein case is that she goes into the courtroom. She’s got the press pass. She sits there and is actually getting that, the real action. Yes. Okay, so what’s going on? So Wendy, as we were just talking about, I have been in court every single day, the Harvey Weinstein trial– Do you wear that? I do not wear this. Okay.
(audience laughing) I’m going right to court– Harvey would like that. I’m going right to court after this and I will be putting on not Wendy clothes, I showed up for you, but so this trial, it started on January 6th, I have been in court every single day. Well, closing arguments were last week. Today, the jury starts deliberating. Literally, Wendy, as we are speaking, the jury has begun deliberation. Talk fast, you’re missing stuff! So that means the verdict can come as soon as today. They could also take days, weeks, we don’t know when it’s coming, but it could come today. Now, Harvey Weinstein, he has been accused by over 90 women of everything ranging from sexual misconduct to rape. But here’s the thing with this trial, this case largely rests on the allegations of just two women because the statute of limitations for a lot of the other women has passed. Does he wear an ankle bracelet? He does wear an ankle bracelet, yes. So these two women, their names are Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann. They are the key witnesses in this case, Wendy. Okay. And he’s facing five charges. And by the way, the maximum sentence is life in prison. (audience clapping) What’s the minimum sentence? Well, it depends, you know, he can get acquitted. And also, it’s complex because since there’s five charges, he can be charged on any number of them. So, you know each charge, if for instance, he is charged with sexual assault from Miriam Haley, then that sentence could be from five years to 25 years. And then he’s got to go to California, England, like he’s got a whole bunch of places to be tried ’cause he’s been doing this all around the world. Yes, the Los Angeles DA has also charged him with rape and sexual assault, so he’s also facing charges, as you said, in LA. Do you think that he will go to jail? Give me the temperature going on in there. Okay, so it’s complicated. I mean, any rape case is very hard to prove. Actually, most sexual assault cases do not end up in a conviction because they’re largely a he said she said case. Now in this particular case, as I said, it rests on two women. So that’s very complicated. You know, during jury selection, Harvey’s defense kept saying to the potential jurors, you need to just focus on what’s in the court. You cannot focus on the stories. You can’t focus on the Me Too movement. This is about what’s in court. So what’s complicated about this is these women, they went back to Harvey after, there is evidence of texts. Yeah I know, I heard, I know. And that’s what the defense has largely been resting their case on. One of them called him, “You are my soulmate”. Yes, but here’s the thing, the prosecution, they brought in an expert witness, her name is Dr. Barbara Ziv, and she is a forensic psychiatrist who specializes in victims of sexual assault. Okay. She explained that trauma victims, rape victims, it’s very normal to go back to your perpetrator. In fact, it’s abnormal if you don’t. So they continue this communication, it’s complex, and we’ll see if the jury can get past that. How does Harvey look in the court? Well, as you’ve seen, we all know about the walker, right? So Harvey Weinstein, he has been coming into court every single day with a walker. He looks very frail, very feeble. Does he look dusty? Like, like his suits aren’t cleaned? Yes, the suits are wrinkled, I’ll tell you that. Thank you. The suits are wrinkled, the hair is not brushed. Does he stay awake? Sometimes, but sometimes not. So here’s the thing, this has been a long trial, sometimes I’ve spotted him, you know, I’m in the courtroom every day, I’ve seen him at the defendant’s table, sometimes dozing off doing one of these– Does he slump? He scribbles notes a lot, he chews on gum or mints or something, but I will tell you, despite this frail, feeble look, walking in with a walker, by the way, he had back surgery from a car accident in August, so that’s why his defense says he has a walker. A lot of people are wondering if it’s fake. Harvey Weinstein says it is not fake, but despite this frail and feeble look, he’s in very good spirits. He walks into court every day, he says hello to the press, he smiles, he laughs, and after closing arguments, were Friday and I was there. I have to tell you, he was very confident, after his defense gave their closing arguments and they were strong, they were very effective, Wendy, he walked out, and we asked how it was, and he said it to the press that his attorney’s speech was the Queen’s Speech, that’s what he said. And that’s why we at Wendy had to call you because I’m done with this case. I’m very confused. I just, if, okay, even if not guilty, he still faces the other trials. Yes. And they’re going to happen right away, right after New York is done, he flies right to L.A.? Yeah, we don’t know that exactly yet, but I can tell you this is not going anywhere. So whatever happens with this trial, whether he’s acquitted or not, he as you said, will be facing charges in L.A. There’s other investigations going on overseas. But Wendy, something that I think you might be interested in, one of the most shocking parts of the case, ’cause everyone asks, “What was the most shocking part of being in court?” Well one of the women described Harvey’s genitalia. Go! As, I knew she’d be into it, as deformed. That is the word.
(groaning) That is the word that she used on the stand, and that’s the thing with these cases, it gets really nasty, it gets really into the nitty gritty on the stand–
Well, we don’t know that its deformed, but that’s what she– Well, the jury was given photos of Harvey Weinstein–
How did they get photos? So the DA’s office, the Manhattan DA’s office, they took naked photos of Harvey for evidence. Not the Michael Jackson! They showed the jury. Oh my gosh! They showed the jury, I did not see them, press was not allowed, and the jury– Deformed why, because it leans a little to the left? She–
(audience laughing) That’s not deformed. No, read my reporting on variety.com ’cause I don’t like saying these things on national TV, but there are some serious details, that not just Jessica Mans said, by the way– Say it you’re a grown woman, talk to me. All right, Wendy, well one of the women, she said she was not sure if the testicles were there or not. And then another woman, she said that she wasn’t sure if the other part was there either. (audience laughs) And then another woman, Lauren Young, who she is another witness, the charges don’t rest on her, but she also echoed Jessica Mann’s description. So they showed the jury photos, the jury, they shuffled through them really quickly. The jury, it’s very hard to tell what they’re thinking. They’re very stone cold. When they got these photos, that was the one time I saw a reaction. I’d be like, what the hell is this, look! (audience clapping) But, the defense, so Harvey Weinstein’s defense team, during closing arguments, they brought up the naked photos. They said there was no reason for those to be shown other than to humiliate him. So, that’s the point that they brought up in closing arguments. Elizabeth, what do you eat all day? ‘Cause, can you smuggle in a sandwich? Well, you’re technically not allowed to eat in the courtroom, but– But what do you do? I go into the hallway and I file my story, and I eat a granola bar, I eat my almonds– You’ve lost like 25 pounds being on this case. Here’s the thing with being a journalist, people often think it’s glamorous because they see this, they see the dress, they see I’m sitting with Wendy Williams, but really we’re sitting in a court room and we have to do the work. And this is a very important story to get out there. It’s a monumental trial. It’s the first trial of the Me Too movement because Cosby was before that. So there’s a lot resting on this case. Why am I under house arrest? There’s a lot resting on this case. The stakes are very, very high. I’ve been interviewing a lot of women who have accused Harvey Weinstein for an upcoming story that’ll be coming out in Variety. So the stakes are really high You make me really proud to know you, you know? And one of the people who supported our show all these years. This, everybody, is the fabulous Elizabeth Wagmeister. (crowd cheers) (upbeat music)

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  1. Freedom for Harvey #Weinstein … all women lied …The American Press is a disaster…Here a Report of a Swiss journalist a Woman in #NewYork
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  3. https://www.nzz.ch/amp/feuilleton/weinstein-prozess-geglaubt-wird-dem-der-am-lautesten-wolf-schreit-ld.1536890?fbclid=IwAR2asSk521Wicc-6YAKXVu5Wa_AvqsKZsmDHESS-l2eCOVAKR2oWRB29zmo&__twitter_impression=true

  4. https://www.nzz.ch/amp/feuilleton/weinstein-prozess-geglaubt-wird-dem-der-am-lautesten-wolf-schreit-ld.1536890?fbclid=IwAR2asSk521Wicc-6YAKXVu5Wa_AvqsKZsmDHESS-l2eCOVAKR2oWRB29zmo&__twitter_impression=true

  5. It aint complicated shes not paying attention. Noone stays in contact with their rapist on that level. She discussed crap the media put out already and the gentalia information is exploitive – proves nothing if his side of the story is true.

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  14. gross I really don’t need to hear about Harvey’s genitalia. How did they obtain naked photos of him when he’s still alive?! Sick perverted jury….

  15. Wait!
    NONE of these 90 women could have turned around and walked out the door???
    NONE of these 90 women had the choice to turn and walk away, or to stay and have sex???

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  17. Like it or NOT, he will be acquitted by the jury. Then there will be a re-trail. Again he will be acquitted. Then he will go to LA & UK to get acquitted. Then he will die of suicide/accident/ or some drug overdose. Don't throw tantrums at me, but ask why all these women go back and forth to him at different location. These women wants a quick career and quick money without going to school & college and without working hard like regular people. They want to sell their beauty and body in exchange of indirect money. Lot of them made it happen and some missed the mark and accuse him of misconduct.

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  20. 1,495 cases filed since the NY CVA has passed – Survivors have until August 14, 2020 to seek justice.


    People don’t know this is happening all over the country. Victims are getting a chance to sue their rapists because of cva laws. Child victims act laws.
    Perverts have no idea that victims of their old rapes have power to ruin their lives.
    Find out when the laws are passing in your state and if you get the revival window to sue your rapist.
    In Wisconsin the bills introduced are-
    AB424 and SB 381.

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