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Lilly Singh is an actress writer producer media empress Mother of Dragons. She is the first South Asian female late-night host. We’re just going to hang out today and I’m going to show her how we do things here
at Patriot Act. Lilly! Look, I heard you’re scared of dogs. Yes. So I brought mine. No! Isn’t that awesome? – No, no.
– This is Scarbro. How’s is going? Look at him. There you go. So last night Hasan’s family dog-sat and you weren’t actually informed of this you just came home and Scarbro was there. – No, so I was at the office, I come home Mhmm. trying to like, curl up on the couch. Like he has another man on the sofa. You know who it is? It’s this dude. This dude is on the couch with my wife! Oh, come on. And your daughter loved him, and he’s great. You got into late-night, now you’re in it. Mhmm. Are you excited? So real talk, I’m excited and I’m nervous. – Okay.
– I’m excited because I really am building a show from scratch. I get to mess with the format change things up, break the rules. That’s exciting. I’m nervous because I am so out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done anything like this. You know I’ve got the show going on. – Yes.
– If you could leave me with one thought that’s like real, real talk from a mental state what I might go through things I might deal with, what’s some advice? – Okay. Try to figure out what it is that you want to say because everything trickles down from that. That’s really good advice. You love emotion feelings story, all those things. I love social commentary. Yeah. Like on my show I’m going
to have lots of social commentary. Yeah. Scarbro’s definitely going to have a segment on my show. – Are you–
– I think he’s going to review tech or something. – Review tech?
– Yeah. Is this whole place yours? – Yeah, see?
– Daaaaang. – Screens.
– Really? I do not have the budget for any of this. So, this is the writers’ room. This is a board of our ideas. This is really organized. I’m really impressed. How’s the flow work? Like, they work individually then they come in and present to you here? Yeah, so we’ll come in here Mhmm. Walk in and you’re like… Impress me. My vibe is more of this is what I want to talk about. Okay. Like, these are the topics that
I’ve been thinking about a lot. And then we’ll try to build around that. That’s dope. Yeah. So what’s your format going to be? I don’t know. Here’s the thing You have no idea? I have a loose idea. Are you going to do desk or no desk? I want to do a desk, here’s why. I hate sitting pretty. I only want to look good from like here. But then what are you going to do
with all the hand movements? My hand movements aren’t down here. I’m all the way up here. I’m taking it next level. But I feel like if you, if you had a set like this Yeah. – You just–
– This set’s dope. I’m not going to lie. Cause this set’s Coachella. I mean, come on. Yeah, it’s a hip hop video. This is Netflix giving my boy
a budget right here. I know. I spent it all. We went to a Best Buy, and we just went ham. I know I want to switch up the monologue game. – Okay
– Because obviously all late-night shows start with that. This is actually very important, you’ve got to know what your tendencies are. Uh-huh. So, these are forbidden words that that I have to stop saying. Okay, read the first part and say it like Hasan Minhaj “The craziest part is” Is that how you say it? “Now” You would probably do this,
when you do “now.” – Yeah.
– Okay, okay. “Agenda” Yeah, you say “agenda” a lot. That’s really good. I’m going to do that for my show because I say a lot of things a lot. “Vibes.” I say “vibes.” Actually, on my last vlog, one of the top comments was “Take a drink every time Lilly says vibes.” Okay, what’s what’s my what’s my vibe? Your vibe is this. I’m going to look at you Okay… I’m going to talk Okay. I’m going to get really intense when I talk Okay. I’m going to throw a little side thing a little “Oh, this was a joke” “Oh, you didn’t see it coming.” And we’ll hold that stare. Okay. Just to make sure you’re on the same page as me. – Just to make sure you’re on the same page as me.
– Alright. I’m going to look at the camera. This is terrifying. What you just did to me if I’m doing this to other people there’s a big problem. It feels like a serial killer is rapping at me. This is our whole graphics team. Why is Scarbro’s picture not up here? Is Scarbro’s picture going to go up here? We can totally add Scarbro’s picture. I really want Scarbro’s picture to go up here. Between Nelson and Willis. – Hello, graphics team! – Hello, graphics team!
– Everyone, this is Lilly. – This is Scarbro.
– This is Scarbro. – Oh my gosh! Are you feeling the joy in every room? Every room we come into everyone is infinitely happier than when I walk in. So, this is our previs room. Before we do the show, we want to see what does the show look like from every single angle? Those are basically all of our shots that are available to us. Did you do a tinkle? Are you doing a bit right now? No! I think he peed. My bad, yo. Lilly! Sorry, guys. Do you have paper towels? I was debating whether or not
I wanted to do this. And so I asked two people for advice. Okay. One of them was you Okay. and one of them was Dwayne Johnson. This is so funny to me. The only reason I asked Dwayne was because he’s the smartest person in the world. And what did Dwayne say? Dwayne said… I love that you– it’s a first name basis. I said I have a fear that if I do this will I be put into a bucket and not be able to do other things? And he said, “Listen” “I was a wrestler” “then I became a movie star” “then I did TV, now I produce.” “If you” “want to do all of those things” “then you will define that” “and you are the one that makes the rules.” And I was like This is why I love your personality
when your shirt is off. And then I asked you because you were on a late-night show and I wanted to see if your
career was like a failure post that. So I was like “Yo, are you struggling?” “like, are you eating?” – Uhuh.
– And that’s what I wanted to know. And you, you spilled the tea
and you were honest with me and you said, “No, it’s been amazing.” – Yeah
– “If anything, its helped me.” Did anyone give you any advice that was amazing, that helped you
that you can tell me now? – So
– Can you pass on the advice like a sweater in a brown family? Alright so I remember
when I joined The Daily Show I wanted Jon to give me
so much advice. – Mhmm
– Like, I was just like “Jewish Yoda,” “I am a Padawan.” “Please, I’m here to learn.” He would give me no notes. None! He would just be like “That’s great.” You’re like, “So now, I have no advice for you.” He would basically just ask me questions of like “What are you interested in?” or
“Why does that bug you?” but he would never give me specific advice. And the note of having no note was the best note. You’re going to be you. Stephen is going to be Stephen. Oliver is going to be Oliver. Everyone is going to do their own version of who they are. So, it goes back to just really figuring out what I want to talk about. It’s the no note. That’s really good advice. Okay so this is the thing that I’ve– I actually want to get advice from you. Mhmm. So this is the most I’ve sort of, been out there. Like, putting stuff out people are responding back. You’ve been living that life for a long– at least ten years now. Yep. Since 2010. You’ve been living in your own self-imposed Truman Show. You’re like “What’s up? I’m Lilly Singh.” Yep. I’m Truman. Mhmm. Do you read the comments? Do the comments get to you? How have you not let that destroy you? Here’s the thing I have let it get to me. There was a period of time
where I was really upset because some people on the internet
were saying mean things to me. Yeah. And in my mind I thought everyone in the world is talking about me everyone hates me my life is over. Like, I truly felt that way. Within that time, I went to the NBA All Star game. You were there. Yeah! – This was that time.
– This was that same time? This was that time. And I’m sitting there watching the game and someone across the court starts waving at me. I had no idea who it was. Humble’s like, “Yo” “Do you see who’s waving at you?” and I’m like “Yeah, why is this guy waving at me?” He’s like, “That’s Dwyane Wade.” – Oh yeah.
– And I’m like “Oh!” He comes across the court with his son. He’s like, “We’re big fans.” and takes a picture. And I remember this. Yeah, yeah. D. Wade came from the popular – lunch table
– Yeah, whatever. – all the way to your table
– Oh, yeah yeah, yeah. And was just like, “Hey, I just real quick” “I know I’m the captain of the Miami Heat” – Yeah
– “But like” “I just want to say it’s like a huge honor
to take a picture with you.” For me that was a lesson. Because I was like, “Oh, you’ve been
beating yourself up” “because you were convinced” “that these few people were the entire world” Yeah. and that’s the danger of our job. Is that, we’re so driven by numbers we’re so driven by comments that we think that’s a reflection of the whole world but it is truly, truly not. There have been these moments in your career where you have broken the internet – Because I feel like you’ve
– Uh oh. added something, in a good way. When you talked about sexuality – mental health
– Mhmm. and dogs three things – that are not discussed
– Also probably like – in the South Asian community!
– Also probably like minor one the treatment of women might also – treatment of– okay, okay
– kind of be – if we want to
– treatment of women gender equality You’re a global embassador. Four! Think about that you are every uncle’s worst nightmare. I truly am, and trust me it feels that way. – For real?
– Yes. I feel like whenever something happens to you
you have two choices. One choice is to be scared and let fear drive your decisions which is a lot of times what I feel like the South Asian community does. You know it’s a culture full of secrets it’s a culture of what old people think as you know log kya kahenge – Yeah
– You say it all the time. And then the alternative choice is if we share this there’s a potential to help people. I am a big believer that when you share stories and storytelling brings people together there– that’s magic. and that’s medicine and that is what our culture needs. Yes. And so if this isn’t progress – This is a huge
– I don’t know what is This is a big, big deal. Good for you. Good job everyone! Hi, buddy. Look, he loves you! I don’t like this.

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  1. Lilly looks amaaaazing with that hair and her make up was on point. Hasan is almost too perfect to look at. They are both so talented and deserve all the success they have achieved xxx

  2. She's not funny though, most of her 'jokes' are just lazy. As someone who is actually funny whilst also finding the nuanced humour in an immigrant background (instead of just making a cheap pantomime of it). I'm suprised Hasan doesn't see her as the hack she is?

  3. I love this whole video, love these two, I'm so proud of her and Hasan is already killing it on Netflix…. BUT! WHY DOESN'T HE LIKES DOGS? How can someone doesn't like dogs?!? How? 😅 It's funny tho! I LOVE HIM… I'll let that one go cause I kinda have a crush on him 😅😅

  4. I don't think of colour but in shades rightly or wrongly? but more right than wrong, more importantly from a good intention

  5. Mark my words : she will be even worse than Jimmy Fallon and her talk show will not be renewed more than once/not renewed at all.

  6. Really a great people sat together… It is a history… They are a real inspiration to every one fighting his way in the world… You can do it be brave

  7. Hasan and Lilly need to star in a movie as siblings. They play off each other so well. And they are both gorgeous.

  8. These people are inspiration for the next generation. I hope they can learn the positives, open peoples minds and bring about changes. Possibly.

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