Headache, Breast Size, Stretch Marks | Gender Prediction Tests | Episodes #15, #16, #17 Boy or Girl?

I should put this up here so people can see what you’re reaching into. Headache. Frequently or occasionally? Occasionally. Girl. Another one for breast size. Grow faster and get bigger? Or not as big? I feel like they’re the same. That’s not an option. Not as big… Boy. Stretch marks. More on the left side or more on the right side? I don’t have any from this baby right now. You have to pick one. Or we could just skip that one. No, we can’t skip it. We have to do all the tests. Otherwise it’s not good science. Well, this is not good science because there aren’t any. Right. I don’t know. I guess I need to inspect you more… Right side? Yeah, sure. Girl! Taylor Tadpoles!

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