Headache Migraine & Nausea – 4 Natural Home Remedies to control Migraine Headaches.

headaches are very common phenomenon today because it occurs due to several reasons the main reason being a stressful lifestyles which caused exhaustion and inadequate sleep whatever the cause may be headaches can be quite debilitating take a cup and add a generous tablespoon of cinnamon or dalchini powder add a little bit of water to form a semi-liquid paste apply this on your forehead and temple areas for pain relief take about a one inch piece of fresh
ginger crush it coarsely and added to a glass of water and now boil this for
about three to four minutes once it boils let it cool until it is just warm and then strain this liquid in a cup once you have strained this it is ready to drink brew some green tea leaves along with some water now strain this liquid and add the juice of half a lime you can also add some honey to it mix it well and remember to have this when it’s still warm tender coconut water or watermelon juice can provide relief if the headache is caused due to excessive heat in the body so add this to your breakfast especially during summer months take a handful of mint or pudina leaves and a handful of coriander or Daniel leaves soak them well for about five minutes and then carefully pick the ones on top take those leaves and grind them and make a juice out of it and now drink this to get a relief from headache so destress stay well hydrated and
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