Headache Remedies: Top 11 Tips for Headache Relief

Dr. Axe:Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here along
with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. We’re so excited for you to be here
with us. And, hey, if you’re new to the show, we want to welcome you and let you know we
come five days a week. We’re talking about how to naturally heal your body using natural
remedies such as diet, essential oils, herbs and natural treatment protocols here as part
of the show. And in today’s episode, we’re going to be
talking about the top 11 headache remedies. And Jordan, there are a large number of people
that struggle, I would say, millions of people, especially in the U.S., that struggle with
headaches on a regular basis. Now, there’s lots of different types of headaches
from migraines to cervicogenic headaches to tension headaches. But, there are many of
the same treatments. And so you’re going to see great results following the tips we have
today. Also, every week on the show we talk about food is medicine, and we’d ask you today
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button, click that “Like” button, help us spread the word. So Jordan, why are so many people getting
headaches? And what are some of the root causes? Jordan:Well, first of all, I can tell you
that a headache is not an aspirin or acetaminophen deficiency, right, and that’s not why we get a headache.
There are a lot of reasons, we’re going to go into some of those. I actually think the
number one reason for headaches, and my kids know this very well, is dehydration. And I’ll
give you a headache remedy, when we’re going through this, that works like 90% of the time.
It’s funny, my kids will come and say, “Dad, I have a headache and I already . . .” and
I don’t want to give it up but I’ll tell you in just a moment, they’ve already tried
it. So they know a little bit of that. But it’s interesting how headaches are a topic
that affects everyone. I’ve never done a poll or a survey, but I’m guessing that everybody
has had a headache, right? I mean, I have headaches, it’s not very often, thank God.
I have relatives who have had migraines to the point where they’re carried out in a stretcher,
they’re down for days, I mean, horrible stuff. So migraine headaches, cluster headaches,
whatever you call that other kind of headache, which sounds super scientific – I’ve never
had one of those, I don’t think – but you’re right, tension headaches, it goes sort of
to jaw pain. Sinus headaches, that I do get sometimes. Dr. Axe:There you go. Jordan:You know what’s the worst, I almost
always, when I have a sinus headache, it’s then I fly. You know, like 30,000 feet in
the air is how I treat my . . . isn’t it the worst? Dr. Axe:It is, yeah. Jordan:I mean, there are times when you’re
landing and you have that sort of sinus headache that’s here and here that you just want to
punch the seat in front of you. But anyway, headaches are common, and I believe, you can
get rid of so many of them without having to grab for that bottle of pills. Dr. Axe:Yeah, absolutely. And by the way,
we are live right now with Ancient Medicine Today. We’d love to hear from you, let us
know right now. We’ve got a poll up here on Facebook and YouTube. We’d love to hear from
you. Let us know the city you’re from, the state you’re from, and the country you’re
from, and we’d love to say “Hey” to you here today. All right, we’ve got people joining from all
over the world, right now. We have Pia Lecou watching from Finland. Hey, Pia, thanks for
joining us here today. We have Julie Larson watching. We have Tracey Hall from Dillon,
Colorado. Nanette Belgen said she just shared this live video. Nanette, thanks so much for
being on mission with us. We have Sandie Lee Reynolds watching from Gig Harbor, Washington.
We have Tanesha Yvonne watching from Arizona. And Xolida Zade watching from New York City,
New York. Guys, thanks so much for being with us today. So we’re going to dive in and talk about some
of these remedies. But again, there are multiple causes of headaches, Jordan. And so, we’re
going to get into many of these, everything from food sensitivities are a big one. We’ll
talk about tension in the neck, tension in the jaw, poor posture, all kinds of things,
we’ll get into. But number one Jordan here, this is a nutritional deficiency, a lot of
people have today, in magnesium. Jordan:Magnesium is responsible for hundreds
of different enzymatic activities in our body. Calcium gets a lot of credit as an important
mineral. Magnesium is so important. And when it comes to headaches, not only do you need
to have your proper levels of magnesium from food such as greens, plant foods are really
good sources of magnesium, animal foods to a lesser extent. But taking magnesium is great.
You know what’s great for a headache? Magnesium oil. Dr. Axe:Oh yeah, awesome. Jordan:And you know what’s pretty cool, it’s
not an oil. It’s actually sort of like an extract of seawater minus the salt. It feels
oily, but that is a great way to ease a headache. It’s very absorbent and you put it on certain
areas of the body. Just put it on the temples and especially on the neck, and if you put
it on larger portions of your body, your legs and your arms, it’ll help you absorb magnesium.
Another way to get magnesium is an Epsom salt bath, which is also great for headaches, especially
when combined with essential oils. So, magnesium’s a mineral where deficiency symptoms can include
headaches. Dr. Axe:Absolutely. So magnesium, again, the
great relaxation mineral. Number two here is a gluten-free diet. Now, this can also
go with other food sensitivities, but if you’re consuming gluten, it can cause an inflammatory
response in the body. Many people today, in fact, some numbers show about one out of seven
people are gluten intolerant. And I know, Jordan, for you and I, we believe
that sprouted grains and lacto-fermented grains that are ancient can be much better for our
health. But a lot of people today are going to have gluten sensitivity, so again, gluten
is one of the biggest ones. Sometimes it can be casein and dairy, though, there can be
other things. But if you have a food sensitivity, it can absolutely be causing a headache. And so, one of the things you want to do if
you get a headache, you want to go and start tracking what you’re eating on a daily basis.
Was there something you ate that meal before your headache came on that is a potential
trigger? Again, certain grain products, especially gluten, dairy, food additives is another big
one that can cause some form of reaction. So again, and there are some testing that
can sometimes would be beneficial, IgG testing, some IgE. But the best way to really know
is by listening to your body. Now Jordan, this next section here, you and
I both love essential oils. And by the way, we’d love to hear from you. If you have ever
used essential oils for a headache, neck pain, or any type of pain or discomfort, let us
know the essential oil that you used and the results you saw with using essential oils.
Jordan, here are two of your favorites, peppermint and lavender. Jordan:Absolutely. Lavender is the best. You
want to rub it on your neck, you want to rub it on your head. You can even take lavender
internally, especially if it’s organic. A couple of drops, very good to ease anxiety,
diffusing it, rubbing it in your hands, smelling it right out of the bottle, rubbing it on
your feet. Those are all great things to do. And when you’re getting magnesium in the form
of an Epsom salt bath or applying magnesium oil, lavender is great. And peppermint, got
to be careful applying peppermint because it’s very strong. So you want to be careful
on the eyes, and I’ve made the mistake of putting oils like that on my head that then
came down my face, you know the rest. Peppermint is awakening, but that combination, smells
great, and I do believe, it helps with a headache. Here’s what you alluded too that I want to
mention or clarify. Writing things down is really important, because people that have
cluster headaches or migraines, I think it’s important to know their frequency and the
severity. So I would journal this, because here’s why. When someone has a headache, especially
if they don’t want to do something, you hear about it. “Man, I would but I just have this
headache.” My kids are great with this. “Oh, you know what, I just really have a headache.
I would but I have a headache.” We don’t see people going around saying, “I don’t have
a headache today.” You don’t know when you don’t have one. It’s really sort of on or off, and then of
course, if you got migraines or cluster headaches, they can be severe or minor. But start journaling,
and I’d love to see a week over week or month over month basis, if you can reduce the severity
and the frequency of headaches, and essential oils are a great way to do it. I think certain
chemical fumes can cause headaches, essential oils can help them go away. Dr. Axe:Yeah, totally agree. What I’d love
to see with peppermint and lavender, what I would do is I would do a few drops, typically
three drops of each. You can do them neat, straight on the skin, right on your hand,
and rub them. If you’re having a pain, wherever the pain and discomfort is, especially though
the upper part of the neck, where your neck meets the base of your skull and also on your
temple area and forehead, rubbing those essential oils on that area or doing a great mixture
of magnesium with peppermint and lavender, what a great combo for that. And sometimes,
even taking a warm compress or hot compress on it for one minute, holding it on there,
can help you actually feel the results even faster. Now, number four here, Jordan, chiropractic
care. Now, chiropractors really deal with misalignments of the spine and this can absolutely
help headaches. In fact, I saw a medical study, Jordan, where chiropractic was more effective
than medications at the treatment of headaches. And so chiropractic, tried-and-true, absolutely,
probably the number one natural treatment, holistic treatment when it comes to headaches. Now, one of the big things, Jordan, we know
that can cause headaches is sitting at a desk all day and poor posture. You know, a lot
of times, people don’t realize this, but when someone’s looking forward, there should be
a curve in the neck at 45 degrees and really, your ears should be right over your shoulder.
Most people today, though, start to look down and get their head forward and they sit like
this all day. What that’s doing is putting tension on all of these posterior cervical
muscles, okay, these muscles in the back of your neck, causing tension and muscle spasm.
So again, if you’ve got poor posture, seeing a chiropractor oftentimes, they can prescribe
rehabilitative exercises. Some of the best things to do, Jordan, I know
I’ve been going to the gym lately and seeing a lot of people in there. You know, especially
all the guys, it’s like, it’s all chest and bicep and no back. I mean, you want to be
doing things like rows and pull-ups and reverse, things where you’re really working those back
muscles, opening yourself up, getting up from your desk every hour, walking for just a couple
minutes, staying loose. But again, seeing a chiropractor can have great results in helping
you overcome headaches. Jordan:Absolutely. We’re here at Ancient Medicine
Today talking about 11 natural headache remedies. And guess who needs to hear this? Everybody
because you’ve had a headache and you’re going to have another headache. We want to make
sure that they’re less severe and less frequent, and we want to help you get rid of a headache
quick. So if you’re someone who has headaches and
wants to overcome them, let us know. And more importantly, if you know somebody who has
headaches, and there’s people where it completely disrupts their life, share this message. We
do these live videos, Ancient Medicine Today, to transform your health while helping you
use food as medicine. I just thought of these top 11, we left one out. My number one treatment
for a headache is getting a babysitter. Dr. Axe:That’s pretty good, Jordan. I like
that. All right, we’re getting a few great comments here from people. Heather Schanz
says, “I love essential oils, and I use rosemary scrub and it really helps clear up my sinuses
and sinus headaches using rosemary oil. I also use peppermint and lavender with that.”
Heather, great idea, love that comment. All right, number five here, Jordan. You know
something about herbal formulas, I know that you’ve formulated hundreds and hundreds of
products using herbs. Talk about feverfew and butterbur. Jordan:Absolutely. I think butterbur is the
most effective herb for migraines, also good for seasonal allergies. Feverfew is more good
for tension headaches. But if you have migraines, you owe it to yourself to take butterbur.
You want to use a butterbur extract. You can certainly make a tea but it’s not easy to
find bulk herb of butterbur. But it is really strong in reducing headaches. And I’ve seen
some research that shows a significant response for chronic migraine sufferers simply using
a butterbur extract supplement, and they compared it to various other migraine medicines. And
it worked by itself and in combination with the medicine. The medicines are rough. I mean, I’m thinking
of some right now, they can be really rough and they cause dramatic side effects. But
people with migraines are desperate. Migraines cause missed work, lost jobs, and I know,
there’s athletes, the Football Hall of Fame ballot is coming. There’s one whose career
was cut short due to migraines and was one of the best running backs of all time when
he played. So it’s absolutely disastrous. Butterbur and feverfew are worth a try if
you’ve got chronic migraines. Dr. Axe:Awesome, great advice, Jordan. Number
six here, B-complex, and let me say this quick. You know, we appreciate all of you taking
the time today to watch the show. Remember, every week, we talk about food is medicine.
Hey, help us spread that message right now. There are millions of people that are suffering
with headaches that need to know this information. So take a minute right now, punch that “Share”
button, click that “Like” button, help us spread the word. Now, B-complex is full of many different types
of B-vitamins. B1 to B12, one of the most important B-vitamins is vitamin B6, as it
really helps support circulation and the opening up of your arterial system. And so again,
a lot of times that lack of blood flow, lack of circulation, in fact, Jordan, I’ve known
plenty of people who said, “Oh, I drank coffee or I had caffeine in that. I exercised and
my headache went away.” You want to increase your circulation, B-complex, specifically
B6, can help with that amongst boosting your energy and many other benefits. So, B-complex
or certain B-vitamin deficiencies can absolutely contribute to headache symptoms. Jordan:Right. And we didn’t talk about this,
but you can have a headache due to toxins being released. You know how I know that,
go on a fast and see how your head feels. Because when your body eliminates toxins,
you feel yucky, and I’ve heard it described as a toxin headache. Number seven, bone broth. Now this is interesting
because there is a way to make bone broth that could actually trigger headaches. If
you’re cooking bone broth for 24 to 48 hours, which is what we recommend, it can, in some
people, create a histamine reaction and cause headaches. So if you’re prone to headaches,
bone broth is still great, but make a hotter temperature. So instead of bringing it to
a boil and then reducing to a simmer, keep it higher on the flame for a shorter period
of time and it can actually help headaches, mainly due to hydration and powerful nutrition
in bone broth. So adding bone broth to your diet also helps with your gut, and many headaches
or chronic headaches are caused by hyper permeability of the gut, also known as leaky gut syndrome. Dr. Axe:Yeah, absolutely, couldn’t agree more.
Number eight here, now Jordan, this is one you talk about a lot, stay hydrated. I’ll
give you the floor here. Jordan:Awesome, I get two in a row. So this
is the remedy of all remedies. Now I learned this from a Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj. I’m
really excited because I can pronounce it. Dr. Axe:Well, his name is Batman, too. Jordan:It’s awesome. Now he was a prisoner
of war in Iran. This is an amazing story. And he, as a medical doctor, was a prisoner,
and he would hear the cries and screams of inmates. And he developed over four years
protocols to cure peptic ulcers and headaches using tap water. And he developed certain
systems and protocols. His first book was Your Body’s Many Cries for Water and then,
my favorite title, You’re not Sick, You’re Thirsty! So here’s a headache remedy that I learned
from him, adapted it a little bit. When you have a headache, drink eight ounces of water.
Room temperature is probably better but . . . and drink it quickly, don’t sip on it. Set your
timer for ten minutes and repeat. So you drink eight ounces of water, not anything else,
just water, don’t eat anything in between. Ten minutes later, if you still have a headache,
drink it again. Then go for some of these great treatments. Could you imagine if you
don’t really have a headache, you’re just dehydrated? There’s no doubt that your body works hard
to remove things that don’t belong. But in the absence of hydration, it struggles. So
this is a good tip, and I want to hear from you. If you’re somebody who use this, the
water cure for headaches, let us know about it. Hydrotherapy is great in general. Using
hot and cold showers, compresses, we could talk about that, with essential oils. But
eight ounces of water, right away, following ten minutes later, then try a natural remedy.
Don’t grab medicine first. I promise you your headache is not an aspirin or acetaminophen
deficiency. It is not. So, thank you for giving me that one. Dr. Axe:Oh yeah, great comment here from Ashley.
She said, “Hydration is very important to prevent headaches.” Rhonda Goddard says,
“Aloe vera juice works great as well. I’ve noticed it instantly helps my headache.” Great
thoughts and comments here. Jordan, you know, one of the things too is
staying hydrated, I think I see this a lot and when I work in clinic, seeing a lot of
kids, because a lot of them were drinking so much soda so often. So especially for soda
drinkers and coffee drinkers, I think they can become dehydrated even easier with some
of the things they’re consuming every day. Jordan:Absolutely. Dr. Axe:Number nine here, taking a detox bath
is great for headaches. We call this a detox or healing bath. Jordan alluded to this earlier
when he was talking about essential oils. Taking one cup of Epsom salts, taking 20 drops
of essential oils like lavender and peppermint, other good ones can be chamomile is another
great one, and soaking in the tub for 20 minutes is tremendous. It helps reduce stress, and
really, this is very, very good, especially when it comes to tension headaches that can
start in the neck or jaw area, relieving those. So again, 20 minutes, soak in a hot bath with
essential oils and Epsom salts goes a long way. Jordan:Absolutely. Stretching and moving.
You know what’s really frustrating, I occasionally, and just probably once a year, get a headache
where when I stand up, it’s like someone’s punching me multiple times, like that kind
of hollow head, boom boom boom. And then when you stand up, you, like, make this really
scary face, so it’s hard to get up and want to move around. You know what would be great
if you have a headache, go outside, take your shoes off, and walk on the grass, or if you
live on a coast, walk on the beach. We know that that lowers cortisol levels. We know
that lowers certain adrenaline and adrenaline-like hormones, but that’s really good. But if you can do some stretching and moving
followed by a bath, that could be really, really good. Try to do it in a way that’s
easy. And you know what you’re doing is you’re really sort of diffusing the circulation.
Because when you have a headache and you’re all balled up, everything is focused on that.
Stretching and moving also takes your mind off things. That’s part of it. Your headache’s
worse when you’re wallowing in your headache misery. So, get out and move a little bit. Dr. Axe:Absolutely. We got a question here,
which is an excellent question here from Sandra. She says, “Can you drink or can organic coconut
water be used for hydration as well?” Jordan:From a long-term standpoint, yes. But
tried-and-true, the water cure works. I really recommend using just water, as pure as you
can find, certainly filtered. I have not tried it with coconut water. But because there’s
sugars in it and it still would require more digestion, I’m guessing it’s not going to
have the same effect. Dr. Axe:All right, great advice. Number 11
here, the cayenne muscle rub. Now, we’ve all seen the commercials, where people are using
something that is hot and cold in a cream, rubbing that on an area and getting relief.
You know, that’s one really the benefit of when you’re consuming a food that is hot and
spicy versus a food that is cooling, both of them, one constricts, one dilates, what
you want to do is use them in combination. So you can actually do a muscle rub, and cayenne
is great for this, because cayenne is a very hot spice that opens up the arteries. Remember
earlier, we talked about one of the causes of headaches is lack of circulation. Cayenne,
of all the things on this list by far, will promote the fastest and most immediate circulation
in the body. What I would do as a cayenne muscle rub, take
a teaspoon of cayenne, mix it with just a little bit of coconut oil, make a paste, and
rub it on an area. Now, another thing you can do is make your own warm, hot compound
by doing cayenne pepper, drops of peppermint oil with coconut oil, and rubbing it deep
on an area. Sometimes, again, you can do a hot compress on the area as well. But cayenne
pepper, really a master when it comes to improving circulation and it’s fantastic, especially
for tension headaches. Jordan:Absolutely. And there are few things
that we could have added to the list. Adaptogenic herbs, ashwagandha, rhodiola, schisandra,
fungi such as cordyceps and reishi, lowering long term cortisol exposure is really great.
A lot of people have headaches because of stress, thus my joke about getting a babysitter.
But how many people say, “You’re a pain in the neck. You’re making my head hurt. My head
hurts just thinking about it.” Obviously, people’s heads hurt a lot. And following these
11 headache remedies can make a huge difference. One of them, water is practically free, and
I promise you it’ll work so often. So, here’s a good recap. What we want to start
with is magnesium, magnesium in the form of supplements, fruits and vegetables, particularly
green leafies, magnesium oil that you can spray or rub on, and Epsom salt in the bath,
really great. Dr. Axe:Great stuff. Going gluten-free is
getting gluten, potentially casein and other food triggers, out of the diet. Here’s the
key, just eat real food, get rid of the processed stuff. Jordan:Peppermint and lavender essential oil
are amazing. Lavender, you can apply neat or straight up. You can breathe it in or inhale
it, the olfactory nervous system will create peace and harmony with lavender oil. Peppermint’s
a little invigorating. Combine the two and a carrier oil, such as olive, jojoba or coconut,
and rub it where it hurts, and you will be very glad you did. Dr. Axe:Well, the chiropractic care, one of
the most powerful natural treatments for getting rid of both migraine and tension headaches.
Again, seek out a wellness chiropractor for treatment. Jordan:And if you’re somebody who wants to
naturally treat, remedy migraines, try butterbur extract or feverfew, available at your local
health food store. Ask the person working there which brand they recommend. This works
so well in certain people. Dr. Axe:Yeah, I’m going to hit on a couple
here. B-complex, again, we talked about B6 supporting circulation. B-vitamins are also
critical for liver detoxification, so again, getting these in your diet is great for both
helping headaches but also preventing them in the future. And getting bone broth contains
some really, really crucial amino acids and also other things like hyaluronic acid, glucosamine,
chondroitin, which are good for the joints, good for headaches, especially as Jordan mentioned,
a broth that is cooked at a higher temperature for a shorter period of time. Jordan:Absolutely. And stay hydrated and more
importantly, use the water cure for headaches. Drink eight ounces of water as soon as you
feel it, ten minutes later, another eight ounces of water, don’t eat in between, maybe
wait a little bit after that to eat. I really think dehydration is a big cause of this. And one thing we didn’t mention I wanted to
bring up, some people have headaches because of jaw misalignment. Chiropractic can help
but also, seek out a biological dentist. So for me, I’m a tooth grinder, I don’t think
it’s at night. Nicki hasn’t told me that. But I clench. So I wear a night mouth guard
to try to get everything aligned. Not that I’ve had headaches as a result, but those
type of things can really cause issues. So make sure that your jaw is functioning in
good shape. Dr. Axe:Yeah, remember, take a detox bath
at night. Use some of those essential oils, lavender, chamomile, peppermint with some
Epsom salts in a bath to relax and relieve your tension headache. Jordan:And get up and move gently. Pull your
shoes off, walk outside, connect with the earth. They call it “earthing” or grounding,
helps to reduce stress. Also take some adaptogenic herbs, rhodiola, ashwagandha, eleuthero, schisandra.
They’re really amazing. Dr. Axe:Yeah. And try a cayenne muscle rub.
Again, they increase circulation in the area. Well guys, this has been Jordan Rubin and
myself, Dr. Josh Axe. Hey, don’t forget, we’re coming to you every single week live. If you’re
not subscribed, make sure you subscribe here to this channel. And also, hey, thanks for
being on mission with us and sharing and liking this video. So we’re coming to you every Monday through
Thursday at 10:30 a.m. Central Time. Also, we do pop ins sometimes on Fridays and on
the weekends, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss those. So guys, we’ve been
talking about Ancient Medicine and the top 11 headache remedies. Hey, we hope you’ve
enjoyed this video.

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  1. Hi Dr. Axe. I use essential oils quite often to help me manage my headaches. I usually use peppermint oil and lavender or a headache blend. Peppermint oil helps for most mild headaches. I have noticed that sometimes depending on the type of headache that the oils can aggravate the headache. I get migraines and other episodic headaches similar to cluster headaches.

  2. That explains a lot. I have headaches constantly! I started aligning my ears over my shoulder like Dr. Axe suggested; its a bit awkward but I have less neck stress. I'm a person who has many different types of pain at almost all times. I have Sciatic nerve pain and use Peppermint oil before doing yoga to help relax my body so there is less pain during the stretching. I sit at a desk attending to customers literally 16 hours a day and now I will get up and walk around whenever the opportunity arises. I've tried using Lavender at night to help me sleep, it hasn't been working really due to my back pain, or shoulder pains because I'm trying to sleep on my sides but I just end up hurting my shoulders; or my period. So I would like to know what I could do to help this problem; do I use Lavender with another oil?

  3. Hello Dr's, I have chronic migraines and actually rejoice in the a day that I don't have a headache /migraine. I am so done with scripts!!! I have lost my job bc of them. I've never heard of butterbur. I will try this along with the bone broth. everything else I'm doing. Is there anything else???? PLEASE HELP?


  4. Oh I have a headache every single day. I use a tube of muscle rub A DAY on my forehead and neck. I have FIBRO. I'm so interested in the magnesium spray or oil. I hope I can find this.

  5. I also take way to many goody powders ughh
    I cannot drink any type of water,, it literally kills my gallbladder 😥. I try Gatorade and I do like it. I really do think dehydration is my big problem.

  6. I suffer from hormonal migraines monthly. Does anyone have any tips that can help? I can not take BC pills any more because apparently when you're middle aged you're at a higher risk for blood clots while on them. It was the only thing that helped for a while.

  7. Hi, love your vids. I, too, suffered from 12 to 40 years with migraines. Lots of vomiting, light and sound sensitivity. I removed most processed food from our family diet and kept a diary. My headaches disappeared. My diary revealed that 80% of the time when I ate out, I had a migraine about 48 hours after. I mention this to my doctor but she said a 2 day delay  was impossible. Is it possible? I am just happy they are still mostly gone after 10 years and I know that they are caused by food for me.

  8. I need help with this, Easter Sunday I had to go in ambulance to emergency due to severe sinus infection. can I also take a ginger tea from the actual seasoning?

  9. Don't forget about physical therapy!! We can do alllll kinds of natural remedies such as; soft tissue mobilizations, joint mobilizations, ergonomic assessments/ posture education, active release treatments, assess muscles around the skull that could be tight – suboccipitals, Sternocleidomastoid, upper trap, levator, paraspinals, also, TMJ muscles (buccinator and etc), functional movement, ROM deficits at joint or limited by musculature, movement compensations. There is soooo much more to PT that people even realize. It's way more than exercises- it's more of a neurophysiological approach to functional movement. Neurodevelopmental sequence is just an example!!

  10. I have cervicogenic headaches I have cervical spondylitis. My garden has many herbs. (with an 'h') amongst them is a massive feverfew plant. When I feel a headache starting I pull off a couple of leaves and chew them. The headache goes in no time… Wonderful stuff… Good for lots of other pain relief too, Arthritis is a very important one…

  11. I find that some essential oils are triggers for migraines for me. I am sensitive to smells, my very first migraine was triggered by perfume. Over time I've discovered that there are number of natural aromas that can be triggers for me, some have developed over time. Lavender is now a problem to me, and I've triggered a migraine with eucalyptus oil as well. It would be good to warn people that this can be a problem for some people, otherwise those people may actually make their migraines worse by using essential oils.

    Magnesium has helped me, and I've recently started butterbur. For my tightness in the neck, making a point to consciously relax often has helped, so has rubbing magnesium oil directly on the neck area, along with massage.

    Thanks for the presentation. I agree with a lot of what you said and am working on trying different things at present since I've had a rather dramatic increase in migraines recently.

  12. Shalom Dr. Axe, I have hormonal migraines. They are so debilitating… I have been recording them for a couple years. I take magnesium, I use essential oils. I take a bath with Epsom salt and lavender. I drink lots of water. I use peppermint oil and use other essential oils to try and help. But I still get migraines during my menstrual cycle. I am in my mid 40's Please, tell me what I can do for a hormonal migraine naturally. Thank you! Blessings

  13. is there something you can tell me to tell others of what they can make as an alternative to their taken TOPAMAX for headaches/migraines of what occurs before a seizure, but the side effect is headaches-especially if they try to ween themselves off to somewhat self control their thoughts. *it's said to be a Natural remedy for majority if all/some high cost prescription medicine.

  14. Lol lol I can't believe it..just water..my head was killing me since last night. I decided to look on YouTube for a natural cure. The WATER really worked. I was apparently dehydrated because it work instantly LMBO!

  15. Put a cold pack or a cold cloth to your neck, holding it against your jujular veins for a few minutes. This will cure your headache.

  16. Water Treatment—for many years I've done this and recommended this treatment but I put a pinch of salt on back of tongue with the first 8 ounces of water. (Sea salt best)

  17. I love your videos! I've used epsom salt with clary sage and frankinsce in the bath and it helped reduce menstrual cramps that were 7 , from scale 1-10

  18. Wonderful and helpful recipes!! Thank you for incredible channel! A mustard compress (from dry powder)on the back of the neck helps perfect as well and a cup of warm mint tea.

  19. Just drank some Pellegrino water and headache has gone. I was laying down wanting to throw up before! Thx for the tip!

  20. Man I love these two Lord bless them for being real doctors …minus the yoga stuff tho …eastern religions ain't gonna help noone

  21. Im having HORRID HEADACHES/MIGRAINE TYPES! I know mine are triggered by the lack of sleep I am receiving because I work 2 jobs😑 Also My diet…ive been eating more processed foods cause of my new work schedule…Im VEGAN and have a super clean diet normally…however, since the 2 jobs plus lack of sleep (5 hrs a night 6 days a week) I have most definitely triggered my migraine headaches! I also suffer sinuses that adds to the inflammation. I feel great after well rested sleep..but head aches get worse through the day/debilitating bad😞

  22. i been already in headache for two weeks i went to my doctor she said its tention headache so she give me pill but its doesnt help me a lot

  23. If someone is having a headache and looks up a video to try to relieve a headache they don't need a long lecture of you getting to the very point just for your information have a great day

  24. What are some ways to cures your sinusitis safely? I read lots of good reviews on the internet about how Sinuzolax Miracle will help you cures your sinus safely. Has any one tested out this popular sinusitis treatment?

  25. Floatation Therapy aka sensory deprivation tanks are very good for getting the magnesium you need. Visit a float center close to you and try it. Www.aches-away.com

  26. I've been having a headache I went to chiropractor and then I stop going now I have headache again what should I do it also makes me dizzy when I get it

  27. I wanted to ask about the headache on the back of head. I was told by an eye doctor that a headache in back of head is usually due to straining of your eyes and means you should get your eyes checked. I have noticed this to be true. Most my headaches are up front or on sides/temples. Since I started getting my glasses/lenses checked every year, that back headache is gone. I wanted to know your thoughts because it would be important for someone that is suffering with headache in back to get their vision checked because they might just need glasses?

  28. I am so late on this. I suffer from migraines, sinus headaches, and tension headaches. I get really bad tension in my neck 😬 I love essential oils but I can’t get peppermint and lavender to work for me when it comes to headaches. I have found that copaiba and frankincense helps a little. I love taking epsom salt baths. That does help me a little bit.

  29. Mold exposure caused headaches for us because it dehydrates you because it affects your hormones. No matter how much we drank, we were still dehydrated. Electrolytes and detox was essential. Just for some whose headaches could be caused by this. Lyme / bartonella also gave me horrible headaches that went away with several months of treatment.

  30. The difference between fast bone broth and slow bone broth has to do with amino acids that affect transmitters relevant to PANDAS, and some CNS issues too.

  31. Hot water and a 1/2 or whole lemon 3 times a dat detoxs the body and after 2 weeks u wil not have anymore migraines if you continue this everyday

  32. Extremely allergic to every essential oil I've tried. Believe smells, chemicals, and many foods are trigger for 98% of all my headache and migraines!

  33. Be careful with peppermint oil in the bath. Only a couple drops, if you use much more, you’ll never make that mistake twice!

  34. I get awful headaches after running or abdominal exercises. It’s been terrible to live in fear every day if I’m going to get a headache or not. Deep breaths help it to subside. I will try to drink 3, 8 ounce bottles of water prior to exercise to see if this helps. The headaches last all day until the evening. I think water may be one of the culprits.

  35. B.4 You Were Born!

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  36. It was odd to hear you mention jaw misalignment! That happened to me 40 years ago! I had cancer, a hysterectomy and then headaches so bad I threw up!! My Mother-in-law talked me into seeing a Chiropractor! Best thing I ever did!! On x-ray he found that when I opened my mouth, my jaws dislocated!! After surgery, all these years later, I rarely have a headache!! If you have a problem, no matter what it might be, see a CHIROPRACTOR!!!

  37. you guys are missing out the point- many people have hormonal /menstrual migrenes where there is dilatation of arteries. Its not indicated to take cayenne pepper in such case. I eat as clean and healthy as possible- still have migrenes due to hormonal change. Chiro doesnt help- just stop misinforming people..

  38. Jordan Rubin-I know you are right! I use to have chest pains-angina-many times and the blood tests indicated low sodium. After IV fluids, I felt much better!

  39. Clove oil dabbed on tooth can take tooth pain away.
    For head ack coriander oil helps cool the head.
    I also used tiger balm on my head when I had cluster headaches

  40. I used the digest roll on from simply earth and I’m using the lavender epsom salt bath. I just drank a cup of water. Since I’ve been in the bath I feel more dehydrated. I’ll be drinking more and taking a b-complex when I get out.

  41. I from Erie Pennsylvania. I woke up with a sinus headaches and my neck hurts. I have a cyst in my sinuses is there a national remedy for this.

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