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– Hi, Dr. Heather here from Wellspring Chiropractic
Lifestyle Center. Today we’re talking about headaches, and what we do right here in the office to help people get the best results. So we know that often
times there can be toxins or deficiencies in somebody’s diet that can be contributing to headaches. Those toxins can cause the
liver to get overloaded, the colon to get backed
up, and those are factors that actually can contribute to headaches. So here in the office we do very specific nutritional testing that’s
neurologically based so that we can fine-tune
and get the right match of the right supplements
for that individual, so that we can reconcile
any toxicities they have and help their body
detox those toxicities, or to also replenish any
deficiencies that they have, which is interfering
with their body’s ability to just go through its normal functions. So we do that testing, we use products that are whole food based from companies that are growing their own organic food that goes into these products. So we know that there are lots of products that are out there on the market, and we only wanna recommend the ones that we find are useful and
are of the highest quality. So we fine-tune that by doing the testing to make sure that the person
is getting the right match for what they need. And so I hope that you
found that this was useful. If you’re curious about
whether or not we can help you, you can simply click on the link below and that’s our new patient
special for headaches, and you can find out more
when you click on the link. I look forward to meeting you. (upbeat music)

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