Healing Depression

I want to talk about healing today, and I’m never, probably never, irreverent about healing and pain that people deal with. I am irreverent when it comes to people pretending they’re not in pain, and being hypocritical about that sort of thing so I make fun of humans, but I really respect the fact that people are struggling in life. So I want to talk about this idea of healing, because when we beam in to planet Earth, and I don’t care what we struggle with, it all still pertains to today. You can be struggling and have a sickness called lack. Financial lack, it could be rejection It could be things like that, but it can also be depression. So whatever a person struggles with, even physical illness, whatever people struggle with, it doesn’t exist in God. That’s the good news. The bad news is, we believe we’re separate from God, therefore sky’s the limit. Create all kinds of funky things. We sort of live as though we’re in exile somewhere, in some bizarre planetary quarantine of some kind. It’s just odd, but we we live here. we have you know God is saying I give you everything you need you are made in
my image and we say okay hold that thought
we’re gonna go live in a dimension of time limitation suffering death
you know prosperity and God’s going I wouldn’t advise it yeah yeah I know but
we’re we have a different idea and so off we go to this kind of bizarro planet
but if if you were in completely truly in heaven ten seconds ago and you beamed
in right now you would still be able to maintain even on earth a certain amount
of awareness of expansiveness your breath even though you’re in a body the
body would symbolize your consciousness and if you just beamed in from heaven
your consciousness would be beautiful and expensive therefore it would be the
aura you know Oh vast man chakras just beaming and
you’d feel that presence sometimes you feel that from me up here and sometimes
from each other other spiritual teachers perhaps sometimes healers or in your
meditation to go well that’s just a tip of the iceberg of what we’re supposed to
be feeling all the time incapable of feeling all the time and far better but
there could be this constant wave of expansion expansiveness but one’s shames
physical traumas emotional traumas each one of those shut us down a little more
and a little more and we become stuck literally stuck like literally the
vertebra of the spine no longer can move they’re not as pliable they start to
suction it everything starts to become like glue we’re not you know our joints
aren’t supposed to be glued go to a really good body worker they work the
joints to take others there’s some tissue there’s some thickness there’s
some you know that tissue actually starts to almost like it’s a coagulation
of some kind a thickening that’s not supposed to be there you’re not supposed
to brush through people’s oars and film creatures you know it’s supposed to be
there blessed to have work your aura because it’s so beautiful and
expansiveness Wow you’re the dancing in your aura is
making me the healer feel like dancing oh wow
you know just hope it’s supposed to all be a WoW and instead not wow I’m gonna
go get myself smudged after working on you you know so so we’re supposed to be
feeling expansive and happy but that’s not what happens Healing will give us
the liberation that we started forgetting but we’re I’m telling you
even the joints the cells it’s all supposed to feel liberated we should be
feeling liberation in every cell every particle liberation meaning freedom oh
the whole being feeling free you know but then there are several emotions
those traumas they start kind of getting locked in and there’s different reasons
why it picks different to the body sometimes it happens to be a
karmic location you came in with from another life don’t believe it or not you
can come in from another lifetime where somebody took you out with this spear in
the chest let’s say and this lifetime what there’s no people spearing you know
and all that but when you have somebody hurt your feelings you won’t know why
but it kind of went here and then the next time somebody hurts you’re feeling
a little more and then a little more and and it starts to become a mess in your
lungs because it’s thickened and thick and it started manifesting we hear of
the word of God was made manifest you know in the scriptures we hear that so
it’s not just the Word of God you’re also made in God’s image so your word
starts to become manifest and if your word is resentment see the Word of God
made manifest was called the Christ on earth which is also within us but the
Word of God is also the word in you as God is manifesting what is your word
peace joy liberation healing no I don’t really talk about that I don’t want to
talk about I want to remember that it starts becoming masses joints that don’t
move or masses as in growths or whatever you know inflammations every kind of you
know stuff physical but also emotional you know so you know anger for example
we think oh well you know there’s people out there that say angers normal just
embrace it anger is not norm anger is not felt in God therefore why would it
be our will to say let’s just be the anger all right anger is actually a
symptom you have to feel hurt before you get
angry you have to pay something else so human beings are learning and I’ve been
promoting this idea of my book called healing the heart and soul about healing
the core issues I’m not saying ignore the the symptom is yeah asymptomatic
issues not at all but the symptomatic issues can lead us
on a journey to find the core issues you know in a nutshell and emotions you know
core issues they do the emotions generally now you
most of they feed each other one will feed another make it bigger and this
just becomes this descent this this nosedive
but the progression or digression it looks like this we all have in our core
of our being a perfect holy Christ God presence that’s the good news then we
said to ourselves what is it like I wanted to be separate from God and
started feeling fear and guilt about that idea and then to cope with that
instead of this perfect Christ’s holy presence there becomes this this band of
Darkness around the Christ self so let’s say I’m manifesting right here
and now so I’m the Christ and I stand and I glow and my hand gestures are
mudras and I’m speaking and as I’m speaking channeling the God in Christ
presence and we’re all dancing in the delight of God and we’re having that
experience then something happens to me like the songs we listened to today in
case the folks watching want to know that includes things like wildflower the
6070 song and then to the moon and back by Savage Garden those songs are
describing what happens to us after we’re hurt so here I am in this God self
and then wrapping around me in this dark cloud and that’s the ego-self now when
you look at me you no longer see me you see my wounds and I see yours but we
don’t like the idea hey how you doing you look terrible you too okay you know
we don’t like just walking around seeing each other’s wounds so then we have to
put some masks up front Hey good to see you God you look great
you too what did we just see it’s kind of like people meet and say listen do me
a favor I won’t show you my darkness if you won’t show me yours
remember the old you know show me yours I’ll show you my uh if you can hide
yours I’ll hide mine agreed okay Hey how you doing you look great you too goodbye
and we’re done for that conversation when the truth is inside people are
hurting and they don’t want to be a bummer they don’t want to be you know
the fly in the ointment today they don’t want to say well you asked how I’m doing
to tell you the truth I’m experiencing the
or what it’s like to be separate from God how are you how do you ask what if
somebody said that oh look you know look over there oh and run you know both to
get away from the conversation because because people are so uncomfortable with
it because you’d have to pause and go I’m sorry you know me too
what’s happening for you and be able to engage at that level in depth that’s the
level we could and should be able to communicate that sometimes I don’t feel
like I’m remembering the God experience why what’s happening and somebody’s
maybe accessing the routes maybe we just hold them while they do it maybe you
know hold space and sometimes we we can go into that place with them where we’re
actually reminding them of the light at the end of the tunnel or sometimes
helping them delve deeper into whatever it is and helping them find the roots so
that we can pull those things out you know it’s it’s right and it’s healthy
and that’s how we can and should be there for each other so the ego is an
interesting thing because it has this layer wrapped around and then we start
creating masks to survive and the ego says well that’s really fine and dandy
but I have other ideas too what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna plant not only the
feeling of separation which is what the ego is and that’s wrapped around our
light but then the ego says and I’m not only going to keep it sabotaged inside
your your belief that you’re separate I’m now planting I’m gardening how you
doing today I’m just gardening what are you doing ego I’m just Arden well we
don’t bother asking when you’re planting Oh terror you know low self-worth core
emotions guilt oh really and then what it does is okay now
planting those is fine but you know the way the way industry works on planet
earth and it’s um in my opinion in one of its grossest ways is it produces a
product and then tells you you need it and that’s in that gross
you know I didn’t know there were so many things on earth I didn’t need you
know but no people instead go really I I just heard a commercial that I should be
using that soon I probably should get some now before something happens you
know when you got to go get and you didn’t even think it through to go wait
I’m not even interested in that that’s what the ego does it plants these root
these core emotions and then it says out in the world that starts planting people
that are gonna harm you to trigger those core emotions or it’s like building a
demand so it goes out in it and it makes people behave in ways to treat you in
ways that are going to trigger those very core emotions then the next step is
that’s all done so that it can validate and verify that you have a problem so it
plants for example low self-worth now it’s got to go out there and find
somebody to walk up and say you don’t look well or I’m sorry you didn’t get
that job I knew it somewhere I knew that I wasn’t gonna get
that why because inside of me there’s this growing plant called low self-worth
and the egos planted it out there to tell somebody to reject me to mirror my
low self-worth venom but that’s okay I was really bumped but then I met someone
oh it all worked out man they really helped me you know when I was gonna
crash you know and they had money they said you don’t really have to work I go
my god I felt such a relief because somebody came in to save the day
and they dumped me for no reasons three weeks later
and here so you see what’s happening create the demand and then shorten the
demand and make you think you need even more of it now it’s harder to find
simple raise the price on it this is the way the ego and you can see the
relationship of the way the ego loves to run our lives but the way it runs
industry lies men all lies you don’t lack anything so don’t buy it that you
need something if we could all just go you know be with somebody is kind of
cool but I actually don’t feel like I need it being with somebody is great if
not it’s great to you know and it’s funny thing today I don’t have someone
you think loneliness is not loneliness is not a core issue first somebody has
to plant in you that you need something then dangle them over there look look
I’m pretty you know you want some of this oh yeah
I think so how much is it you know what and the prices of money you’d be lucky
if you could get away with just paying for a fee for that kind of dysfunction
you pay with your soul you pay from the guts your organs your glands your psyche
all are paying the price for believing in what people are selling and you know
there’s a way to wake up button this this there is a digression of these
emotions and as we move on down the ladder obviously we get to a place where
the the egos gonna start through through these triggers from inside of me outside
making people doing and feeling you know behave certain ways to trigger those
core emotions now they’ve got me it’s got me my ego but also the pain and then
the pain is gonna manifest for some of us as depression everybody’s depressed a
little bit just so we’re clear about that there’s not like you know thank God
you know the rest of us are cool but there’s that one
pressed personal everybody’s depressed a bit to some degree or another it’s hard
to lose the you know your life savings and not be depressed how you how you to
say oh I felt great you know usually well I I did it
I felt kind of bummed if you’re in pain chronic fatigue for example if you’re in
pain fiber mild if you’re in pain for a long duration set to get depressing so
people you know whether the pains and minor some people are depressed not even
long-term veinous as soon as they hear they have something but you have a cold
all I know it and and they just drop because because that’s how we are we we
can’t afford a whole lot we’re so messed up we can’t afford a lot so a little
something happens and we start crashing but we’re all let’s just accept and it’s
not like you’re going he’s planting negatives in my mind guys it’s better
for us to own it so that we can transform it and if you think it’s only
your neighbor or your kid it’s depressed and you’re not you can’t help them
anyway because you’re detaching from them it’s better for us to go yes you
know what we all have love and we all have fear well it we all have joy and we
all have depression which which animal are you feeding today which one are you
nurturing today and take responsibility to change that there are lots of reasons
you could say well I’m not depressed but I have hypothyroid that’s not the point
I already said the ego within will go outside and create things including
physical things in your body to manifest the core emotions so if I have a core
emotion of loneliness let say sadness or whatever it happens to be loneliness is
really like I said a symptom but a core emotion guilt or fear low self-worth
then the hypothyroid just going to become a manifestation of that and it
doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong I knew it so I’m the one who’s creating
don’t get all weird about it you know don’t don’t push yourself like
that but hypo you might have the hypothyroid you might have iron
deficiency and somebody’s gonna analyze the an iron deficiency but remember just
spiritually go ahead and take the extra iron and take the extra nutrients that
help you absorb the iron but also look in the soul as to what’s feeding the ego
believes that you’re needing to feel the way you’re feeling and then needing the
iron is that making sense alright chemical imbalances genetics
there’s all kinds of things that can kind of kind of take us believe it or
not entities attachments entities are pressing us possessing us there’s
different terminology there for different reasons but some are all
pressing some are possessing but entities can cause this if you know
anybody that struggles with a lot of depression deep depression ongoing
depression intense levels of depression it can be any one of these or a group of
these things adrenal fatigue chronic fatigue your believe it or not you can
even have depression because your root chakra is unplugged and sometimes the
root chakra doesn’t get plugged in because you’re kind of a sensitive soul
and I’ve met some of you here in private sessions we talked about this there are
souls out there that are very sensitive and they’re like okay you know gonna go
into the earth plane it’s gonna be a breeze this is great you know if they’re
even that some of them remember God going where earth I’ve been there it’s
not good but others are like oh it sounds lovely and so whichever of those
two you are you come into the earth plane and no sooner you get here and
it’s like we’re where the quickening happens in the womb and we’re like and
we’re in a mommy’s womb and the temperature and the water and every so
often mommy touches the tummy with this like are you there honey so beautiful
and then you know dad starts screaming about something and you know the babies like mom let’s leave
him sorry but anyway mommy do you have a car you know what we do in heaven we
don’t go to hell um it’s just a just FYI mom you might want to try it but but but
it every one of those screaming those fits those yucky things including ow and
the nausea mommy gets the baby’s a little uncomfortable going wait this was
this was a great idea on the other side before they were feeling the actual
density of it and now Wow then of course labor pains and think
about that man the baby’s not like oh this is so beautiful
labor screaming and clenching and the baby like what do you want to need to go
or not you know you’re one minute you’re pushing the next minute you’re flinching
then it starts grabbing the pelvic bones I’m not going anywhere you know someone
else if you have any luck in coming advertise
Watkins Newton comm you know moon for rent I channeled these things name you
guys can’t blame me anyway anyway the the pain and that’s
just the least of it coming into the cold rooms this sterile
the you know the stainless steel yeah by hospitals where people are dying and in
pain and families are crying or if that’s where you’re I’m just saying it’s
a it’s an example earth it’s a dense place and some souls are very sensitive
and they don’t know how to get here so they come into their body like you’re
supposed to but they don’t take the elevator all the way to the ground floor
they even though people talk about the other way their elevators and go all the
way to the top it’s it’s our elevators don’t come all the way to the ground so
so we live in this sometimes Spacey dissociated state the logic is if I
don’t go in all the way maybe I’m a little safer but the truth is when you
don’t go in all the way you’re more likely to be prey for predators and they
love sensitive people because whatever they do to you know they know generally
they’ll get away with it because you’re so sensitive and you hide away and they
can sense that yeah I know it sounds weird but people can souls can sense
that sort of thing that you’re already afraid so they can take advantage you
know so these things the hyper sensitive soul that doesn’t come all the way in
can add to depression I’m the old traumas unhealed wounds I’m dramatic or
excessive losses can just drop us it could be your house your job people
leaving it it can just drop us but remember the egos already planted in
there a core emotion that these events are now grabbing hold of healed
symptomatically but to wise heal on the soul level
much smarter repressed emotions can do this to us spiritual or psychological
fatigue because even if your spiritual man it does get tiring sometimes to see
and hear and feel the this stuff of planet Earth
it’s not easy seeing the pain of people and feeling the pain of people it’s not
easy you know and the more spiritual you are you know you probably are a little
bit sensitive so that fact that you’re sensitive makes it hard to hear dense
stuff some of the the gross behaviors and traumatizing events physical fatigue
obviously can you know play quite a role on the psyche and again I said it
intense stuff but also consistent stuff and sometimes it’s intense and
consistent at the same time so how do you deal with the trauma because trauma
is gonna happen intensely or repetitively obviously you have to do
healing repetitively which I call consistently and instead of calling it
intensely dramatically in a good way called miraculously so you have to match
the stuff of this world at least match it the stuff of this
world is going to happen repetitively and intensely so bring in the human
that’s consistent and miraculous you can’t just kind of get by you can’t just
go okay I’ve had all kinds of horrible behaviors people abusing me and
traumatize me an astronaut to do it it doesn’t help you match it or better and
there’s even thing other things that depressed people you might and one of
them is not that respectable mind you is the Eco dramatics through the art the
tortured artist you know sometimes we play parts like that on just John just
put me up on a cross of just a victim and the tortured artist you know nobody
understands me sometimes we actually create our own depressions by playing
rollers that are really healthy and you okay the one thing I want to talk about
next is what do we do about these things because people will say to me you know I
I hear you I’ve gone through these things but how do you actually heal deep
emotions you got to get to so low level healing which we’ve talked about I’ll
elaborate in a sec but it’s not going to help if we ignore these things it’s not
gonna help if we just go well I’m just gonna whistle a little louder and and
you know I’m just a much better if you don’t have the courage to look in the
soul to see the core issues you’ll only ever be dealing with symptoms it’s
better than nothing mind you good job you might have to just force yourself to
get up and go for a walk and get fresh air it helps that doesn’t cure you it’s
just that it helps depression is like a like an entity that wants to Rameau
belies you and what do you think you have to do the only time immobilized is
healthy is when you choose it and you choose it for a time Pierre
I feel really immobilized I’m gonna sit in a warm bubble bath a candle and some
beautiful healing music and I’ll read a prayer at least if I’m going to be
immobilized let me choose to do it I don’t want to be a victim because then
it becomes a reality so I might so I’m gonna do this but I’m gonna do it in a
different way you know trauma don’t try to make sense of it if
it made sense it wouldn’t have been done if anybody was in had any sense about
them they would have hurt you so when you try to logic it out it just doesn’t
work so what happens to some of us is there must be another way I’m sick and
tired of this I’m tired of being tired I’m tired of being sick good job but
guess what being tired of it will not heal you you might grow a little
impatient you might you know but use that fire to do something about it how
do you motivate a depressed person think about when you say oh I’m gonna cheer
you on you can do it Thanks
everybody I know they know just died and you’re going you can do it I want
them back I want anything sanity of any kind so the the cheering people on life
coaches are perfect for some things and perfect for a person dealing with deep
dark things like depression but not until after they’ve uprooted some of it
because you have to make room for the new way the life coach is trying to give
you if a life coach is working with a deeply depressed person in a way they’re
polishing the outside of a tomb that one’s not mine that was from the Bible okay
you’re like dark on the tomb yes because inside there’s death still so you can’t
you can’t fake these things so level healing we’ve got to have the courage to
heal and heal at the deepest level in a sense you could say that trauma freezes
us healing starts to thaw us out but once you’re in the habit of being frozen
like if you’ve had novocaine or painkillers local anesthetics and so
forth it doesn’t always feel good when that stuff wears off which is why some
people get addicted to pain meds well you know this is interesting I kind of
liked that let me just go back for a little more and it becomes an addiction
because it’s harder it’s harder to heal than it is to be numb but only one of
those will bring you peace only one and it isn’t the numbness the numbness will
only intensify the issues for later so you we can choose when we heal but we do
not choose that we will heal that that’s gonna happen so would you like that now
or later you know I’ve had a tooth worked on a root canal kind of thing
before and I just told him don’t use any
anesthetic man let’s go for it baby just go cuz I get annoyed and what happens
with the anesthetic so I might just go for it you know
and if I cry just be with me brother but no but it’s it’s you know just go
for it now I’m not saying that’s the best way for everybody what I’m saying
is I’m aware of the metaphor and I and the metaphor is do not think that going
through the pain is the negative choice between that and numbing whether it’s
alcohol or any other kind of of an addiction so but depression isn’t what
people think I wish there was a better fix on this I wish you know given all
our ideas science and medicine and analysis to figure out what depression
is they I don’t believe that the world knows what understands what depression
really is typically before you’re depressed something has made you sad and
then you know you deal with that for long enough and then you start to feel
depressed and then after you pressed you start to feel hopeless
sometimes hopeless comes before depressed but it’s typically a sadness
and it can happen so fast all you see is the one depression first there’s a
sadness annemun add another word because depression is really a recipe of sadness
mixed with other things like tired okay depression includes tart which is why
you feel tired when you’re depressed you don’t just feel sad you feel tired
something has not gone well for you now a person miracle seems merciless on the
topic of depression because it’s going to say depression comes from feeling
deprived depression deprived and the only thing that’s causing you to feel
depressed is actually because you feel deprived meaning and I’m just it’s blunt
for a second you’re not getting something you want and he doesn’t mean
he’s not criticizing you you spoiled brat you’re not getting the cookie wine
and that’s what’s causing you depressed that’s not what he’s saying what is it
you want what is he referring to peace and love
so see it’s still true depressions coming you’re sad and you’re tired this
is my bit marriage and still betrayal I’m depressed yes cuz I’m sad
that it happened and I’m tired of trying you feel the tone of that and then I’m
also feeling a bit angry frustrated than angry and depressed depressed is a good
day for some people because depressed can go into like I said hopelessness and
thinking that word the meaning of hope listen there is no hope
think if you believe that what state of mind you have to be and hopelessness is
a good day for some called despair that’s really out there despair now
you’re even beyond hopeless nuts inside despair and despair can lead to suicidal
tendencies this can all happen in seconds minutes hours months years
however long it’s going to take but nobody ever just goes God and kind of
bummed and chooses to die usually this is ongoing they’ve come in already
sensitive the world’s beating them up and they’re not handling it as well as
some who have a little thicker skin people you know if you’ve been a soldier
in other lifetimes you can handle a little more of Earth you’re like oh yeah
I’ve been here but the people that come in like fairies you know all hey isn’t
everything great benefit Wow you know what the heck was that it’s
harder to have them and my heart goes out to these and my heart goes out to
the people they leave behind when they take their own lives but I do understand
it I do because it’s it’s the pain it’s the ongoing hurt the hopeless and
somebody says you hear the word hopelessness look at that should conjure
up some compassion and and yet the world keeps trying to figure it out with their
head which here’s what you really want that causes you to be depressed and
you’re not getting it is you want to understand fine people are mean to me
but why see it’s not just that they’re mean that eventually causes you
depression Jesus is saying there’s something you don’t get and you want to
have it you don’t get it so you’re depressed what does that thing Jesus
understanding I want you to make sure you get that if
I understood why it happened I might handle it better if I knew why I
was so sensitive if I knew why people tease me in school eighties matter and
understand the truth is somebody should be able to show up and say oh you’re one
of the sensitives let’s put you in this class here when you get to do art and
creative things you follow see it’s the I don’t know I mean that’s what I was
depressed as a kid going what is happening I don’t get this at all
why am I always under strict why am I always always it’s the not understanding
that for me was the most painful if I’m not saying that the trauma is easy but
it is made easier when we understand it so we’re sometimes we’re just looking
for clarity if you understood why that person cheated on you you would actually
handle it better and you would almost say which we should have done this
sooner you know like I yeah we should have ended this sooner or whatever
understanding and clarity is what people are looking for and not getting that
causes them to eventually descend into despair you know and and and we try all
these various means to kind of pull this together medicines for depression then I
remember a study announced it was about five ten years ago the weirdest thing on
the radio flipping you know channels give music and that no sudden there was
this announcement a new study was just done on depression so I thought old
woman listen you know what’s happening with that topic I like things that
relate to people a new study was done and they just tried
a new test medicine for depression I’m not exaggerating and the test ten of the
subjects that tested it nine of them committed suicide while they were in the
test period in this thing right I mean what are you people using I mean because
there’s such a desperation we don’t know how to fix you a great mind I love
Voltaire if you know who Volterra’s and he said these people by in every name
whether they’re sy kinds of doctors would it whatever they’re scientists
anything people dole out medicines of which
little for a body of which they know even less for illnesses they know
nothing at all I love that you know it’s one of those kinds of people that just
cuts to the chase I don’t know I kind of like those kind of people anyway you
know but just to it so where are we getting these ideas why isn’t anybody
finding out the core issues why isn’t anybody talking to the sole because it
can’t be measured it can’t be analyzed it can’t be dissected and if it can’t be
figured out they can’t sell it so soul level healings free but we just have to
have the care to want to figure out how to use that soul level healing involves
recognizing there’s a problem accepting that there’s deeper issues behind the
problem learning to heal them breathe them out cry umph you come out give them
surrender them to God in some form and then now the cup is empty so you refill
with the office of the presence of God and peace and joy that’s where the life
coaching can come in handy you know some Goods and positives and giving thanks a
complete system those five steps there on the healing the heart and soul you
know book but some of you have your own wording for but something along those
lines you have to empty your cup and refill it this world won’t do that for
you so the opposite feelings of despair and depression and hopelessness sadness
are what happiness that’s what we’re supposed to be feeling the opposite
happiness joy even bliss contentment right see up nuns up you know abundance
that’s supposed to be how we’re feeling it won’t happen without healing so we’ve
got to take ourselves into what can I use look what would we help will bless
you what would be helpful to heal me a list
of things that that would also help in case you’re interested obviously things
like affirmations and prayer are helpful but I’m not going to stay in the sublime
prayerful stuff the spiritual stuff but prayer and affirmations help a great
deal you’ve also believe it or not if you can
find your soul’s purpose it’s hard to be depressed and even
suicidal when you feel a sense of purpose value and if you want to help
other people help them feel valuable it’s hard when you see that you’re
working and you’re saving rescuing animals or people or suicide hotlines
are doing anything of value whatever it is was a serving here anything you do
that helps people writing a book or whatever it happens to be it’s hard to
see the effect you’re having on people and be bummed about it so find a sense
of purpose or as Edgar Cayce said a solution to depression service be of
service that’s one reason why the 12-step for one reason in the 12-step
programs you not only are working to connect with God and heal your stuff
they tell you in the third portion of the steps go and bring it to the world
bring bring it to others one reason they’re having you do that is so that
you create a new sense of self a new sense of value which is going to be the
opposite of going back to the addictions where you lacked value there’s purpose
for all these things especially these deeply channelled kinds of concepts and
the 12-step program is a channel one so we also have doing decrees prayers
decrees which I’m going to share with you in just a sec patch the leaks in
your life see when I was a kid coming home walking home from school even if I
happen to forget how much my life sucked at the time even if I could somehow
manage to have forgotten them it slipped my mind for a moment as soon as I got
close enough to the house turned the corner
dad’s car everything would sink you see and that’s not good but I’m a kid so I
couldn’t really do that much to I’ll move or something I you know and then I
did what I could but if we’re immobilized we’re kind of stuck but
anything you can do to shift the energy anything you can do to to break the the
pattern and leaks is what I mean there if people keep
advantage real in it a little bit if people take money and they know don’t
pay you back when you lend the money don’t lend as much start reeling in the
things that are coming back to you has harms you see don’t don’t I mean if you
go up to an animals if you’re helping with dogs and rescues and dogs and
animals don’t reach your hand in quite as far into the cage with one that’s got
some anger issues you know you don’t go oh hi puppy you know and oh I know I
hate animals you know that’s not helping you see you
have to see beyond that we’ll talk about the role of healers in just a sec but a
couple of other things positive thinking negative thinking will become you’ll
become the depression from your own box sometimes sometimes it’s you sabotaging
your own energy level and positivity level but you know we don’t always like
to hear but sometimes we’re our negativity eventually becomes manifested
because you know the word of god becomes manifest and you’re the God so your
negativity can you know back up on you Edgar Cayce did a reading once and he
talked about soil and maybe you can look it up I don’t remember there’s a town he
said a town in the United States it was I think one of the southern states can’t
remember which one Tennessee or something and he said the soil there has
something in it that there he said there’s something about it in the soil
there’s something about its effects on the body that you can’t be depressed
when you were have contact with that particular soil so whether it’s a
chemical response in the body or whatever it happens to be you know I
mean they should just be bagging that stuff and shipping it all over anyway
another one sexual healing especially if it’s sexual traumas obviously you got to
work on that stuff because sexual trauma happens down in the pelvis at the root
chakra right and so bringing healing now what’s that going to look like wow that
conversation gestation can go all kinds of places I do not believe in the kind
that’s used inappropriately by some so-called Tantra consensual healers but
I do believe that it can happen does have an effect I remember when they
were filming this movie that’s finally out now but this movie about sexual
healing a couple years ago they had me as one of the people interviewed about
it but I only got involved because they told me the movie was going to be about
sexual healing and I told them you cannot you cannot do that you can’t just
tell people just have more sex and it’ll heal you and they said we agree at first
and they said we so I went and I did the interviews and spent days with them
filming and all that but the movie and bless them for even doing this mind you
to do a movie of this topic but the movie took a turn towards the this the
sexuality instead of the healing the come out come out wherever you are
come out in be the sexuality I’m like you can’t do that without healing the
stuff that undermined him in the first place and I know they tried to here but
they also were were guided by other people that I don’t think we’re saying
and do you know that now here it is within a year of that movie coming out
within months or a year one of the therapists they use committed suicide
because she had onions around sexuality you know and that’s what I even said
that’s what I was warning about you can’t just do no no but it feels great
people want to know about coming up into their feminine II know femininity is
also the healing that that nurturance that nurturing healing is part of what
people need so it’s it’s a sad thing but yet it’s awesome how perfect cuz that’s
now a mirror for people to say and if you don’t do the healing this is where
you could end up so soul retrieval can help us heal grounding exercise work the
hips and legs because it pulls energy down into the body soul retrieval is
fantastic but be careful because there are some predatorial people that claim
to know how to do soul retrieval you know they took a three hour workshop and
they call themselves shaman and whatever you know and they’re out there and and
it’s it’s gross you know it’s gross if nothing else yeah sometimes entity
extractions and deeper work like that but also the the soul retrieval helps to
reassemble the dissociated parts of the psyche the fear that I leave every time
I’m having sex I leave my body I need to learn to come back into my body while
I’m experiencing that not to be terrified
well if that’s gonna happen then you got to reassure me that I’m safe safety is
the key to healing one in one word safe if people feel safe they will step into
healing if they don’t it’s all the lip service last but not least though
goodbye exercise that’s also in that healing heart and soul book goodbye
exercise saying goodbye to people that have harmed us and so on and so on you
we all know about that it’s not just cord cutting but even if you’ve lost
someone to depression and suicide do a goodbye exercise which you’re going to
think this guy is nuts and insensitive not at all a goodbye exercise means that
we’re able to say and listen to this because God created you in its image you
created children if your child suicide you God created you in its image
now you’re supposed to do the same but instead if you lose a loved one even if
they’re just still living and depressed if you start believing and that’s who
they are you’re now creating them in your image of that depression you
understand what I just said there and if they die and all my poor you know they
died their suicide and depression careful I’m not saying that that’s not
what happened momentarily don’t continue to hold that
image of them cuz you’re not helping them it doesn’t make any sense at all to
do that to people my my poor sweet husband died who is that Mike he’s my
dead husband how long do you want to keep that one alive you know a dead
husband that’s my dead wife that’s my dead child they’re not dead I promise
you that so why are you’re the only one that believes that they’re like boo oh
hey look at me I’m right here and you’re like oh no you’re dead you’re dead poor
thing no there’s no poor thing I feel good
no no you just don’t know how sad and depressed you are still no I’m doing all
right now so we as healers as I’m wrapping up here we as healers here’s
where it’s at what do you do as parents as participants as jezic you know people
in observation of these people in situations first remember when you’re
feeling those things reach to the right people look you know listen back at this
tape and think about the things I’m suggesting the various things you can
use and hit it from all sides check the nutrients check your by your
level see if you have adrenal fatigue see what’s going on physically but don’t
ignore the soul level healing but us when we’re in observance of people going
through this you have a few choices you can feel apathy you know just kind of
like detachment it’s kind of said that’s traumatizing but you can feel apathy I I
don’t really like these issues don’t really like to be around the depression
so I’ll just be cold to it that’s not gonna help then you have sympathy which
is better but sympathy is too much too much of oh you poor thing
but see what I’m doing I’m affirming that whatever you’re upset about is so
you pour that yeah you are set oh and they died all that’s terrible
that’s that’s pity it’s it’s not a healthy form of sympathy it’s almost
always ego based if you start feeling healthy spiritual sympathy it’s no
longer sympathy by definition it starts to become empathy which means I
understand where you’re at see sympathy is more like it sucks to be
you empathy is I understand that it sucks to be you empathy however is a
little more objective but it’s also I hear you it’s caring it can be empathy
can still become ego based if we’re not careful but if you do it right I
understand here’s the downside if you practice empathy as a healer or parent
and you’re still affirming that what they’re struggling with is true and
factual and has power over them I’m more objective I understand why that mean
person they say you know the way to heal meet people is to have compassion and
they say compassion is is rooted in empathy meaning I can understand why
they’re that way but you’re still affirming that they’re that way and you
don’t realize it you do your little Buddhist compassion crap and it’s not
real because you’re still saying I used to judge people like you but now I’m a
Buddhist so I have compassion for people like you you’re still saying they have a
problem so something’s waiting from empathy from apathy to sympathy to
empathy and there’s one more called love when you really understand it all
see remember I said back why do we ultimately feel depressed because we
don’t understand why it’s happening so the end of the story is we shift into
love and love says I understand why you feel that way not I understand why you
feel that because you’ve gone through difficult things that still affirms that
that has power over them when you get to love it’s I understand that this is how
you feel because of some of the things that seemed to have happened to
you but I also pioneer this right our mind is in the position of but I don’t
buy it I know you can heal I know you are heal I know you have everything
within you to pull through this that’s the strength of love and compassion is
just holding presents for you and we’re sorry you know and so on it’s beautiful
but it’s not all the way there Christ consciousness teaches love and love
takes us all the way there in our understanding we really do understand
how this happened we really do get it please take a few centering breaths
because I’m going to take us through a couple of decree printers to help clear
all of this set aside our stuff of the world powerful be prepared for miraculous and
powerful no longer believing these things have any power over us in this
moment father mother God we call upon you to open all the seals of this book
that I am open up our seven primary chakras and prepare to clear them
especially the emotional center but any aware that the wickedness of the ego the
silliness of the ego has woven its spell into our life into our being we’re
prepared to say goodbye so open these seals for only you have
theywill the consciousness the clarity the beauty to be given permission to
open our centers fully enjoy ously surrender all ego emotions of separation
and instead allow my emotions and desires to be filled with the peace and
happiness of God I join us around her the ego emotions that dragged myself and
other people down and control our emotional bodies I call forth the
manifestation of God’s will in which all people know the peace of Christ and are
free from depression and emotional control
I call upon Archangel Michael to cut me free from all hopelessness depression
and despair I am taking command over my emotions through the power of Christ
within me I feel the love of God shining in me now I am as God created me I will
to be the Christ on urban I joyfully surrender the ego emotions that cause me
to feel and experience anger hatred resentment and endless conflicts holding
grievances an attack on God’s plan for salvation and keeps my emotional body
trapped in fear anxiety and depression my spiritual and emotional salvation
comes from the spirit of love and me love holds no grievances I choose to
experience and manifest God’s plan for salvation that I may be free and free
all others as well I am as God created me I will to be the
Christ on earth I’d really surrender the ego emotions that hold patterns of B and
feelings of sadness and loneliness in my emotional body these feelings have
haunted me and the entire collective in Christ on earth throughout our existence
these emotions are caused by the false belief that we are separate from God and
therefore reflect the deep sadness and loneliness that comes from being apart
from all that is I call forth the fire of my God flame to flood my emotional
body and consume all feelings of sadness despair loneliness I take full
responsibility for my life and I own the fact that emotions such as these are
being projected down into my emotional body by my ego as a means of keeping me
emotionally controlled paralyzed feeling hopeless I affirm and choose to allow
only my I am presence to be extended down into my life and into my emotions
thus replacing all sadness and helplessness and loneliness with
happiness I am as God created me I will to be the Christ on earth I join us ly
surrender the ego emotions that once convinced me that just because I
couldn’t see remember or understand all the stars within my emotional body it
meant I could not heal them I can work on my past without feeling so
overwhelmed that I react by going numb or dissociating or going into denial
although I know it’s not always necessary I am willing to witness if
maybe all of my emotional pain I invoke waves of healing to wash
through my emotional body and cleanse and consume all past wounds that once
overwhelmed me all the power of heaven stands with me and within me I am
willing to love myself unconditionally in all situations from my past the light
has come I have forgiven all the peace of God is shining in me now I am as God
created me I will to be the Christ on earth
I joined the Eco emotions that lead to my having expectations on how my life
should be for an allowing my ego to create unrealistic expectations I set
myself up for disappointment thus my ego can control me through an endless cycle
of Hope despair I choose to peak the peace if I choose peace instead of this
I am now willing to be at peace with the way life is I am as God created me I
will to be the Christ on earth I joined her all ego emotions that have
controlled me for so long I once surrendered to my ego might write
an ability to feel happy which then limited how much happiness I could feel
or experience in my emotional body my function of extending and experiencing
both forgiveness and happiness are one in the same I will only experience one
as I accept the other forgiveness brings me happiness forgiving myself and all
others today I allow God and all forces of light to increase instantly the
quantity of happiness I can feel and experience I simultaneously extend this
happiness to all the world through my forgiveness I am as God created me I
will to be the Christ on earth and lastly I Jaya Slee invoked the pure
compassion of mother Mary’s Immaculate Heart the Divine Mother to come into me
as I call for it to wash over my emotional body and emotional bodies of
all human beings in all dimensions mother Mary Divine Mother let the
energetic waves of your pure heart wash through and consume my burdens and the
burdens of all people so we can attain the vision and the will to rise above
fears and wounds awaken us to the reality that as long as we are not
healed we create an ongoing connection and identification it to the wounds of
the past and the people who seemingly hurt us I consciously surrender all
emotions created or controlled by my ego I say as did the Divine Mother Oh Lord
my I am presence let my life in my emotions be according to your will I am
God created me I will to be the Christ on earth all of this old out all of the
light new into all of our centers a few centering breaths drawing the light of
God from the heavens activating through the top of the head every chakra all of
the seven feeling a certain amount of the all the stagnant the wounds the
memories out just jump out and it’s clean
awaiting pure light crystalline light filling every Center peace and safety
that we never knew we could feel let’s choose to feel it now the Holy Spirit
Archangel Michael and its legions of angels cut away all of the old and those
beings of light come in surround us and seal us with light to make presence the
consciousness of God within us so we are the light of God we don’t surround
ourselves with light to protect from a wicked world that still affirms at all
instead all I know is that I am the light of God I will to be the Christ on
earth my emotions and desires are the Lord’s and the fullness thereof hear
those words and feel them my emotions and desires are the Lord’s and the
fullness thereof it means my emotional body is filled with the presence of God
there’s light even in that emotional body that used to be programmed by the
ego to feel loneliness sadness despair or root emotions like the fact that the
idea that were flawed it’s not true my emotions and desires are the lord’s and
the fullness thereof one more time my emotions
are the Lord’s and the fullness thereof my life is the Lord’s and the fullness
Tara my life is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof God is raising the
earth to a glorious new day I choose to live and be the will of my father mother
God did I choose the life of Christ the kingdom of God is manifest in me and on
earth now and forever the complete opposite of what caused me and all of us
our previous beliefs in lap and pain and limitation instead the presence of God
is here and now and I choose it his presence holds the truth and love this
presence is all-powerful it is necessary to garden out the old roots and junk
from this garden of our mind but thank God that spirit will help us replant the
appropriate things that bring us a fruitful Garden of consciousness and so
it is thank you guys

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