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[peaceful music] Hi, my name is Karma Palmo, and I’m a professional Intuitive and Reiki Master. I’m here to help those who are grieving the loss of a pet, an animal friend. I will guide you through a deep relaxation exercise for soothing your heart and emotions, and I will also be sending you Distance Reik.i Reiki is a gentle, safe, and effective form of energy healing. It’s pure, positive lifeforce energy and it comes from the Divine. If you don’t want Reiki, you can just listen and receive the benefits of the meditation. Whether your animal friend has died or has literally been lost, you can find peace. Maybe some people don’t understand your grief, because they haven’t had a special bond with a pet, who, for many of you, was a very special member of your family — who had feelings and personality. An animal who you loved and who loved you as well. I understand your grief, as to many other people who are listening to this video. Though you will always remember and love your pet, please believe me, in time your overwhelming sadness will turn into something else, and you’ll feel much better. No matter how long it takes, you need to give yourself the time you need to heal. You can start by finding a safe and comfortable place where you can rest and relax, undisturbed. If you like you can lie down with your eyes closed or sit in a comfortable chair. Turn off your phone if you can. And cover yourself with a blanket so you don’t get cold. Please give yourself this time to relax and heal. Close your eyes if you haven’t already, and begin to focus on your breath for a few moments. Take a deep breath now, hold, and then release your breath. Do this two or three times. Full deep breaths, and allow long full exhales. You may feel a letting-go happening. Adjust your position as needed to get comfortable. Feel free to move around and do whatever you need to do to feel at ease. This is your time. I am now transmitting Reiki to you, and I’m focusing on your heart chakra, which is the heart center of your body. And I am feeling the energy pouring from my hands. I’m feeling it now. And it’s almost as though the Reiki is transmitting through the microphone — I’m feeling the energy lifting up, out of my hands, and in a sense, my microphone, my voice, and the Reiki are all connecting, and transmitting healing, loving, gentle, safe, Reiki energy. Reiki is unconditional love. As I transmit the Reiki now, and it is definitely continuing to pour from the palms of my hands, across the boundaries and constructs of time and space, it is reaching you. Even though your world has been rocked, you will be okay, and there is nothing more you need to do in terms of finding answers, asking questions of yourself and others. Some of you are asking, what could your vet have done. What could your partner or spouse or friends have done to help. And what could you have done better to help your pet survive. And the answer to all of this, is that you needn’t hurt yourself anymore. Each soul that comes into the physical, whether that’s a human being, or a canine being, or a feline being, or whatever is the case, whatever kind of animal you lost, that being had his or her own journey and his or her own time took go, and to let go, of this physical reality — and go into and beyond into another reality, that is in a sense better, it is a place full of light, and, what I am picking up is a, it’s a feeling of a fun playground — kind of like when you were a child and you were running in and playing, when you were your most free and your most happy, that is what your pet is feeling now. And your pet, at the same time, is still connected, and connecting to you — and that’s through your heart chakra as well. You can hold your pet and love your pet, even though he or she has left this physical body, or has gone lost, know that the love that you feel reaches your pet. And the love that your pet feels for you continues to be transmitted into your heart. And I know that’s hard for some people to believe or imagine, but just know that the love is there. And I’m feeling a lot of gratitude. Gratitude to you, for nurturing and loving your pet. You loved your pet. And they knew it, and they knew that you cared, and they thank you. They are sending a tremendous amount of gratitude to you. And the Reiki is continuing to pour through my hands. It’s continuing to go where it is needed. I’m with you in your sadness, and I’m with you ds I look forward dnd see you in the future, or at another time down the road, where you feel more peace in your heart, and you feel your pet’s love inside your heart, and your heart has become a bigger heart. There is even more love in your heart now. Some of you are feeling this. Some of you are feeling the emotions. And tears are flowing. And that’s fine, and that’s good. It’s good to release the emotions, whatever they are. I’m receiving a message for some of you, possibly all of you, and this message is from the group of animals who have crossed over. And the message that they’re sending you, besides the gratitude, is that they would like you to realize that you are connected to them. And that the fact that they were not human doesn’t matter. Your hearts are connected, your Spirits are connected, and that your Spirits (or Souls) met for a reason, and that your Spirits or Souls have known each other for a long time. And this pet that you had, knows and remembers this connection. And you will be together again. And they want you to realize this. Your animal friends’ spirits are asking me to tell you this, that you are connected, spiritually. Spiritually, meaning, that we’re all Spirit, of Spirit, we’re spiritual beings in human bodies. We’re having a human experience. But in essence, we are all Spirit. We are all energy, and we’re all connected. And you and your pet are one. And meanwhile, your hearts are connected. Your Spirits are connected. And your animals, your friends, some of you called them your child or your children — they want you to know that they love you. They still love you, and they’re grateful to you, for everything. And they’re sending you their gratitude. They’re sending you their gratitude right now. Try to feel it. They want you to understand the connection. Try to feel the connection between you and your pet who crossed over, or who is lost, and send them love, and know that you are connected. And maybe you’re separated now and that hurts and is hard to accept — this piece is real.The spiritual piece is real. And the love is real. Hold that thought inside yourself. Allow yourself this time to heal, and know that there is a lot of love still left in your life. And you have the ability to continue to love, even though your heart is hurting so much right now. Your heart is not broken. Our hearts do not break. They feel like they break sometimes, but they are not broken. And you will continue to love, and you’ll continue to be able to receive love. And the peace is there. The peace is there for you. Continue to breathe and relax. And allow your body to sink into a space you’re in, and let go. Let go. It’s alright to cry. It’s alright to grieve. And you are being held in a circle of light. It’s Divine white light, and you are being surrounded and held by that light, which is love. And imagine this white light surrounding you, as it is, it is surrounding you. And this white light is always available to you. You only need to call it in, visualize, ask the white light of love and protection to surround you. You are loved, and you will heal. And now for the remainder of this recording, another five minutes or so, I’m going to just send you Reiki. And I’m going to be quiet, as I say goodbye now, for today. And please feel free to come back to this video for more Reiki and more healing. I wish you well, and I wish you a happy heart again. (music continues)

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  1. In remembrance of Moon Pie, my Maine Coon cat who crossed over last year… and Lucky dog, my best friend. And the cats Missy, Ursi, Mr. Peterman, Mooftie, Mimi, Cleocatra, and two tiny kittens who didn't make it. The dogs Cindy and Buddy. The Elkhounds Leka, Gus 1, and Gus 2. And Goldie the goldfish, and all of the tropical fish, and my turtle, Myrtle. My first cat, Mustard, who came to me when I was four. Fluff, my longtime childhood friend. And the Tortoiseshell cat, October, who went lost, just as Mustard did. And, last but not least, Howard and Miss Jane, the parakeets. Some had long lives, while others stayed only awhile. When I think back on my animal friends, the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono prayer comes to mind. “I love you… I'm sorry… Forgive me… Thank you… I love you."

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