Heatwaves can trigger heat strokes, anxiety & depression: Experts

This summer, South Korea issued heatwave warnings
earlier than ever before, so people are concerned about the effects heat can have on their health. Our Choi Si-young spoke with an expert to
find out more. Heatwaves can cause several health problems,…
most notably heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Heat exhaustion is a direct result of the
body overheating and is identifiable by symptoms such as muscle cramps, excessive sweating
and cool skin. Staying hydrated is the key to lessening its
severity. If heat exhaustion goes unaddressed, heat
stroke follows. Heat stroke is a much more serious condition
and requires emergency treatment. “Loss of consciousness and multiple organ
failure occur during heat stroke and can lead to death. The most important thing to do is to drop
the body’s core temperature.” “The heatwave can harm your body in many ways,
and not just physically. Experts say it can also trigger mental health
conditions such as anxiety and depression.” “Heatwave causes sweating and dizziness that
can bring on anxiety. The high temperatures raise stress levels
and lower the capability to cope with it, inviting depression.” And health professionals say it is difficult
to tell whether your anxiety or depression is the result of the hot weather. They recommend consulting with a doctor immediately
if you’re worried about your mental health. Physicians say,… staying hydrated and keeping
cool is key to prevent these illnesses. Choi Si-young, Arirang News.

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