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Let’s talk about prescription drugs within your depression and your PTSD. For myself, I was on probably around $1,500 worth of medication. Every month I need pills to go to bed, to wake up. Just to function, to have sex. I needed pills for everything. It’s no way to live. There’s no emotional- there’s no emotion left in you. You’re not living at all. You’re functioning and you know, Pharmaceutical companies think “Well, at least they’re functioning
and they’re out there they can work.” But you’re not present in your own life. So you’re not real in your own reality. You’re a drugged version of yourself within your life and it’s brutal. So, how do we fix this? Well, first of all, an Iboga healing experience, first of all what’s gonna do is detox you The detox will clear out all the pharmaceutical
drugs out of your system, without you having to go through that detox. Because generally when you detox off
pharmaceutical drugs, it is brutal. It’s hard to deal with, that’s where you get a lot of suicidal thoughts. It’s right there in the package you get
when you purchase them, in the write-up, it’s all in there. I’m not saying anything new. So detoxing off that is the first component. Secondly is a spiritual detox and just cleansing your body, your soul, everything. Just clearing it and now we can start doing some work. And then toning down that mind. Because toning down that mind is the secret. Because then it will allow your soul to come in, And then when you and your soul
start partnering up again- It’s been a long time-
when you have the capability
of partnering back up again Then we can get some work done. Because it will have power to you know,
shut down that mind Help that body get back. Because you’ve been depressed
you’ve been neglecting your body. Feeding it a lot of drugs and you know,
you’ve been beating up your body too. The only one that’s been good is your mind. Shut that mind down.
Let’s bring up the soul and the body together. You know healthy living, healthy thoughts. And your mind will just slowly creep back down. Let’s get a balance back. So let’s all get refocused. Iboga is very spiritual. It’s not just: “Okay, let’s take
a miracle drug and get things going.” No, this is all spirituality We want to bring everything back together. Bring us back into nature.
Our original natural state. That’s what we want. We want to be happy. We want to be able to wake up
every morning and giggle? Laugh at yourself! I came out of all my stuff and I look
in the mirror and I could laugh. Yeah, you look in the mirror at yourself and you go: “Yeah, you did a lot of stupid stuff, but you’re here. So let’s work on it. Let’s keep going forward.” Yeah, I put on some weight, big deal.
I can lose weight. But the greatest thing I ever did
was get my connection with my soul. And now I can enjoy other people, I can enjoy my kids, my parents. I can have an understanding of other people in life. And I determine who’s coming into my life. If I don’t like what you’re all about or whatever I’d say: “Yeah, No, I don’t want any of that.” It’s my choice now. We’re all made in the image of the creator We create whatever we want. I, personally, choose healthy lifestyle, and healthy people surrounding me. So, when I finished my
experience with Iboga, my personal Iboga healing experience And I came back and I started being with my children I started living again, smiling, enjoying fruit! Everything- you know with the prescription
everything didn’t taste well. I didn’t enjoy life. When we start enjoying
the simple things in life we start enjoying life again. You realize that you’ve wasted a long time. I wasted eight years of my life, that I will never ever get back. So by creating Iboga Healing Experience I’ve had a mission in life. I do not want anyone else suffering the way I suffered and for as long as I’ve suffered. So all I’m doing is offering you
what was offered to me. A chance. A chance to live again. And not suffer Have fun with the kids. Have fun with your girlfriend. Be giddy. Just laugh. Just be! Our whole purpose in life is to be. And all we want to do is create nonsense in our life. I say forget the nonsense and come on down. Come on down to Iboga Healing Experience and enjoy. It’s a great experience Trust me, it is very rewarding. I’m living proof.

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