Helping Teens to Avoid Depression

Other things that we can do in terms of
helping these adolescents, they say exercise is so important getting them in
activities, is that correct? Is that something that we can do?>Absolutely
I think exercise is such a big component to helping with depression and I think
sometimes people think it’s exercise and we’re there to gain muscle or lose
weight but no there’s there’s this other little aspect to it so it does help
improve your mood it helps release endorphins it helps release the
chemicals that your body needs at the same time because you’re getting active
with adolescents there’s another little piece here with children and adolescents
and with adults is that it actually helps with your academics it helps with
your brain your cognitive abilities it helps for your brain to then absorb the
new information so there’s actually a lot of research especially like when
they’re studying for long or big exams and they have a long evening ahead of
that they’re studying all night long break it up with little mini exercise
routines five minutes jumping jacks walking around the park or around the
block something simple can actually help with your academics I know with learning.
>And even with exercising the mind a puzzle we were talking about drawing, Amy,
coloring, how does that help?>Art activities… It works on
concentration too which is one of the symptoms of depression as well so we’re
working on concentration taking our mind off of stressful things so it really
helps in that way it can also help in just you know again learning how to
express ourselves sometimes people don’t know how to do it verbally they can do
it their art they can do it through music sometimes they run a group with
the young adults and what I ask them to do is to pick out a song one of their
favorite songs and so then we all listen to the song we print
out the lyrics we look at each of the lyrics and we talk about
hey so why does this song interest you so much and what connects you to it
we express ourselves in different ways.>That’s right and kids can
connect to music.

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