Home Remedies for Migraine II माईग्रेन के घरेलु इलाज़ II

Welcome to Health Care at Home In previous episode we were talking about the problem of Migraine, let us take that episode further what all precautions to be taken in migraine that i have explained in my previous episode still i will tell you some more Do not eat junk food that i use to say in many of my episodes but those who have problem of migraine they should not eat Chinese food because Chinese food had Ajinomoto, which actually increase the migraine pain too much so if you have migraine problem then don’t eat Chinese food Apart form this Avoid Tea, and if you can stop tean then well and good but if you are not able to leave that habit then prior drink tea , drink 1 glass of water And minimum 3 litres of water you should drink in a day Apart from this take 1 inches of ginger, grate it and put it in the 1 glass of water boil it well, drink some of the water and with the remaining water cover your face with towel and take steam, you will see that within few day of your migraine problem you start getting relief Apart form this do another remedy, Take 4 Walnuts 2 Spoon of Flax Seeds, mix both of them and grind them if you can’t grind them then chew them bit by bit empty stomach in the morning and after that you may drink 1 glass of orange juice You, will notice that within few days your Magraine pain will be lost away Peppermint Oil, also works wonders in the problem of Migraine Wherever you have migraine pain in your body, there you have to apply peppermint oil If you have a sensitive skin then you can do one thing, add some Olive oil in the Peppermint Oil and after mixing both of them apply on your body wherever you have pain after that what you have to do, just relax and close your eyes take deep-deep breath in your lungs and after that drink one glass of cool water, you will notice that within few days you will start getting relief in migraine Now the remedy i am gong to tell you it must be strange to you but it is very very effective if you have intolerable pain of migraine then you must do this remedy Take 1/4 Cup of Warm Water and you have to mix 1/4 Spoon of Red Chilli Powder You can take kashmiri Red Chilli and after that take Cotton you have to soak the cotton in the red chilli added water then squeeze it little and apply on your nostril it will burn , but at the same time will give you relief in migraine and the intolerable pain which you were having you will start having relief within few days initially it will be very painful to this remedy, but you will notice that within few days you will have good results, then you will be use to of this itching and burning and along with one more thing you can do take a big bowl and fill it with so much of warm water and take another bowl and that should be filled with absolutely cool water now what to do, take two towels, dip one towel in hot water and dip one towel in cool water take the towel which is dip in the hot water just squeeze it and cover your face with that hot towel so that you should have hot pat on your face so after wrapping your face and scalp with this hot towel hold this towel for 30 seconds and after that remove this towel wrap your face and scalp with the hot water towel.. this way repeat this process for 10-15 times you will see that within few days you are getting relief in the problem of Migraine Along with this one more remedy you can do, chew Holy Basil Leaves Chew 7-8 leaves of holy basil and take Almond Oil. Add some leaves of Basil leaves and then heat up when the leaves of basil get burnt then you may take that oil. with that oil massage on your scalp, back and sides you will notice that within few days you will get relief in the pain of migraine Along with this it is necessary to take sleep for minimum 7 hours so take rest,relax and sleep and take good sleep and try to sleep early and try to get up early also People who sleeps for long hours and wake up very late they can also be suffer with Migraine if you will not sleep after sunrise and if you sleep early then you r 7 hours must get complete before the sunrise Along with this you need not to eat the deep fried items Then you will notice that you are getting relief in the problem, of Migraine So, isn’t it all the remedies were very easy? Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel And do not forget to support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people may get the health benefits while sitting at home only So, do no forget to share our videos as maximum as you can. Thank You…..

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  1. Hello Sir, could you please let me know how to get relief from migraine in pregency. Also all information you share do we need to do that daily or only when we get migraine pain ?

  2. my migraines are so severe I even lose vision I've tried everything is there anything that is more intense without use of modern medicine

  3. I found you on bitlanders.com. Thank you for the tips. I'm going to need to watch this video more times; I couldn't catch all of that. I'll have to write this stuff down.

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