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– Morning guys. I have Daniel, yo yo
Daniel, where the Daniel? Daniel in the Ergo and I’m
waiting on Miss Amelia. Amelia, could you please come
here so I could do your hair? Come sit. Oh, she’s running from me. Come on, girlfriend. Let’s do your hair. Come on. Oh, and here’s Amelia’s
artwork from this weekend. Uh oh. Amelia, you doing Legos in there? Oh, you silly. You have wild woman hair. We’ve got to tame the beast. Oh, I’m glad you like Legos, though. Those are gonna be a
big part of your life. We love our Legos, huh? Oh, come on. Bring the Legos with you and I’m gonna, girlfriend, yes. Good girl. Let’s get out here so I
can help this ponytail. Let’s show you our messes. We’ve still got out
breakfast mess on the table. We did apples, bananas, cottage cheese, and we had some leftover hard boiled eggs, so, I just made everybody little fruit and cottage cheese platters. For lunch today, we’re
gonna heat up some lasagna we had leftover from the weekend. And in a few minutes here, yes Daniel, we’re gonna get some fresh
meatloaf in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. I keep talking about
that ridiculous meatloaf in the slow cooker and have
made it like it’s a big deal. It’s really not but I
haven’t gotten to it. Today’s the day. Today’s the day. You’re doing your Legos? Okay. Oh, that turned out nice. You got your little ponytail. – In my world– – [Jamerrill] What are you building? – In my world, I’m building this. – You’re building this,
that’s so nice, okay. We’re gonna work on this,
cleaning up this breakfast. Now, again, perfect world,
everyone would help me pick up the breakfast but
I sent the younger children outside to play on the porches while I talk to our real
estate agent this morning and I had to send an
email and so I thought if they could just get outside,
we actually have sunshine again today, yay, so
after having two weeks of really dreary weather,
we’re gonna get outside and really soak it up today. We’re gonna do our read alouds outside and come back in later this afternoon to get our table work done. But we’ve gotta soak up
the sunshine before we hit the cold winter months. Can I get an Amen to that? I know another thing that makes
me feel thrown off my game this morning is I have this
sinus head cold thing going on and my alarm was set for
seven, that would have set our day off right, I
woke up at 8:30 when Liam was getting in bed with me to snuggle. So we’re a little off our
earlier in the morning game right now but we can still
get everything done today. We were supposed to have
a meeting this evening with our real estate agent to
put an offer in on the house we saw this weekend and
fill out the paperwork to get our house on the market. However, we had some questions
from viewing the house this weekend that we need
to get answered first. You know how all the
real estate stuff goes. And so if we can get
those questions answered, and like the answer,
then we’ll still continue to put our offer in. If the question doesn’t
get answered in a way that makes our heart happy,
then that house just won’t be the one and we know that
the Lord has the right house for us, I was even telling
our real estate agent that. I’m not gonna get upset or
hysterical over any situation, it’s either gonna be the one or it’s not. And we can even live in this house for the rest of our lives. It will be okay, I just
will need a dishwasher added to the list at some point. And so we still have– I don’t know what she said,
she needs something in a bowl. But, Amelia, hey. Can you get your shoes off the table? Put your shoes on your
feet or on the shoe shelf and we’re gonna do some things
with food and get outside. We have from that big box
of bananas I got from Costco last week, we have two bunches
left and I’m gonna leave them out and try to give
them as snacks today. Whatever the kids don’t have as snacks and whatever baby Daniel doesn’t
want by the end of the day, well, you can help me peel them, Amelia, we’ll peel them and then
we’ll put them in a big baggy in the freezer and you
use them for smoothies. But they, we have an empty
box besides two bunches so they took care of those in a good week. Yes, yes. Oh, you made some little
Lego guys, Amelia. So as it turns out, I was wrong, there is not enough leftover lasagna for everyone to have lasagna for lunch. And we’re out of jelly and
we’re out of peanut butter. I tell you, we’re living
like we haven’t been grocery shopping in a
million years even though I went several times last week. I just can not function on
weekly grocery shopping. It just doesn’t help me
run this household well. So I will quit complaining about that and we’ll do a big once a month trip soon. So what I’m, you may eat cheese, honey, so what I’m working up
here is we have butter and we have honey and we have wheat bread so I’m making some homemade honey butter and we’re gonna have
honey butter sandwiches out on a little picnic
by the pond, take up some baby belchies and of
course I’m gonna try to get a few more of these bananas set out and that’s going to be
our lunch for today. So here’s what the honey
butter’s looking like, I put some butter in
a bowl and I poured in some honey and of course, I have
to set my camera down to get it really going
well but as simple as that. Honey butter sandwiches. Amelia, did you get the
butter in the refrigerator for Mommy yet? What do you got? You and the Country Crock
on the kitchen floor. Say I need supervision. You need some supervision? Yes, okay. I’ve been over working on our
honey and butter sandwiches for our picnic and I
thought oh, I’ll give Amelia the butter to put in the
refrigerator like a big girl and you see how far she got with it. She actually tried but she
couldn’t get it fit in here so she thought hey, I’ll
just lick it on the floor. Gonna go for our picnic. – Yeah. – Liam has black melted crayon
on his nose and on his hands. And I have my cup of greek
yogurt and a little bit of apricot, oh, falling
over Amelia, apricot in it. And we are headed up to our pond to have a nice read aloud picnic time. We are going to the pond
’cause the sun is shining. – We go pond. – We are going to the pond, yay. Baby Daniel is sleeping. Jade and Insiah, I got them settled in their independent work so I’m going to read to the younger crew then we’re going to go in
and do their table work and then I’m gonna have some time working, I’m sorry, big boys, not little boys. Then I’m gonna go after
that, have some in some momma working time with Jade
and Insiah and by that point, Daddy should be back from college today. Hey baby girl. – We go hills. – Yeah, we do have hills. So Naomi’s finding us a nice picnic spot. Good job, spread it out. You guys may see our
swing in the background. We had our swing set, finally gave it up. We’ve had it for, oh, I
don’t know, 15 years or so. Picnic, oh the chickens. They’re like, whoo, what’s for lunch. Hey girls. Hey girls. Hey, Liam, you know what
we’re gonna have to do? – What? – [Jamerrill] We’re gonna have
to give them a scoop of food so they’ll let our picnic be. Can you run down and get them a scoop? We’ll wait for ya. – Mommy? – [Jamerrill] You have to
put your shoes back on. Yeah, you got your cheese. Yeah, open the bag. We can open the bag, there’s
enough for everybody. Good job. You can. Amelia, eat your cheese first. Yeah, you can make a
chicken pile, that’s fine. Just set it. – Or the cats will get it. – [Jamerrill] No, I don’t. So we have a new book that
grandmother got for us this weekend, okay? It’s called Magnus and the Fire. And I believe it’s about some
of the first firefighters and how they used to
fight fires using horses and wagons and they had
to, now if there’s a fire, a big firetruck comes and
they hook into a fire hydrant or at our house, if there
would ever be a need for water for a fire, they could
even use the pond water. Now they have a big water
truck that comes to the country where we live and they
use that to fight fires but they also use local water. So back in the olden days,
I’m not sure what year this book is set in, they
would have these carts. See that? And they would have to
use those to fight fires. – Like, they pump them. – [Jamerrill] So let’s read this book. Grandmother saw this when
she went horseback riding at a special place this
weekend and let’s see. What’s gonna happen, okay. Okay, so here we go, here’s our picture. It says Magnus had been a
fire horse at the Broadway Fire House in Hope
Springs for 10 good years. For 10 years, he had plenty
of oats, clean straw, and good water and the fire men. And that’s what it would look like. It says whenever the bell set out clanging from the top of the fire
house, Billy, Magnus, I’m sorry, Magnus, Billy, and
Sparks sprang into action. An automatic switch. Wow look, something new
came into the firehouse. What’s it gonna be? One day as Magnus was
having a good scratch. What was this new
contraption they just drove into the firehouse, what
do you think that was? – Firetruck. – [Jamerrill] One of the first
firetrucks, probably, huh? That what it looks like to you? – I’m Magnus. – [Jamerrill] You’re
Magnus, the fire horse? – I’m Magnus, the fire horse. – You’re the fire horse too? So let’s see here. Taking a quick break. We finished our Magnus the Fire Horse book and I’m gonna go down now and
put Amelia down for her nap and get notebooks and
some drawing supplies for Naomi, Gabriel, and
Liam to read while we work on our Pocahontas read aloud. Amelia, you come carry the
chicken scoop back down for the chicken bag, okay? We gotta put it up so we don’t lose it. Let’s go, run, run, run. You wanna run fast? Get across the ditch there. No, you carry it. You carry it for me because
I’ve got my hands full. Let’s go. You wanna run down the hill? Wee. Good girl, run, run, run. So we have real life interruptions
and things that come up all day long, every day,
and we just keep moving and keep trying to do the best
we can to get things done. Yep, almost to the house. So we’re gonna get right back to it. Oh, thank you. Oh, I love it when you give me dandelions. Those are great. So Gabriel, Gabriel, you head back up. You head back up and you can
swing and I’ll be up there. Did you have a good rest, Daniel? Are you all shiny bright now? So stand up. Up, up, up. Look at you. Nap time, nap time. So Daniel is up and
Amelia is going back down so my joke is we’re trading
one baby for another. We’ll bring him outside with us. Got Mr. Dan the Man up. Did you have a good nap, Daniel? Yes, yes. Of course you know what he wants to do. So we’re gonna head up and do
some read alouds at the pond. Yessir. Let’s go. Daniel, Daniel’s working
on his paper pile here. Wow. I’ll help you draw baby
in a minute, honey. We’ve got Naomi working on
her beautiful beach picture and Gabie, what are you
drawing a picture of? You’re working on your loose tooth now. What are you working on a picture of Liam? – Can you help me draw
baby Jesus in a barn? – [Jamerrill] I will
help you draw baby Jesus. Yes? – Baby Jesus and the barn and the animals. – Look at my tooth, it’s bending. – [Jamerrill] I see, wow. You’re gonna lose it soon, Gabriel. Eat it, don’t eat it, don’t eat it. Woo, paper party. As long as she could remember,
Pocahontas had heard stories of the pale faced men. They rode the seas in great canoes. They covered themselves with clothing until only their hands
and faces could be seen. They shot birds and deer and other animals with fire sticks that
made a noise like thunder. All of these were stories she had heard. Daniel, you’re having fun with that paper. Dada. – What is it? What is it? – [Jamerrill] It’s a great picture, Naomi. It’s a beach picture, huh? – Let our friends see. – [Jamerrill] It’s great. It’s great. Daniel. Gabie went for a banana break. Gonna bring back some bananas. Wow. – It’s a type of dinosaur. – [Jamerrill] Yep, H is for herbivore. And then you can pick out
the color that you want and work on the card. Work on the writing on the back, okay? Some of those, yeah, use the eraser. This is a set of writeable flash cards that we actually got for
free at our homeschool group so that was a blessing
because Gabriel and Liam really like dinosaurs and it
has every single card on here has letters and some words
they can practice on the back. That was just a nice
blessing from another family at our homeschool group. See, R is for rocks. And then we have the R’s on the back. And since you’re working on your writing, you like these, don’t you? – Tyrannosaurus Rex! – Yes, nice. What did you get up to? Hi baby Daniel. And I’m just gonna take a
minute to peek at my email and try not to take work
breaks during the day. I’m waiting back for a
real estate agent email so I’m just gonna take a quick peek. Naomi is working on bringing in the quilt and some more drawing
supplies from up at the pond and I got the little boys
started on their writing. When she gets in, I’m
going to get her started on her handwriting and math. I think today’s vlog is going to become how to deal with an increasing
pressure sinus headache while homeschooling
and running a household because I think that’s
what my day is becoming. What do you think Daniel? It’s sinus headache mommy. (boys roaring) Good dinosaurs. Let me see what you guys are working on? You gonna find a new one to do, Gabie? Oh, herbivore, okay. Put one down and work on it. – Where’s my crayon, where’s my black. – What this say but we don’t read this. – [Jamerrill] Okay, well,
up at the top those are, that’s the letter H. We need to wash your face, huh? That’s the letter H and look at Mommy. H goes ha. Like the work herbivore. Herbivore. And those are animals
that just eat plants. – Oh, so this is a herbivore? – [Jamerrill] Yeah. I believe you properly say it herbivore. – It’s a dinosaur. – [Jamerrill] It is. Those are dinosaurs that just eat plants and these are my spatulas
I’m putting away. (light guitar music) So continuing on with my one
week grocery shopping saga, I am almost out of ketchup
and we’re out of peanut butter so I just sent a text
message to Travis saying could you please pick up,
you guessed it, ketchup and creamy peanut butter on
your way home from school today. So, so the kids can enjoy this meatloaf. Peanut butter is of course
not related to the meatloaf. That’s related to lunch and
sanity throughout the week. I just laid down for a
little bit and I tell you, my head has been hurting so
bad off and on throughout today that I actually threw up like two times. I was laying down and all of
the sudden I just felt sick and I have never had a migraine
that makes me feel sick to my stomach but I have heard
other people talk about those and I don’t like ’em any way it goes. I do feel better now. I’m gonna go back downstairs
and pull dinner together. And lay down and rest a little
bit while I let the kids put on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Amelia’s still napping,
Daniel was settled, and we were done with
our school and I thought they could watch a little
movie so I could lay down for a little bit and deal with this. So my plan for this evening
anyway was for us to have dinner and have some family movie
time so hopefully after we eat and hopefully I can eat, we
can pick out a family movie and just wrap up this day. So I’m gonna show you guys
how this slow cooker meatloaf turned out that I got in the
slow cooker earlier today. Now you can tell by my shirt stains here that it has been a long day. So after I show you this
meatloaf, I’m gonna sign off for today and see you with
another brand new video next time and actually the recipe
on how I do my slow cooker meatloaf will be up tomorrow
and you can also click through on that video and get a
printable recipe version. So here’s how it turned out for today. You see, wow, it’s a big meatloaf
but it’s in a slow cooker. It’s very exciting. And then we also, we can it
Amelia, and then we also have some brown rice and then we have broccoli. So rice and broccoli
are standards for a lot of our meals during the week. There’s another peek at the meatloaf. So that’s it guys, I will see you tomorrow with another brand new video. Good night.

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  1. I've been sick too… raw honey with sage soaked in it, leave in fridge and take a teaspoon or drop in hot water and drink as tea.. works really well. Homeschooling and being sick is never fun, haha!

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