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  1. Very important infos for me! If I ever get cluster headaches again, I will sniff a little bit of tabasco sauce. 🙂

  2. Good to know, thanks.My story about this is that when I get neuralgia I seek out hot chili at the first niggle. 20 years ago, after preparing and eating a very hot chili dish my neuralgia instantaneously disappeared. I've never forgotten the relief I'd felt.At the time I'd just thought 'that makes sense'. Perhaps I should have told someone important about it. lol

  3. This kind of reminded me of a treatment using bee stings in the neck for headaches, it looked barbaric but it apparently worked!

  4. Great video Dr. Greger. There is a nasal spray made with capsaicin called Sinus Buster. It has also been reported to help alleviate other pain in the body, I heard about it from cancer patients.

  5. I started doing this by accuident back in 1988-89. I suffer with combination headachs, a cluster( mostly on my right side) headache with a migraine at the same time. When you experience this you go into hyper drive almost insane, and nothing works. Except…. HOT Jalapeno peppers. It came about by rubbing the inside of Jalapenos on my head following the flow of pain, and where did it end…NOSE,

  6. You can buy pure Capsaicin from hotsauce.com but there is also a none hallucinogenic form of LSD that works but its not approved by the FDA yet

  7. I'm a 17 year old that suffers from cluster headaches and my mom read online that snorting Cayenne pepper relieves headaches, it does cause an intense burning sensation but it works for me!

  8. @Onison if you believe clusters are painless you must be a moderate headache patient… i hope you never experiance a true cluster… you would freakout and think your brain has a tumor and feel like you will feel a snap or pop in your brain if it hurts any worse when the pain hits its all time high consistantly for a few hours a day every day for weeks only to come back to torture you daily again for weeks on end. You Onison have no business commenting on this you have no idea what pain is. If you want to know… what it feels like stick a red hot poker in one eye while a drill is in your temple and put an airbag in one side of your head and inflate it till you begin to feel your skull crack from the pressure. And pull your top left or right molers out and pinch your molar root nerves with a vice slowly getting more tight.. do this 1-3 times a day for an hour or 3 for a few weeks daily and just stop suddenly but repeat it again randomly daily for weeks… Onison thats a cluster….

  9. I promise, this really works.
    I've had cluster headaches for over six years and was only diagnosed three years ago. I'm currently going through a batch at the moment and even had a really bad one this morning. Ten minutes after sniffing the chillies, the pain subsided and I was just left with the after effects i.e. extreme lethargy, fatigue, sickness and just aching all over. I still have the chillies with me at work and I'm sniffing it every so often.
    Honestly, when I was sniffing the chillies every day or every couple days, I went almost an entire year without a single batch! I will most definitely be getting back to that routine. Even every week at least, makes the difference.
    Hope it works for you x God bless

  10. Yes, cluster headaches are no joke. I get frustrated and often get super strong followed by super weak. Hot showers seem to help. Mine feel like a spike through my head from eye socket to cerebellum. Super dizzy like being very drunk.

  11. Im suffering clusters for over 17 years now. I have chronic cluster headache. Since two years now, I'm suffering cluster headaches on both sides. So it's switches sides. I have never been diagnosed for the other side, but I have the same symptoms as on the side that I was diagnosed before. Runny nose, tearing eye on the side that I'm having the headache. Incredible pain in my eye, in my neck and the whole side of the head where the headache is at, at that moment for me. Somethimes I would be relieved that the pain ended but yet just to start on the other side. I have been living very shut down from the world. I don't care about anything anymore. Except my family and my baby girl. She's the only reason I continue struggling through life which such pain. I was a very social person with lots of friends. Now I go to work praying every day that I won't get an attack that will effect my job, as I has effected many times before. I can't keep a job because sometimes I will get like 4/5 attacks during work time. And I can't stand the pain, so Id go home sick. But many people dont understand the suffering I'm going through and just fire me, because I'm useless to the company. Recently i have discovered something that really helps me out. When getting a headache I start doing some push-ups. Or lifting bars or anything heavy. Somehow it relaxes the muscles in my neck. Every cluster headache sufferer knows the aura you get before you get the headache. I tried doing the push-ups before it started but it wouldnt help me. It only helps me when the headache just started or when I'm allready suffering. I will continue doing the push-ups till I really can't anymore. Then switch over to lifting bars or heavy chairs to stones to whatever. You have to workout the muscles in your neck. Serrieusly this helps me alot. I'm not able to do it all the times, depends on where I am at that moment. But I promisse you It helped me 100 out of 100 times. Somethimes it goes away after 40/50 pushups. Somethimes 100/120. Just keep going!! I really hope this can also help some others out. Your working out and within 5/15 min your headache can be over. Oh and I do it where theres no wind or AC. When cold air touches my eye it will get worse for me.

  12. Water fasting  helped me a lot. Usually after the 2nd day of fasting with water only the headaches would stop and I could get a good night of sleep with no headaches waking me up.  I usually would continue fasting a few more days to allow my body to heal  Water fasting allows the body to heal.  If the headaches came back when starting to eat again time to do some more water fasting.  I believe juice fasting with green vegetable would get the same results but is safer than water fasting.

  13. WOW! As we all know, we are willing to try anything to get a bit of relief from CH. I tried the cayenne pepper powder, the very first day, I've been able to have a real night of sleep, a first in months, no CH. I've been doing it for 3 days, and I haven't had the slightest CH sign. Am I just lucky? I don't think so, I think this works. I also found something interesting online as how to use cayenne pepper. Goes like this :

    Use 1 heaping teaspoonful of ground cayenne pepper (from the spice section of the supermarket). Put in about 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol and shake vigorously 3 times a day for about 3 days. Let settle then, and use the supernatant from the top.
    Put 2 drops into an ounce of normal saline (make it by putting a level tsp of salt into a pint of distilled water), and shake well.
    VERY CAREFULLY put several drops of this mixture into the nostril that is involved, holding the head back. If you have a nasal sprayer, one spray is sufficient. IT WILL BURN! but it wears off within a few minutes. It will NOT cause any harm! Do this 6 times a day for 6 days. Often the cluster headaches are gone by then; if not, cut to 3 times a day until they are gone. If the solution is too hot to tolerate, dilute it in half with the normal saline and try again. If headaches recur, repeat the course as needed.

  14. Some people saying it does work, whilst some poor sods still say no go. The only 100% cure I have researched so far is felo-de-se!
    This is the 21st century, surely by now the medical profession could have found a solution for our condition! A .38 should not be the only cure, should not be the only permanent solution!

  15. I get woken up by them sometimes when I'm sleeping by that time it's to late to do anything. i hold on for the ride on the pain train. gets so bad at times i puke my brains up. i went to neurologist today after a month wait now he is sending me for mri and other brain tests. he gave me nasal spray samples and a scrip for some pills and an oxygen tank. i hope that these things actually help the pain.

  16. I credit capsaicin, my last episode was December 2013, haven't returned since then, it was my sweetheart wife the one who read about and encouraged me to try it, it worked, it might not had cured me, but it makes it less painful and I'm able to stand it. Sadly, the love of my life, my sweetie passed away last January from cancer, and among the so many wonderful things she gave me, was to research and find about capsaicin, thank you so much my love Tammy Baltazar, I love you and miss you

  17. you guys is this for real? because many CH patients are desperate enough to try it. can someone please explain what capsaisin exactly is and your experience?

  18. my cluster headaches ares so bad i literally feel like someone is drilling through my head . . . i'm down to try this even though i know its going to suck

  19. I did applied chilly in my nose when suffering from cluster headache, and it worked. I felt as if I made a fool of my trigeminal nerve. I'm laughing now.

  20. Should this be done daily and before the headaches begin or during it's my season now and I'm greatful to be down to 2 attacks a day but the one in the middle of the night is killing me I wake up in the morning drained

  21. I get them twice a year for about a week to ten days
    I use tabasco sauce on a q-tip
    swab it about half way up the nose
    It actually works and cuts the pain way back.

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