is your anxiety causing depression what
is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the
problem but focus on the solution and welcome back to another video where this
week we are diving deep into the topic of depression so do me a favor we’re
gonna be talking about how anxiety causes depression so I really really
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no no no no no no no so please share this video and let’s help educate some
people out there it might also help somebody understand why they’re going
through depression because of their anxiety alright let’s get started so the
first thing I want to teach you about is something called comorbidity alright
this is when – yes – mental illnesses are present at the same time and this is
what we have to talk about when we’re talking about how anxiety actually
causes depression so there are some studies out there which I’ll show right
here that talk about how many different forms of anxiety disorders actually
cause depression and what the percentages of people with these anxiety
disorders have depression alright so a generalized anxiety disorder up to 30%
of those people have depression people with PTSD up to 10% a specific phobia so
being afraid of a certain thing up to 20% of those people have depression
social phobia so like a social anxiety up to 30% of those people have
depression OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder up to 10% have depression and
then with panic disorder up to 65% of those people have depression so think
about that for a second it makes sense it makes perfect sense
why people with these types of anxiety disorders struggle with depression for
example I am somebody who was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder and
I get bouts of depression like with my generalized anxiety disorder and not
knowing when it’s gonna come not having like specific triggers and my brain just
starts freaking out that can cause a lot of issues in my
life III get withdrawn I don’t want to hang out with people I don’t want to
talk to people like my brain is going a million miles a minute
I’m very agitated so I start to isolate and I start to be alone by myself
and with these other disorders I think about an OCD obsessive compulsive
disorder like I need to make some videos on that but this is a very serious form
of anxiety like without doing specific habits your brain latches on to those
things and you can’t even like go and pursue a normal life without doing
certain things I was reading in this book like this one guy he he couldn’t go
past his house without checking the mailbox like 15 times before going
inside and then sometimes even after he would get inside he would be worried
that he didn’t check it you know what I mean like OCD is very very difficult to
deal with now we would talk about phobias and
social disorders so think about it if you have a social anxiety disorder and
can’t go out and connect with people lack of connection with other human
beings is one of the biggest reasons for depression so when you’re isolating
because you’re afraid to go out in public like that’s huge or specific
phobias so depending on what the phobia is but let’s talk about agoraphobia a
fear of going outside right this keeps you stuck and isolated inside of your
house this leads to depression and I hope that makes sense like there’s so
many people struggle with anxiety which then leads to depression which causes
comorbidity all right now the other thing I want to talk about real quick is
something I mentioned in another video so I’m gonna touch on it briefly here is
how depression actually causes anxiety so the short version of this is based on
evolutionary psychology based on the way that our ancestors involved anxiety is
meant to keep you safe fight flight freeze right so the reason why anxiety
comes when you’re depressed is because it’s the body’s Way of telling you that
you need to go do something so back in the prehistoric days with our ancestors
if you got separated from the tribe your body would start freaking out and it
would tell you like hey you need to go back and be around people and that’s why
isolating Lesa depression which then leads to a lot of symptoms of anxiety
alright so you took nothing away from this video quit isolating be
around people okay friends family members a little hack that I like to use
is just go read a book at your favorite coffee shop being around other people
helps you get out of your depression now if you have social anxiety I’ve done
some videos on that go check them out but they’re all ways to overcome this
thing but please don’t isolate alright and if you can relate to anything I
talked about in this video be sure to leave a comment down below let’s get a
conversation going about how your anxiety causes depression okay but again
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  1. I love how you explained the connections and made sure to throw in suggestions of simple ways to not isolate yourself.

  2. Wow awesome video Chris! I have both as well, but depression seems to be more prevalent and it causes me anxiety and my first ever panic attack in about 10 years on Tuesday morning. I'm afraid to get to the bottom of my crap bucket, bc the thought of it causes me to freak out. Do you offer one on one online counseling Chris? I feel like you would relate to my story, bc I watch a lot of your videos and I think you would know what I am talking about when I describe what I'm going through. Another awesome, informative vid thank you so much 😊🙏🏻

  3. How does your anxiety cause depression?
    Help me spread a message of hope by becoming a Patron!:

  4. Agoraphobia is awful. It’s so hard for me to be away from my home or other places I feel comfortable (usually having someone go with me helps, but say I’m with someone in a nearby supermarket, every time I’m there I burst into sweats. Not great because acting nervous in a store makes people wonder if you’re stealing. And knowing that amplifies my anxiety and makes it worse. (I don’t steal, it doesn’t cross my mind, but the assumptions people make cause me to be even more uncomfortable.)

  5. Great research Chris! Keep fighting the good fight bro. Thanks for the knowledge and inspiration, it’s appreciated. 👌✌️

  6. I have a serious phone phobia. I didn't know this until last night but apparently a phone phobia is a type of social anxiety.

    I talked to someone from a recruitment company on the phone an hour ago. I just hate phone calls…don't like having to answer questions on the spot and for some reason, phone calls make me so nervous. I try to avoid them when I can but this time, the recruitment company person really wanted to talk to me "on the phone" instead of emails…I can't do well on the phone.

  7. I've always felt anxiety and depression are two sides of the same coin, sometimes your brain flips it, other times it spins between both

  8. My psychiatrist explained that my ADHD is the underlying root cause of my severe anxiety and mild depression… And traits of BPD which hasn't officially been diagnosed however after watching your clip on black and white thinking I can honestly say Yep thats me 🏴🏳😇🤔🤐 (and have a tendency to BLURT out the truth on 💩)

  9. I have generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder with agrophobia and depression so three different illnesses.

  10. I suffer from anxiety,depression, and bpd tendencies and I find it hard to justify spending time in therapy..when I do go I feel like I'm wasting time.. and when I don't go I always tell myself I could spend my time doing better things but then I just sit at home on the couch.. any advice?

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