How can I get help for depression?

How can I get help for depression? Today,
help is more readily available than ever. I mentioned the self-help. I’ve mentioned
the light box. If you have private insurance, if you call them, they can direct you to multiple
providers in your area. A simple web search with your zip code will find tons of therapists
in your area. You can also consider University-based hospitals because a lot of times as training
for their psychiatrists, they will often provide free treatment or sometimes you can look for
drug studies. They can also provide free treatment in exchange for being part of the study and
for people also with financial issues you can also look for University-based psychology
training programs. They often have low-fee or free treatment in exchange you’re being
treated by students who are in sort of a learning process. That can be very effective, as well. So there are many, many, many choices out
there. There are private therapists who are extremely expensive to very affordable therapists
who are just as good. That’s another thing we should add is that a lot people say, “How
do I find the best treatment possible?” I tell everyone there really is no best. It’s
what’s best for you. Psychiatry and psychology, there’s a certain part to it and someone
who is a great therapist for one person is not necessarily going to be a great therapist
for another person. So you want to find who the best person for you. A lot of what I encourage people to do is
if time and resources are there, you might want to do a little therapy shopping. People
will maybe sit down with two or three different therapists or doctors and say, “What can
you offer me. Let’s see what’s going on,” and they see if they would be a good kind
of therapeutic fit. Some people, depending on if you go to their
web pages – most providers have websites – you can ask questions and they’ll answer
them, which might give you a feel for what’s going on, but I never encourage people to
go simply see someone because someone else said he or she was the best or to use things
even like the cost of the therapy because that’s not an indicator of how good it is
or even years of practice because there’s not really any research that supports the
idea that the longer you’ve been doing it that the better your results are going to
be. Young therapists and new therapists tend to be just as good as people who have been
doing it a long time. So, again, when you’re looking for something, think what’s best
for me not just what someone told me is the best or what I should be looking for.

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