How capitalism creates oppression

Hey, everybody. My name’s Kim Siever. Welcome
back to my channel. Capitalism is inherently oppressive. It’s
built on the concept of hierarchy. Capitalism is the private ownership of the
means of production. It is designed so that only a small number of people own the means
of production, and as such, also the products from that production, as well as the labour
that created that production. It is impossible for there to be a business owner who owns
the product and labour of the workers in that business without there being unequal distribution
of power. For capitalism to succeed, the business owner must have more power than the business
workers. That power imbalance is what makes capitalism
oppressive. It’s what created slaves and slaveowners; it’s what created billionaires
and beggars; it’s what created homeowners and homeless. Capitalism is what convinced Europeans that
people of colour had less value than white people, what allowed them to rationalize slavery. Capitalism is what convinced Europeans that
it was okay to take resources from other areas of the world and bring them back to their
own. To take resources without paying for them, then using the low input costs to create
massive profits after reselling their finished products at a premium retail price. Capitalism is what funds civil wars over tantalum
and diamonds, coups and multi-nation wars over oil, and destruction of orangutan habitat
over snack foods. Our world will never be free of oppression
and inequality as long as capitalism is the dominant economic system. Thanks for watching. Thanks to all these subscribers and Patreon
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  1. Capitalism gave you that camera you used to make this stupid video. Go to Venezuela and see how they are liking socialism. People that have escaped communist countries would laugh in your face if you told them this. You do seem pretty smart, but boy are you misinformed.

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