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how do I make myself feel better – that is
a question that everybody has on their lips during a depression or just a down
period in general in today’s video we’re going to try to answer it so stay tuned have you ever been stuck in a bad period
or a depression and wondered how on earth do I make myself feel better when
the past a lot of what usually makes us feel better doesn’t work in fact it has
the opposite effect we expected to make us feel better now what it doesn’t we
feel worse this is what’s called the vicious cycle or depression and in order
to learn how to make us feel better during a depression
we have to better understand the vicious cycle of depression
so here goes though very sophisticated or brains have
a tendency to fall into thought patterns during a depression this thought pattern
is going to be negative the root cause of the depression be it the loss of a
loved one a bad situation at work at the end of a relationship for example will
be the instigator – the vicious cycle or depression once in the vicious cycle of
depression the person will be in a mindset that is adherent to a negative
thought pattern so they will see their surroundings as negative in relation to
them and themselves as negative in relation to their surroundings an
example of this would be a person walking past a group of people laughing
now this group of people might not even have seen the person I might be laughing
at something completely different to the person but the person may nonetheless
interpret their laughter as directed towards them and think there for the day
or negative in relation to their surroundings here so they may think that
they or may be stupid looking or ugly or walking in a weird way and therefore
that they are negative in relation to their surroundings in this scenario the
person might become ambivalent to society they might also exhibit such low
self esteem that other people might not want to connect with them and they might
not want to connect with other people so they withdraw from socializing and it
becomes worse and worse so this is just a simple example of how negativity and
depressive thinking feeds into itself so negative thoughts feed into other
negative thoughts and mild depressive symptoms create modern depressive
symptoms which create strong depressive symptoms so how do we break this
negative cycle of thought and make ourselves feel better the key to breaking the vicious cycle of
depression is quite simple really the individual in question is stuck in a
negative thought process and breaking this negative thought process is the key
to making people feel better about themselves and at first this will seem
quite forced and silly even but the key here is to practice being positive just
as much as a bodybuilder gets strong by going in the gym or a professional
golfer gets better by training somebody who’s depressed will get better at being
positive by practicing being positive here are a few examples of how to make
yourself feel better through practicing positivity a simple way of breaking a negative
thought pattern is to reinterpret events successful people we market their
failures they see having failed a test as a good learning experience for
example being in a negative mindset having a negative thought process you
see the world around you negative reflection you that friend must like me
that friends avoiding me and you’re not taking into account the circumstances of
their lives they may have a very busy life they might be doing something else
completely they might not have time for you at that very moment and it’s a great
shame for you to interpret it as a negative reflection on you but since
you’re the negative thought process you’re interpreting it as such as same
as with the person not holding up the door for you you’re seeing it as they
know liking you instead of they just being busy with their day and going into
the shop so you have to when faced with these situations find creative ways of
reinterpreting them so if you were calling your friend and he or she is not
answering then you have to give all the different reason why they are not
answering if the if you may have for example like throwing your clothes into
a washer and wash them in the wrong way so they shrunk you instead of seeing it
as oh one plus I am I’m a really bad person I can’t even wash my clothes
properly you see it as okay well now I made this mistake I’m never gonna make
it again I found out a way of how not to wash clothes and
for this experience plus now I have a reason to buy more new fantastic clothes
so you you gotta push yourself this sounds quite easy and quite actually
like quite silly when you when you hear it like this but you have to force
yourself into thinking this in this positive way and it takes a lot of
practice and the more you do it the more naturally it’s going to come to you and
without even thinking about it you’re gonna come out of the negative thought
process another way is to try to avoid thinking all together and this is done
through mindfulness practices such as observing the world around you and
concentrated breathing there are other examples something which is very
important is to maintain routines from when you know you were not depressed so
if you were doing activities then and you have activities that you love but
you’re not doing them because you’re depressed you have to go back and you
have to stop doing them again to break that negative thought pattern you also
have to if you for example maintain a daily routine when you were waking up at
a certain time and you were eating at a certain time and you were eating a
certain certain me or whatever you got to keep on doing this because going back
to the lifestyle you were having when you were in a positive mindset is gonna
break the negative mindset and then finally socializing is very important
you got to maintain and your connections to your friends and your family and
being in the being having them around you is gonna break that negative thought
pattern because you’re going to have different you’re gonna have the more
input for one and you’re gonna have different input so then I’m gonna allow
you to go around being a negative Nancy all the time they’re going to
they’re gonna point out the positive things in your life and if you are
walking around and you’re negative they’re also gonna find positive things
about it and they’re gonna joke around they’re gonna be with you like you like
when you were positive and where you were living a positive lifestyle so
they’re gonna joke around and they’re gonna try to get you back to it so it’s
very important to maintain friendships and maintain family bonds because
they’re gonna try to kind of push you out of that negative thought pattern so
those were the tips over how to make yourself feel better if you like this
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