How do you manage stress?

I’m Audrey head of reward, engagement policy at Imperial the way I manage my stress is reading walking listening to
all genres of music so my name is Tom Welton and what I do to relieve stress
is stop working my name is Debbie Evanson and I like to
avoid stress by spending time with friends having a chat cooking a meal
together and just generally being sociable my two main techniques to try
to avoid the stress are to spend time with the people I love to relieve stress
I do two things firstly I make a list if it’s on the list it’s under control the
other thing I do is look after my garden I like to meditate to manage my stress
it helps me slow things down even when I have to juggle a lot at once and tackle
things one by one so that nothing gets too overwhelming I combat stress by
practicing yoga or going for a walk in the park spending time at the gym
sweating and jumping so I can only focus on that and forget about everything else
I like to keep order in my day go home and evening by way of the gym relax and
forget about here and very much making time for myself I think that’s really
important which includes distressing and spoiling myself with way too much
shopping so when I’m stressed usually I like to take a long walks I like to walk
to the furthest Tube stations dentist South Kensington I plan my week to make
sure I always have some downtime this is a couple of hours to watch TV or do some
laundry or just catch up on some life admin it allows me to step away from my
projects and spend some time looking after myself

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