How does depression affect us?

– The difference being sad
and being clinically depressed is really the length and
severity of the sadness and how it affects your life. If you’re sad, it’ll be
relatively short period of time, and you’ll be able to return
to your normal personality and get enjoyment out of
things you normally do, where someone who’s depressed,
it’s over a lengthy period of time and it has a more severe
effect on their daily life. They may be less productive
at work or may not even go to work in and stay in bed, or in terms of social relationships, it
may have a negative effect on the relationship with a loved one. One challenge with depression is that it exists on a spectrum. Depression associated with PTSD, there’s very dramatic changes in the brain but a lot of times, mild
and moderate depression isn’t as visible as something like cancer, where you can image a tumor. One of the difficulties
with that is that part of the nature of the disease
is that you become less social, and so that’s going to
make it very difficult for you to reach out and get treatment or even possibly realize
that you need treatment because you’ve retreated
so much within yourself. What other people can see
is just antisocial behavior, interpret that as you being unfriendly. Many people do realize it’s a disease but at the same time,
people have this notion that most behavior is
entirely within your control, and there just need to be
kind of ongoing understanding that people simply can’t
make something happen in their brain necessarily,
that it’s oftentimes a very long process of
finding the right therapy and/or medication.

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