How I beat Anxiety and Depression

– ♪ I’m in the mood for love ♪ – I guess I went through, like, hard times
and I had fallen into a bit of a depression and I’d stopped taking care of myself and
didn’t really care and so, you know, I was always tired. I kind of ate anything that
I wanted and I just didn’t really care very much about, like, life and really about myself
and I think it showed. When I first started coming here I was like 363 pounds and now
today I’m like 165 pounds. I kind of stay around there. Well I’d started having like
panic attacks and like anxiety attacks and things like that so it was really scary that,
like, something was sort of, like, taking over my body and I had no control over it.
So I just wanted to, like, do anything I could to, like, be healthy. So when I first started
coming here I kind of followed the healthy lifestyle a little too much and I was too
strict and so I gained all the weight back. And then finally Christmas 2017 I’d kinda
come to terms with the fact that I had gained, like, all the weight back and I had to contact
Dan and just let him know that I, like, needed help and he found a way to, like, put me in
his schedule and, you know, generally tried to eat healthy but I was a lot more flexible
with the way that I was eating, like, I wasn’t strict. I wasn’t, you know, trying to eat
perfectly I was just always sort of just eating enough to be able to workout and function,
but not too much that I could, like, control my weight and then it just sort of all kinda
came together. My life is very different today. I mean, I would say generally, like, I’m very
happy. I have more confidence and, I mean, like, I sleep well at night. I, you know,
I like to fuel my body with good food, I like to enjoy myself. I think that’s, like, the
biggest thing is, like, I really enjoy myself now. What I would say, like, my words of wisdom
would be that, like, the time passes regardless of what you choose to do, so if you’re making,
you know, small little changes, doing, you know, things every day that can kinda get
you closer to your goal but just not trying to do anything too drastic or too extreme,
you’ll be able to, like, maintain and keep it going, and then they sort of just become
daily habits and it doesn’t feel like work anymore. ♪ I’m in the mood ♪

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